How to know if she is the right woman?

Once the introductory phase is over, the question quickly arises after the first few months: is it the right one? You’ve just gotten together, and you’re snuggled in bed with your partner, and I’d like to capture that moment for eternity. However, you are still not sure: will I spend the rest of my life with her? Is she the right person to marry? At the moment, the happiness of being in love for the first time is still at an advantage. But what if everyday life gets into a relationship? And can love also withstand difficult situations?

We will give you specific signals that will give you answers to your questions. Finally, in a small test at the end of the text, you can find out if you have chosen the right woman in life.

How do I recognize the right woman now? 8 summary notes

The search for the ideal partner for a long-term relationship comes to an end when the following eight points apply to your suitor.

1.  She is by your side 100%

If she is the right one, she will support you in every situation and can also handle difficult situations. On the other hand, you feel the same way: you are also ready to do anything for love. According to our study, being able to fully trust the other is the top priority.

About half of all men and women surveyed consider this the most important quality a partnership should fulfill. If your partner makes you feel that you value your strengths and accept your weaknesses, but also gives you a sense of security and security, then she is the right person to marry.

2.  She feels like you’ve arrived

The voice, the eyes, the smile, the smell – it all feels so familiar. Although your relationship is still very new, you feel like you’ve known each other for a long time. That feeling of having arrived can be a clear indication that she is the right woman.

You were never as sure as you are that you would want to move in with this woman in the next step. According to our study, a shared apartment or house is the second biggest proof of commitment for a third of all respondents. If you have this conviction, then your feeling clearly signals to you that it is right.

3. She is the only woman in your eyes

Imagine that other women are trying to attract your attention into and you find that you have no incentive or interest in it. This shows that your heart only beats for your partner. You know what’s in her, and no other woman can match or replace that, both physically and mentally.

One of the signs by which you can recognize a woman for life is that you are absolutely loyal and want no one but her by your side. Our study also shows that loyalty is one of the most important values ​​in a relationship.

4. She gives you enough freedom and is independent

Another sign that she’s the right woman: She gives you freedom and demands it for you. Signals independence. Especially if you want to be together and happy with your partner until the end of your life, you need air to breathe. Having some time for yourself and being able to enjoy it is helpful in recognizing your own worth in a relationship. So if she doesn’t mind you meeting up with her friends on a regular basis or if you have a hobby that she doesn’t share, you can assume you can be happily partnered with her.

5.  She is the right person if you share the same values

Values ​​are a valuable asset in a partnership and must be lived by both parties. Trust, respect, honesty, and tolerance are character traits that can be interpreted and lived differently by each person. Therefore, it is important that their values ​​match yours and that there is a common understanding. This creates a solid foundation for your love that cannot be shaken by any misunderstandings.

6.  You organize your free time together

Shared hobbies and preferences are also a good starting point for a stable relationship. The greater the overlap and the more common leisure activities that result from it, the more time you can happily share with each other. For example, you have the same taste in music, you like the same sport, or you love to go hiking. So, there are good prerequisites for being a woman for life. If, on the other hand, there are hardly any points of contact between their worlds, then you have to ask yourself if she really is a great love.

7.  You can honestly share your strengths and weaknesses

If you have a feeling that you can talk openly and honestly with your partner about everything, that you can exchange your strengths and weaknesses, then it becomes clear how you can recognize the right woman. Most of the time, you even feel like a better person by your side after a conversation.

8.  You like to be together and get lost in silence

You don’t need a lot of action to feel the common bond. You can also spend a cozy night on the couch. You enjoy your time together and you can also be silent together. If you blindly and wordlessly get along with her, then this is a good indication that she is the woman of your dreams.

Short test: is she right?

The following test should serve to give you impulses and to review your time together and your partner’s character traits. If you can answer all or most of the eight questions with “yes”, then chances are very high that you’ve found the right question.

  • Do you feel like moving in with your partner?
  • Does she give you enough freedom?
  • Does she have the same attitude toward your values?
  • Do you have common hobbies and interests?
  • Can you talk openly and honestly about your weaknesses with your partner?
  • Does your partner support you in all situations?
  • Do you get along without words with your partner?

She is the right woman if she is after you, committed and independent.

These three main signs speak for themselves. You feel like you’ve finally found the right pot lid. You feel completely in good hands with your partner and you want to go through thick and thin with her, whatever the cost.

With that certainty, she is definitely the right person to marry. Keeping love alive also means continually working on the relationship. Consequently, it’s still good. But can you also imagine spending the end of your life with your partner in your old age, wrinkles, and wrinkles on your face, sitting on a park bench and feeding the pigeons? When your heart cries out for it, you know it’s true love.