How to Attract a Man: 15 Secrets That Work

Every woman wants to be noticed. If you are looking for ways to attract a man, your search ends here. Below are the top 15 ways to grab every man’s attention without seeming offered or contrived.

1. One Word To Attract Any Man: Self-Confidence

You’ve probably heard it a million times, but it’s the absolute truth: there is nothing more attractive than self-confidence.

even thinking that your nose is longer than it should be or your thighs aren’t as toned as you’d like, no one will notice if you show up at a party or walk into a room and convey a self-confident image.

No one will see your flaws, only your self-confidence that shines and that leaves you with a wide smile on your face.

When you project a self-confident image, men won’t see anything wrong with you. Their minds will be occupied with your best features as you walk, sit, talk and gesture.

No matter where you go or who you’re with, always be very self-confident… And if you’re not self-confident at the moment, fake it. The more self-confident you feel, really or not, the more self-confident you will be.

2. Maximize Your Qualities

All people have strengths, some traits, and some qualities that we love and are proud to have. It could be that you have a perfect pair of round, perky breasts or maybe you have a flat stomach that complements your hips.

Whatever it is, wear clothes that accentuate your good qualities. Not only will this help to get men’s attention, but it will also boost your self-confidence.

The same goes for qualities other than physical beauty. If you’re a good conversationalist, have a good culture, or you’ve already achieved great success in your career, don’t be shy about displaying these traits.

keep the class

Just because you have Kim Kardashian’s ass doesn’t mean you should leave the house in the shortest shorts you can find in your closet.

Of course, this might get some attention from the guys, but it’s going to be the wrong kind of attention, you’re not going to get anywhere, in the long run, that way.

When choosing your clothes, remember the words class and modesty. The phrase “leave some to the imagination” remains more true than ever and is something to keep in mind when shopping for clothes.

To help you out, here are some examples of clothes men love:

  • anything tight that contours your body, like leggings.
  • Jeans that fit perfectly around your legs. Don’t wear baggy jeans or jeans that are too big.
  • Some women just don’t like and don’t wear high heels. If you are one of them, know that high heels are extremely attractive to men, all the time.

4. The Right Amount of Makeup

Many women feel that they need to put a pound of makeup on their faces. However, when you ask a man what type of makeup he finds most attractive, almost all of them will say that less is more.

They want to see your natural beauty, not some artificial thing that women think is perfection. Men don’t want perfection. They want a real woman.

Keep your makeup to a minimum, and try the most natural look possible. Spend more time on makeup when the time is right, such as a wedding or a very special date.

5. Nothing Like An Absurdly Smelly Perfume

Here’s one thing you don’t have to worry about overdoing it. If you really want to know how to attract a man, put on enough of your best perfume and they will drown in your delicious scent.

Pass the perfume in the car, when arriving at the event. Perfume is great for starting a conversation. But he has to notice. That’s why exaggeration is allowed here.

Men can approach you to find out more about your perfume and who you are.

6. A Smile Is Your Secret Weapon

When you receive a compliment from an attractive man, give him an intense, wide smile and say “thank you.”

Men are intensely attracted to a woman’s smile and love it when they light up the place with their smiles.

If you’re trying to attract a specific man around you, don’t hold back a smile for him. A smile shows sympathy and interest, without saying anything.

7. Make Visual Contact

The eyes are powerful, and as many say, they are the window to the soul. That’s why looking directly into the eyes of a man you’re interested in is so important.

However, you don’t want to look at him weirdly and for any longer than you should.

When it comes to eye contact, be sensual. Give him the “I want you” look. You’ll be surprised at his positive reaction, just by exchanging glances now and then.

8. Touch Your Man “Flirably”

Let’s say you’re talking to a guy and he tells some silly joke. You have a quick laugh, touch his arm and say “you are so funny! ”.

That simple little touch on his arm makes him feel attracted to you right away.

It’s exciting for him, and the more the better. Her soft, feminine touch on his skin is capable of making a man shiver his spine and make him feel butterflies in his stomach.

Use this weapon in your arsenal to attract a man: a little touch on the arms or face while chatting and flirting. This is a simple and guaranteed recipe for success.

9. Be easy-going and natural

After all, who wants to keep talking to someone cold, and stressed, who gets irritated by anything?

