Here’s how a girl used to being lonely needs to be loved

Some might say that being with her is a bit like trying to stare at the sun. You want to watch it but you are afraid that it will hurt you. It won’t hurt you. She wants to be loved and she is open to the idea of ​​love.

It’s just that it won’t make your job easier. She forces her companions to work hard! Because not all boys deserve his love.

Once you fall in love with yourself, nothing will count anymore in the world.

She needs you to become her sunrise in her dark days. No questions about her true personality, she knows exactly who she is and she is not one to change, for anyone.

But that does not mean that she is a strong and independent girl that she tries to be every day. Sometimes she gets lost in her own thoughts and needs you to be that light that draws her out of her darkness.

Some days, she will be a mystery to you because she seems open and sociable when at the bottom it is her introverted heart that allows her to keep her feet on the ground.

When we are not used to resting on others, we do not need to be pampered or someone to take care of us 24/24 hours or 7/7 days. She will need moments of solitude and it is better that you do not force her to ask for them.

You will know when she needs it. What is the best way to give him these moments of solitude? Make it come to you. Let it be itself. Don’t ask her where she is going and what she does every day.

If she wants to be with you then you will know that she is in love. She will find time to be with you because you deserve it.

Her heart is protected by high barricades and she has worked so hard at building them that each time you try to destroy them, you will discover a new obstacle that will surprise you and make you want to know more.

But don’t think that because she keeps these barricades, she doesn’t want you. Because it is not.

She wants you to strive to learn more about her and give her a feeling of security that she had never felt before … But admitting that is not her type.

Because below its shell is a heart that needs you.

You will never be able to read her thoughts and she masters the art of muzzling her feelings but she does not want to live like this forever.

She needs you to tell her that at last, she can show you her scars without you running away.

That she can be vulnerable, lower her guard and that you will not hurt her but will hold her back and show her that everything will be fine.

Since she is used to being alone, she believes in a commitment only when it is real, that it stems from a sincere love.

But deep down, she will always be this little girl dreaming of her father leading her to the altar and giving her hand to the only man deserving of his love.

Her feelings are complex and she won’t share her dreams with you right away … At first, maybe she won’t even be comfortable enough to take your hand or cuddle you.

But becoming her refuge, a place where she can really afford to love, is up to you. Because by doing so, she will become that woman capable of changing your life for the better.