How do you get out of a toxic relationship?

To come out of a toxic relationship, it’s important to come to terms with the problem and seek emotional support from friends and family. In addition, self-esteem must be strengthened so as not to allow harmful behavior or harmful relationships. Find out in this article how to end and exit a toxic relationship.

To get out of a toxic relationship, it is important to learn to identify harmful behaviors that are detrimental to our well-being. While it is true that all couples can go through difficult and crisis times, there are certain situations that should absolutely not be tolerated.

The problem is, it’s not always easy to get out of a toxic relationship. Indeed, many feelings are involved and, in fact, sometimes used. Also, idealizing the other person may make them believe that their behaviors are normal or that they can change.

However, the reality of these types of toxic relationships is that they produce great emotional exhaustion which can have serious consequences. This is why, even if it is difficult to accept the existence of a toxic relationship, the best thing to do is to have the courage to come out of it and to seek peace.

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Why is it difficult to come out of a toxic relationship?

People who live in a toxic relationship usually don’t know this. Although your family or friends try to tell you that this is not normal, the victim often refuses to admit it or tries to justify it in a thousand ways. Why is this happening? Let’s take a look at several possible reasons that may explain the difficulty of ending a toxic relationship:

  • Love sometimes makes couples believe that the situation can change and that certain behaviors are only temporary.
  • The manipulated person has very low self-esteem and often puts up with everything because they think that if they break up, they won’t find anyone.
  • The person in the couple who is toxic is often manipulative and takes advantage of the other’s weaknesses to justify his behavior.
  • The fear of loneliness creates an emotional addiction that prevents the victim from escaping from what makes them unhappy and hurts them.
  • Sometimes you can fear the other person’s reaction, especially if the other person is violent.

How do you identify a toxic relationship?

To get out of a toxic relationship, the first step is to learn to recognize the wrongdoing or behavior. If one or both partners feel sadness, fear, or anxiety when they are with the other person, it is because the relationship is unhealthy and something is wrong at all.

Of course, it is normal to have sporadic discussions without serious problems in the relationship. However, if the arguments are constant or if they exceed certain limits, it is necessary to know how to accept it in order to be able to act.

A relationship is toxic when it has one or more characteristics which we will discuss below:

  • There is emotional dependence on one or both of the couple
  • Respect in the couple has gradually been lost and verbal attacks are constant
  • Jealousy is an uncontrollable factor
  • One or both partners are too possessive and exercise control over the other person
  • The couple do not support each other, but belittle and block each other’s personal growth
  • There are constant attacks on the other person’s self-esteem
  • Emotional, economic or family blackmail methods are used
  • One of the couple uses constant threats
  • There are also repeated episodes of physical or psychological violence
  • Privacy and social relationships are lost
  • Subtle verbal attacks take place within the couple

Now find out what you need to do to get out of a toxic relationship.

What to do to get out of a toxic relationship?

As we mentioned before, there are many factors that often make it difficult to get out of a toxic relationship. However, it is not impossible either and anyone can overcome this step. For this, it is essential to accept that what we are experiencing is not fair.

To help you get out of a toxic relationship, we are going to share with you several possible strategies. Note all of them!

Become aware of the situation to get out of a toxic relationship

The first step everyone should take is to become aware of the situation and what is going on. Knowing how to recognize that there is a real problem and that the relationship is not bringing happiness is a determining factor in making the first decision. Otherwise, “the blindness of love” could prevent seeing reality in order to accept it in order to regain well-being and happiness.

It’s easy to confuse love and passion with emotional dependence, especially at the start of a relationship. You then realize that this person with whom you have decided to share your days is absorbing all your energy and not making you happy.

Losing the fear to get out of a toxic relationship

Fear is one of the main obstacles when trying to get out of a toxic relationship. Feeling fearful of what might happen can hinder decision making. We may think, at least for a while, that it is better to continue like this. But while the future is uncertain, losing fear is the only way to overcome it and get out of a toxic relationship.

These fears usually come from past experiences. They may have taken place within the couple itself or in previous relationships. They generate anyway insecurity of the bond with the other person. The fear of being alone if the spouse leaves us can lead to this type of dynamic.

Ending once and for all to get out of a toxic relationship

When there is a possibility of dialogue, it is best to try to reduce the loss of energy, without any arguments or aggression. It is necessary to seek a period of “detoxification” to be able to avoid any negative emotions. Break-ups often leave emotional wounds. So, when you decide to end a toxic relationship, you should also avoid any kind of contact with the person you want to break up with.

Seeking outside help to get out of a toxic relationship

The constant support of family and friends is key when coming out of a toxic relationship. Feeling that there are other people nearby will help you overcome the fear, sadness, and all the confusion that comes with what has been going through.  

Above all, you will need to repair yourself, take care of your self-esteem and your dignity so as not to fall back into destructive emotional dynamics.

Accepting the pain of leaving a toxic relationship

Having shared a lot of time and experiences with another person can lead to feelings of grief or sadness at the end of the relationship. However, it is part of the improvement process and it is normal to live it to accept it. So, it is imperative to accept and also live the pain to come out of a toxic relationship.

It is natural to feel pain, to want to be alone in order to experience it in all its essence. We have to keep in mind that as long as this state does not last for a long time, it is sometimes beneficial.

Work on self-esteem out of a toxic relationship

Focusing on your own projects, training, and surrounding yourself with positive people are ways of working on your self-esteem. Often, after a toxic relationship, self-esteem and loss of self-confidence are manifested. For this reason, it is therefore essential to devote time to work on self-esteem.

Even if you fail a thousand and once, you need to have confidence in yourself to learn to surpass yourself and achieve your goals. Do not compare yourself with others, but only with yourself, to get a better idea of ​​who you really are.

Separation also involves accepting that the life project you had is going to end and that, therefore, you have to face a new reality. The one of which we must take the reins to undertake a new life in which our strength becomes a fundamental pillar to be able to continue moving forward.

Completing this step will help you improve your self-esteem after a separation. Indeed, this will allow us to think about the future, our personal projects, the aspects that we want to improve and especially to appreciate our personality.

Practice relaxation techniques out of a toxic relationship

Relaxation techniques are very helpful when you are ending a toxic relationship. Breathing exercises, yoga, or massage help control emotions such as nervousness, fear, and anxiety that usually persist after this episode ends. In addition, in order to improve self-esteem after a separation, it is necessary to take an important first step, which is to start taking care of yourself.

Are you currently in a toxic relationship and not sure how to get out of it? Follow these recommendations, as they will help you better understand this type of relationship. You will need courage and support, but you can overcome this step and end a toxic relationship.

Remember that if you don’t take this step, you won’t have the opportunity to find another path to happiness. Toxic romantic relationships do not allow us to grow, be happy, or enjoy life. Find out what are the signs of a toxic romantic relationship.