How to ask a guy to be your boyfriend in a cute way

It’s never easy

Have you ever met a really amazing guy that you are in love with? It takes you on the first date and you start spending a lot of time together. Everyone thinks that you two are an article. But you’re not sure if that’s true because you haven’t discussed it with him! All you know is that you are more than a friend to him. Should you ask him to be your boyfriend? First, you’ll need to realize that you don’t have to rush things in a relationship. Instead, you’ll need to make sure things move slowly so that the two of you get to know each other and understand what you want in the relationship. Make sure that you are not only ready for the commitment but that you are ready to take the relationship to the next level with this person. Getting a guy to commit is a key skill that every girl should have. Sadly, it is never easy. You will need to know how to ask without being clingy. Without sugar coating stuff, I need to state categorically that this is not only difficult but can be tricky and scary. This is particularly the case when you have already fallen in love with him. So how do you ask the guy to be your boyfriend without sounding desperate or weird? Here are some cute ways to do it.

Be careful with the signs before you ask him to be your boyfriend

First, you will need to know if he feels the same way you do. It would be stupid of you to expect the guy to ask you to be his boyfriend after the first date. In fact, most guys will take their time and want to be sure that they will have a good future with you. This is why you want to be sure that he likes you and not just in your own imagination. If you are sure you have a special place in your heart, then you may be ready to ask him to commit. However, some clues may offer proof that the guy is ready to take it to the next level. Here are signs that you need to be careful of if you want to make sure he is ready for an engagement.

1. He texts you regularly

Unlike women, men are easy to understand as they don’t spend time on things they don’t value. This is especially the case with regard to texting. If you have been receiving text messages like ‘Good morning pretty’ or ‘I wish you success in your exams’, it is a sign that he is surely thinking of you.

2. Remember the little things

If he finds you important, he will know the little things you like. So if you find him reminiscing about your favorite ice cream or a hangout where you had some great times, it is an indication that he considers you special.

3. Check the boy’s body language

Body language can give you an important clue as to whether you are ready to be her boyfriend. If you find that he constantly holds your hand or regularly wants to snuggle you on the couch, it is a sign that he really likes you.

4. Compliments you when you talk to him

It can be difficult to listen to guys talk about how they feel. Therefore, when you hear him confess his feelings for you, it is a sign that he really loves you. He doesn’t have to confess how much he loves you. When you hear him say ‘you smell good’, you can interpret that it means ‘I like you’

5. Plan ahead before asking the guy to be your boyfriend

It can be easier if you know when to ask all the important questions. Take the time to practice the conversation before meeting the guy. Alternatively, you must be sure of the right time to raise this issue. There is no good time to ask the guy to be your boyfriend. Instead, you should take the time to carefully judge your personal circumstances. There are those who plan a special date and can keep the conversation going until the end of the date. Others find that the conversation flows naturally as they hang out together; Whatever you plan, be sure to select a day ahead of time. Avoid asking when the man is busy, stressed, or upset. The question may surprise you and this may affect the answer. In case you feel nervous or nervous.

Make sure the guy knows you deeply before asking him

In case the guy doesn’t know you well, asking him to be your boyfriend will sound strange. This is because he will not be sure if you are the right person and it will be difficult for him to commit. Even if he says yes, he might later realize that you were not the right person and this could leave you devastated. You want to make sure the guy knows you before you can ask him to be your boyfriend.

Get to know the guy deeply before asking him to be your boyfriend

Just like he will want to meet you, it’s also important that you get to know the guy before you find a cute way to ask him to be your boyfriend. If all you want is to avoid being single, this will be a mistake. It is important that you take time to get to know him and the things he will value.

Get to know him personally

You may want to text or even message the guy. However, this is not the correct strategy, as these questions are best handled in person. This will allow the boy to explore different options in the relationship. In case of concerns or questions, it is always possible to address them later. In case it is a long-distance relationship, it can be difficult to fulfill them one-on-one. In such a scenario, it is always good to call him.

Ask the boy in private

Once you are about to ask him out, the best idea would be to do it in private. There are those who find it romantic if you bring up the conversation in a social gathering with a lot of people around. However, the guys will feel pressured by this and this is not a good sign. You want to be sure that he is comfortable speaking his mind. Not only will this take the pressure off him, but it will also allow him to speak honestly about his feelings. This will definitely be great for you.

Congratulate him before asking the boy to be your boyfriend

When D-day passes, be sure to stay relaxed. Use a good time to introduce the topic. In case you receive a compliment from him, you need to congratulate him again. Start the conversation with the things you enjoy together. Tell the boy what you love about him. This flattery will relax you and ensure that it is easier to ask the question about your relationship. You can complement their intelligence, humor, or kindness; This is a good sign of the direction the conversation is taking.

Ask him during a casual conversation

If you really want him to be your boyfriend, go the distance. To do this, you will need to make sure this is casual without putting too much pressure on it. In case you feel that the situation is not a big deal, you will probably say yes. So all you have to do is raise the possibility of him being her boyfriend during that casual conversation and consider whether he will see this as a great idea. This will also make it easier for you to give an honest answer.

Call him yours

While this may not sound cute, it is a sneaky way of asking you. In other words, you will ask without actually asking! You can tell her about a conversation you were having with your girls about your boyfriend. Be eager to see if she will react in a worrying way.

Talk honestly about your feelings

Finally, you will have to open up to him and tell him how you feel about him. Tell him that you find him great and that you want to be in a relationship with him. You can even add that you don’t love anyone else and you don’t see yourself dating someone else. This will make you feel flattered. Then you should ask the guy if he feels the same way and if he is ready to be your boyfriend. This is definitely a cute way to ask him to be your boyfriend without sounding weird. This is how easy it is!

Ask him to be your boyfriend during those intimate moments

When considering when to ask him to be your boyfriend, you will also need to read and understand the moments. When you ask at the right time, this can be the difference between him saying yes or no. A good idea would be to ask during those personal moments that are also intimate. After opening and sharing insightful information, ask him about his feelings and if he’s ready to be yours.

Avoid trying to make the boy jealous

Some girls think that making a guy jealous will make him want to go out with you. However, this is not a cute way to do it as it may leave you with a bad impression. You may be trying to make him jealous, but he could end up thinking that you have a genuine interest in the wrong person. He may not even realize that you just want him to feel jealous.

What if he says no?

With these tips, it will be easy for you to say yes to your proposal. You also definitely hope that he will agree to be your boyfriend. However, it is important to remember that he might say no. You can’t deny the fact that you may not be ready for a serious relationship. You will want to think about how to handle such a situation. In case you already have deep feelings for him, you will need to seriously consider whether you are ready to continue dating him. You can choose to remain friends with him or you can choose to cut off contacts with him entirely. As this is not what you were looking for and it is not fair to you either, we advise you to cut the relationship. Staying friends will only make you feel hurt, especially when he’s in a relationship with another girl. Instead, you should cut the relationship. In case I feel like I love you