How to spice up your relationship in 30 days

Sometimes, for a romantic relationship to be at its top again, it is enough to add a little spice. And that’s exactly what this 30-day challenge offers you!

Do you still love yourself but feel that your passion has weakened? To rekindle the flame, we invite you to take up this 30-day challenge consisting of a small daily step. You can obviously make them in the order you want and in a month (or even before), your love should have found the flavor of the beginnings!

Day 1: Register for a joint activity

Or learn something new together. Dance, cooking, English lessons, jogging … Find something that kicks you both!

Day 2: Make love in a new place

And it can just as easily be a room in the house.

Day 3: Watch a beautiful sunset together

Couples do it in movies, but we rarely take the time to do it for real. It must be said that during the week, when we meet, the sun has gone down for a long time. But taking the time on weekends to go to a pretty spot and admire the magical spectacle of the sunset, it’s a great time to savor for two.

Day 4: Put on a naughty outfit in the evening

Pajamas are good. But to increase the temperature under the duvet, the nightie, it’s not bad also from time to time.

Day 5: Leave him a note

Not a text, no, a sweet word left on a piece of paper that he will discover when he wakes up … or when he returns, it depends.

Day 6: Make love in the morning

When we wake up, we are often in speed and in our tight timing, we rarely set aside time for a small game of making love. But once in a while, it should be worth setting your alarm clock a quarter of an hour earlier, right? And that would start the day off right as a bonus.

Day 7: Have long discussions

To make up for all the times when you did not have time to speak and listen to each other and reconnect.

Day 8: Go see a concert or a show together

Treat yourself to a little outing as a couple to come back with memories full of your head … A bit like we did regularly when we started!

Day 9: Take photos of each other

Do you often take pictures of it? And him? A little improvised shooting session, that should help you to remedy it! Then take yourself together as long as you have the device at hand.

Day 10: Go for a walk in a picturesque place and sing both loudly

Or stroll hand in hand, kiss you, in short share a joyful and accomplice moment.

Day 11: Chill on the sofa in front of a series that you both adore

And develop hypotheses on the final season.

Day 12: Be spontaneous and improvise

At home or elsewhere, do something amazing. Rediscover yourself.

Day 13: shower him with compliments throughout the day

Remind him how attractive, funny, intelligent, caring he is … He shouldn’t have too much trouble with playing and this will help you remember all the reasons that made you fall in love with him.

Day 14: Show him public affection

A kiss, a hand slipped into his or her back, a compliment or an “I love you” in public, it’s a little embarrassing and boosting at the same time.

Day 15: Test a new small “house” dish for two

A new dessert, a specialty that you loved during your stay in Thailand or some pretty appetizers for the aperitif.

Day 16: Treat yourself to a nice bubble bath or shower together

So attractive.

Day 17: Challenge each other to a board game

And for once, if you lose, try not to be too bad a player.

Day 18: Try a new position during love

We bet, it will raise the temperature? And if you are really tired, here are the laziest positions of Kamasutra.

Day 19: Organize a couples evening with your friends

To reconnect with your worldly “you”.

Day 20: Offer him new underwear

For him, for you.

Day 21: Sleep one night at the hotel

Rent a hotel room, just for one evening, even if it’s in your city, just to get out of your daily routine for one night.

Day 22: Make a list of the reasons why you like them

And recite it to him.

Day 23: Disconnect from your devices both for the whole day

It’s crazy all the privileged moments that this disconnection will offer you … What makes you want to repeat more often.

Day 24: Remove the old photos from your beginnings and hang the new photos you took on the wall (see day 9)

A real old young couple!

Day 25: Go shopping, sport or work on a project both

Being in a relationship also means teaming up.

Day 26: Each prepare a playlist composed of songs that evoke moments together

You will listen to it while thinking of the other and all the memories that they evoke to you.

Day 27: Volunteer or a good deed for two

Because doing good for two is pretty cool, isn’t it?

Day 28: Get a massage

Nothing like it to relax and stir our senses.

Day 29: Change the decor of your apartment

Move the furniture, buy some new decorations, in short, breathe new life into your little interior.

Day 30: Put on the music and dance both

No matter the style, the important thing is to share a moment in rhythm, in love.