Has she started ignoring you? learn what to do

You met this woman, laughed with her, and maybe fell in love on the date. But then comes the shock when you realize,  “she ignores me!”

It’s like a bath that suddenly changes from hot to cold. And you desperately ask yourself,  “Why is she ignoring me? Did I do something wrong? Or does she have other problems? 

In this article, I will tell you the most common reasons why women suddenly ignore a man. I’ll also give you strategies on how you can turn things around and still win them over for a relationship.

All of a sudden, she ignores you – a bad feeling!

Of course, being suddenly ignored by a woman is like a slap in the face when you’re in love. It’s that unexpected radio silence that drives us crazy.

It all started so well, like in a dream:

You got to know her, perhaps as a co-worker or in your spare time. You hit it off right away, wrote a lot together on social media, laughed together, and maybe already had a date.

You are already a little in love and waiting for a relationship …

But overnight the woman is different:

At work, she no longer looks at you the most, avoiding your eyes…

… or your “colorful friend” suddenly seems to have been swallowed by the earth and ignores your WhatsApp messages. She hasn’t written or responded in days!

Being treated like “trash” and discarded as a man at the same time is quite painful…

“Why is she ignoring me?” – 8 reasons not to pay attention

Your thoughts are crazy right now, a roller coaster ride. You wonder why she’s ignoring you as a switch has flipped in her head.

As a seasoned flirting professional, I know what makes women tick when it comes to flirting and dating. Therefore, I would like to tell you 8 possible reasons why she suddenly does not pay attention to you anymore.

1. It has nothing to do with you

This is the simplest reason and also the most reassuring for you: you did nothing wrong because the conversation break has nothing to do with you personally.

There could be thousands of reasons why women withdraw into their shells, ignore you, and are no longer ready to flirt, date, and meet men:

  • She or a loved one in her environment is sick.
  • Stressful exam phase at university when exams are being done.
  • She doesn’t want to start a relationship with a co-worker, because of gossip between colleagues or the suspicious boss.
  • Moving to another city and not being in the mood for long-distance relationships.
  • She is in love with another man (see below).
  • Your ex-boyfriend is either making your life hell or fishing you back.
  • Lately, she’s been a lesbian (yeah, something like that happens…).
  • And much more…

So you see: the woman does not always hold a grudge against you when she ignores you, but she is busy with many other things.

Always keep in mind that you – despite all the sympathy and maybe even love – are not the center of their lives. Each girl has other construction sites on which she needs to work.

2. She is in love with another man

The singles market is like a big bazaar with a lot of male competition. Attractive women in particular are always surrounded by lots of boys.

She may have unexpectedly met another guy, who she thinks would be a better fit for her when it comes to relationships.

If she has feelings for him, she may lose sight of him without consciously ignoring him. She certainly didn’t mean it that badly…

3. Her ex-boyfriend will contact her

Similar case: After the divorce/separation of the ex-husband or boyfriend, he suddenly returned to the mat or wrote to her.

Now there are two options: old love flares up again to get back at the guy or there are final issues to be resolved in the War of the Roses (to finally make the breakup perfect).

The reason for contacting the former lover does not matter. The fact is, she ignores you for now because she is busy enough with her relationship with her ex for now.

4. She ignores your messages

It also often happens that a woman ignores you on WhatsApp and does not respond. I already wrote an article about what to do when she doesn’t respond to you.

The most common reason for sudden silence on cell phones: you texted her and showed your interest very obviously.

I know very devoted men who bombard girls with messages, always respond immediately, give gooey compliments, and constantly ask for a date (or better: “beg”).

With such submissive and intrusive behavior, the person(s) quickly becomes uninteresting to the lady, because she now knows that she has you safely “in the bag” for a relationship.

So, as a man, “ignoring” women a little bit doesn’t hurt…

5. You are very nice to women

But not only with WhatsApp messages, but also in “real life” men make the mistake of behaving in a very submissive and attached way. By that I mean:

  • the constant compliments
  • rash confessions of love (“I fell in love with you!”)
  • keep asking for a meeting
  • handing out expensive gifts/drinks
  • Excessive willingness to help (dragging boxes when they move, fixing computers, playing chauffeur, etc.)
  • in general: I want to see them all the time and leave no space

Even if it’s not the good English way: some women get so turned off by this hump and date dependency that they pull the string and just ignore us.