This only leads to awkward situations, it only makes him want to get away from you and never speak again. If you want to attract him and hold his attention, be an easygoing, easygoing woman.

Be completely calm during your interaction with the guy, even if you feel like you’re about to explode inside.

Looking natural and being easy-going are traits of a self-confident woman. You will instill self-confidence in him, consequently making him feel attracted to you.

What man would want to stop a naturally flowing conversation?

10. Show Him Your Silly Side

Men love it… in fact, men love women who can make them smile.

It’s one of those things every guy looks for, and when a man finds it, it’s like finding gold. It’s one of the most attractive things you can do, and definitely something to do often.

It’s perfectly fine to have serious conversations, but in casual conversations, drop some silly joke, some imitation, or exaggerate some situation using your imagination.

He’ll like it so much he won’t want to stop talking to you.

11.…And Your Side Smart, Intelligent, Sophisticated.

On the other hand, don’t be silly all the time. This may seem immature.

You need to make him smile every now and then, but you also need to make him think. Intelligence is also an attractive trait. Show him your smart side.

After all, you are a sophisticated woman, and no man wants to be on the side of a woman who knows nothing about anything.

Show him that you’re a smart woman too and any man will fall in love with you.

12. don’t be needy

You know those guys who are always trying to reach you, who text you every three hours?

That’s right, no one likes that kind of needy person. In trying to attract a man, one thing is guaranteed: don’t be needy.

Needy personalities are not at all attractive to men. They want a woman who is sure of herself and who doesn’t need them to be happy.

If you’re begging for his attention, you’re going to get the opposite of attraction. Show him that you’re an independent woman who would love to have him on her side, but don’t necessarily need him to survive.

This will always leave him intrigued, wanting you more and more.

13. Be optimist

Have you ever tried to talk to someone who only knows how to say negative things?

Negative people complain that it’s too hot, they think it’s bad that it’s raining. They have a negative review for every movie you watch and they never want to date someone because they are annoying or annoying.

Everyone knows a person like that, and let’s face it: we don’t like going out with these people, imagine talking to them.

So how do you think you’re going to attract a man by being pessimistic about everything?

Of course, some things can have negative reactions, but most of the time, you have to be optimistic, and positive. Men are attracted to women who are always up, to the point of influencing their mood as well.

It all starts with the good old mighty smile: even when you’re having a bad day, keep a smile on your face and try to be optimistic. This is proven to have a positive effect on people around you and even yourself.

14. signals of interest

If you don’t act interested, why would anyone want to talk to you, or keep talking to you?

There are many different ways to act interested in the other person. Here are some simple ways to show signs of interest in a man:

  • Make plenty of eye contact, both before and during the conversation. Just be sure to break eye contact every now and then so you don’t look weird.
  • Lean forward, showing that you are interested and involved in the conversation. Leaning back while you’re sitting or staying away from him when you’re standing shows that you’re not interested in the conversation at the moment. Another tip is to turn your face slightly as if you were listening to his mouth.
  • Before the conversation, smile freely. During the conversation, try to keep a small smile on your face at all times and laugh at his jokes.
  • During the conversation, ask questions and put your comments on his ideas as much as possible. This shows you are listening to him and want to be part of the conversation. It also shows that you have a mind of your own, with your own thoughts and opinions on different subjects.

15. Embrace Your Feminine Side

Men like cute and feminine women. Very feminine. Because? Because strong and tough are characteristics of men, not women.

It is a man’s role to be the leader, the head of the family, and the protector who protects his wife from harm. Men are born with this engraved in their heads. This has always been so.

You don’t have to act like a loser to get his attention. However, you should embrace your feminine side as much as possible.

For example, even if you can open that pot of olives, ask him to do so.

You don’t have to stop doing muay Thai or boxing, but when you go out with him in public, wear a attractive, fluffy, feminine dress.

Attracting a man is easier than you think. Just arrive at the place with a beautiful smile on your face, always keep a positive attitude, and don’t forget to dress in a very feminine way.

To keep the conversation going, show interest, act silly every now and then, and show him that you’re an elegant, sophisticated, and downright adorable woman. Practice as many of these tips as you can and you will be extremely attractive to him.

Do you have any tips for attracting men that other women don’t know about? Share in the comments below.