How to Get Your Husband’s Attention (9 Powerful Ways)

Lately, have you been feeling like your husband doesn’t really exist?

Sure, you guys spend time together, but it seems like he’s not paying attention to you anymore.

He’s there, but he’s not really there.

When this happens, it doesn’t mean something is wrong.

Sometimes life just gets in the way and influences the way people communicate with each other, especially in marriages.

If you’re feeling a little rejected and you think your husband could be paying more attention to you, there are things you can do to bring his focus back to you without having to beg for it.

After all, you are his wife, and the last thing you should do is beg for love.

Getting his attention doesn’t always have to be on things that are visible and clear.

There are things you can change about the way you talk that should improve in your life.

Here are 9  ways to get more attention from your husband.

1. Try not to be boring

Getting his attention when he doesn’t even seem to know can be awful.

You’re doing what you can to rekindle the flame of love and you just want him to see that you need a little more than he’s giving you right now.

Your husband is not always quick to see these things.

The more you try to make him want you, the more discouraging it becomes if he doesn’t respond to your initiative.

Even without knowing it, this discouragement can easily be shown in your daily life.

This is certainly not going to help in your attempt to seek more affection from him.

A common habit that couples get is to annoy each other.

Just taking care of this habit can increase your chances of rekindling that stray flame with your husband.

Nobody likes to be chased.

When you bother someone, it’s like you’re forcing them to ignore you.

Over time, he will develop a defense mechanism to block everything you want to say.

So if you’re looking for some love, remember to piss him off.

2. Let him know you’re still attracted to him

Who says you’re the only one feeling a little neglected?

Your husband may not be showing you affection because he is not feeling happy either.

Over many years together, he may not feel as confident as he once did.

Worn out by day-to-day responsibilities, paying bills, and just raising a family, he may no longer be in touch with the voice in his head that tells him he’s a handsome guy.

So be that voice!

You might just be what he needs to feel good in his own skin again.

If he hasn’t been affectionate lately, it might be less about you, and more about how he doesn’t feel as confident in his own skin.

Give your husband a little nudge.

Compliment his appearance and remind him how handsome he really is.

Guys need compliments too to feel good, and just a small, heartfelt gesture could be what he needs to fall in love with you all over again.

3. Give him a little mystery

Remember when dating was all new?

The most exciting part of dating someone new is that you get to get involved in the new activities and experience new things all over again.

It is natural for novelty to disappear with familiarity; Over time, you and your husband will be so in sync that every next move you make will become predictable.

And while there’s nothing wrong with knowing what’s going to happen and a little routine, little mysteries here and there can spark something interesting in your marriage.

Does your husband know every one of your thoughts?

Consider keeping some things to yourself and getting involved in activities that have nothing to do with your husband.

In marriage, it’s very important to still feel that your partner has something new to offer, and that’s hard to imagine when you feel like you know everything about them.

So do things for yourself and remember that he doesn’t always have to be on the inside.

4. Dress up for him

Seeing him around in sweats and oversized t-shirts isn’t necessarily going to hurt your marriage, but it sure isn’t helping at all.

No matter how comfortable you are with each other and how much you love him be your love.

The fact is, your husband still has his heart beating, and that beating heart responds to beautiful things.

Wear an attractive black dress every now and then.

Remind him why he should feel so lucky to be your husband.

Married people often forget why they were attracted to their spouses and begin to value the very things they love.

Don’t let him – put on some makeup, look pretty and show him exactly why he’s fallen in love with you.

Dressing well is a great way to draw more attention to yourself.

This shows him that you are willing to make an effort to make the wedding exciting.

Besides, how could he ignore you when you’re wearing a beautiful dress?

6. Flirt with him

Play and humor are very important fuels in the relationship.

The initial uncertainty is for sure one of the most exciting things about the early stages of dating.

As with other things, intimacy causes relationships to fall into the rut.

Sometimes sleeping together becomes less sensual and more routine.

Don’t let the flame of initial love die.

Spark and romance aren’t just about traveling internationally and doing crazy things together.

It doesn’t mean completely deviating from your routine and finding big life-affirming events to make sure you’re still in love.

Sometimes it’s as simple as engaging him in a witty banter, flirting with him, and teasing him a little.

Let him know that you can still catch him off guard and turn him on in the smallest of ways.

7. Be confident around him

Nothing is attractive than a woman confident in her own skin.

If you want your husband to really pay attention to you because he wants to and not because you’re begging for it, showing him that you have good energy to be around will serve as a natural magnet for him.

Men are attracted to force.

He has his own things going on with work and other matters in his life.

Being able to draw strength from your trust and knowing that his wife lives happily and alone is much better than making him feel that you are totally dependent on him.

At the end of the day, it’s all a matter of mystery.

Attract him with your own confidence.

Instead of asking him to pay more attention to you, show him the reasons why he should.

Attraction is based on pushing and pulling. The more you push, the more it goes away.

But if you’re subtle with your attraction and confident in every pull, your husband is sure to come running back to you at some point.

8. Make more contact with him

Miss him? Call him.

Want to spend more time with him? Book a vacation with him.

Do you need him to stay at home more? Let him know.

One mistake women make in relationships is thinking the guy knows what’s going on in their heads.

If you want your husband to pay attention to you, the solution could be as simple as taking care of your own schedule together.

He won’t always realize that you’re missing him until you say so.

He won’t always have time to spend more time together unless you make it happen.

Stop waiting for him to take the first step. Start more conversations, get him to do things with you.

Your husband will appreciate that you are taking the lead in the relationship and moving things forward, rather than waiting for him to come up with magical plans of his own.

9. Go out with your own friends

The best marriages are those that exist alongside other relationships.

If you’re feeling a little needy, consider taking your girlfriends out and spending some quality time with people outside of your marriage.

The reasoning behind this is that you can still have some quality time without practically smothering your husband.

Marriages are healthier when partners have varied support systems that tie into the relationship.

As much as you love your husband, it’s important to keep talking to other people outside of your relationship to create a healthy balance.

If you’re feeling frustrated that your husband isn’t spending a lot of time with you, spend some time with your friends first and see how you feel.

Ask yourself: is this a permanent problem or a passing one?

Does he really need to spend more time with you?

Was he really careless?