6. You were very hesitant to date

Or maybe she ignores you because you acted too much of a wait-and-see date. She expected you to go on the offensive – touch her, hug her and kiss her sometime during the night…

But maybe you just sat there and didn’t dare – because you’re in love with her and afraid you’ll get a painful stump if you approach them physically. It’s not a shame, all of us men make mistakes.

So remember the iron law: women want to be conquered! When a man hesitates, many women walk away in disappointment because they (unconsciously) think:

“In a relationship, I need a strong-willed, courageous, self-confident man who takes what he wants!”

Therefore, you should definitely display predominantly male behavior and thereby increase your attractiveness.

7. She ignores you after an argument or anger

Women can be complicated and resentful – especially when it comes to relationships. One wrong word and no one speaks or writes for days… Did you fight? Or is she mad at you without you knowing?

If that’s the reason, you can drive away the storm clouds by apologizing for your mistakes.

But important: only apologize if you made an obvious, really big mistake (you’ll know it if you do).

Please don’t feel guilty just because you have the vague assumption that you might have done “something” wrong.

8. It just didn’t work on the date

But sometimes the truth is much simpler as to why a woman ignores a man. I’ve had many dates where it just didn’t work out between me and the girl. We would never have fallen in love with each other.

Many people then break out of their tents quickly when they date, without contacting each other again. Unlike educated contemporaries, NO final WhatsApp message is written:

“Hey, sorry, but I don’t think it fits between us in the direction of the relationship. I wish you the best of luck in finding a partner. 

Many women simply find it difficult to distribute a straight stump. Especially if you’ve just met the man and the contact is pretty elusive, don’t bother writing one last time.

The well-known motto then applies here: “No answer is also an answer!”

She Ignores Me: Rule #1 on How to React

If a woman ignores you, it means: take a deep breath and stay calm! Because in this delicate situation you can do a lot of wrong things as a man. Then there is a risk that the break in contact will finally be cemented.

But the good news: is there is a simple strategy on how you can still lure the woman off the reservation so that she contacts you again, wants a date, and even falls in love with you.

What NOT to do right now

There are reasons for her to ignore you (which I explained above). One thing is for sure: this woman first wants to get away from you in order to pull herself together. So you should try to avoid these things right now:

  • Send more messages or call her
  • Annoying questions like:  “Do I have to worry?”, “What did I do wrong?”  or  “Why are you ignoring me/not reporting?”
  • Stalking her (driving to her apartment, “intercepting” her at work, sniffing around on social media, etc.)
  • Confront her with why she ignores you or doesn’t want a relationship
  • Offer help when personal problems are the reason to ignore
  • keep asking for dates

I know, as a man, your fingers itch to write another WhatsApp message in hopes that she will reply to you again. But like I said: never mind!

Why should you resist such behavior? The more you push her now, the angrier she’ll get… and the chances of winning her over decrease to zero.

What to do to get them out of the way

The only way for her not to ignore you anymore but to come back to you: put all contact with her on hold! And yes, by that I really mean completely!

The strategy works in both cases:

1. If you have lost your attractiveness:

She was irritated by the constant texts that you wrote, as well as your calls and questions about a date. That’s why she suddenly ignores you like you are the air.

Or you misbehaved in a different way…

Only if you make yourself scarce for a certain time can you increase your attractiveness as a man again, because like I said: women are magically attracted to guys who make them restless.

The fact that you are now doing the radical opposite will make her sit up and realize and give her the feeling,  “Hm, the guy isn’t as clingy as I thought… I actually think he’s interesting for a relationship!”

So it could happen that she is still interested in you if you contact her a month after the contact was blocked.

2. If she had other problems:

Also, always keep in mind that she found you interesting in the beginning while dating.

If the woman continues to find you attractive and fundamentally interested, she won’t ignore you forever. She will contact you as soon as she solves your private, family, and professional problems.

At the moment, she may not have the courage to flirt and love. But when she has her head free again for a relationship, she’ll remember you:  “Oh yes, there was this great man…”

And your WhatsApp message goes home!

If she continues to completely ignore you…

But I also want to pour her wine straight: These strategies don’t always work – for example, when she has exciting encounters with another man or is really irritated with you.

In this case, only special flirting techniques will help make her respond to you. That means: I’m going to give you a professional strategy to write your #1 magical WhatsApp message…

… so she falls in love with you “at the push of a button” and talks to you IMMEDIATELY.

Let me show you now…