How to attract a man you like. 14 proven tips

In this article we give you the best tips to attract the man you like, there are fourteen tips for you to master his instincts and thus make him ask you out.

How to attract a man that you like?

First of all, you have to take off that vibe of needing a man, which can be interpreted as desperation and it will not serve you when you achieve your goal, which is to attract him. Desperation is formed because of getting out of control of a situation, it comes from the panic you feel when putting a lot of effort into trying to get a man.

The most important trick at this point is that you have to value the other aspects of your life, for example, your work, your family, friends, hobbies, etc. As much as you wish to have a man in your life.

Keeping yourself in balance with all areas of your life makes you a more interesting person and a better conversationalist.

It will make you feel more confident and self-confident in social situations which is very attractive to any man.

Now we are going to continue with the 14 tips to have the man you want. Take note and practice them one by one until you master them so that you never need to look for a man again, on the contrary, they will be looking for you and your next problem will be deciding which one you stay with.

1. Use your smile

Yes, you’ve heard many, many times that eye contact is very important when it comes to increasing your level of attraction. But combine it with a smile and you get double the effect. A University of Missouri in the United States verified this with a psychological experiment. A woman sitting in a resaurant who only makes eye contact with men has a 20% chance of being approached, on the other hand, in the same conditions, the girl’s smile was added to this with eye contact, increased the percentage of men approaching 60%. This proves that you need more than just makeup and spending hours fixing your hair, you need a good smile.

The way you smile is the guideline of your intentions with the man in question. A soft smile, which is barely noticeable but is kind enough, will express to the boy that he is interested in you and that you would like to meet him. On the other hand, if when making eye contact, you smile and apart you pass your tongue over your lips, only that depending on your objective with the gallant, is how you are going to express yourself and this it will help you send the signals you want.

2. Use the right lighting to look your best

Use lighting to make yourself more attractive. Seriously, I’m not kidding, and it’s not what you’re thinking. Public Places that have dim lighting cause your pupils to dilate, the dark center of your eyes automatically opens and closes with changes in lighting. Studies have verified with images that women who had dilated pupils were more accepted by the men surveyed than the images of themselves showing their pupils in a normal state.

The body reacts to our emotions and thoughts, there are several reasons why the pupils also dilate, it can be due to the excitement, adrenaline, dangerous or emotional situations. When our unconscious detects that the person with whom we are chatting their pupils are dilated, we instinctively put ourselves in the same state and there is a greater connection.

If you are going out on a romantic date, choose a place where the lighting is dim to make you look more attractive.

3. Copy your movements

There is a study that proves that mimicking the body language of the person you are talking to increases that person’s interest in you. Copying or mimicking body movements is a natural phenomenon that occurs among close friends and lovers, but consciously mimicking movements can have effects on the subconscious. This does not mean that you copy all his gestures, but it is worth trying to cross your arms when he does or take your drink when he takes his.

Remember to do this not so obvious, it works best if you do this after someone comments a good joke, or when they agree with what they have been talking about, so you will have a better chance of reaching their subconscious and causing them to say “she has something I like and I don’t know what it is. ”

4. Stand on the left side when walking with him

Your left side is connected to the right side of your brain, and this side of the brain is the one that works with emotions, art, and beauty, on the other side, the left side of your head is attributed to logic and reasoning.

This means that you can be on his left side and speak into his ear, you can attract the right side of his brain, that is, he will be more emotionally stimulated when you speak. Research from Sam Houston State University found that emotional words, especially, are better accepted to access through your mind more quickly when heard through your left ear.

5. Take advantage of your favorite perfume

Perfumes are a great way to smell pretty, nice, or elegant, they also leave memories that last forever. Make your essence signature by spraying yourself lightly with your favorite perfume every day. When he realizes that essence in another place he will remember you.

Make sure that the perfume you choose is one that goes with your personality, your way of dressing, and with the colors you like, there are smells that identify you more than others, sweet and soft smells go more to women who are delicate and feminine, while the more sophisticated or complex scents go with women with executive personalities, with determination in what they want.

You can use different fragrances depending on the mood you have at that moment, there is nothing wrong and many people do, but if what you want is to stay in the mind of that boy, you need to identify with a scent and stimulate your scent with the scent. man to associate you with a pleasant smell.

6. Go out on a bright, sunny day

A pleasant and warm climate causes your body to produce endorphins, making you feel happy. Going out together on a sunny day will help him to attribute that feeling to you and spending time together, it also means that both of you may have a better time together because the two of you will be in a better way than usual.

If you are choosing the day to go out together, do a double-check of the weather of that day, better choose a sunny day than a cloudy or rainy one.

In case the weather has taken you by surprise and you have not prepared for it, it is best to adapt and take advantage of the situation. Remember that an afternoon of movies, eating popcorn, and being together and warm while it is raining outside, is also a good option.

7. Use the color red in your clothes

This is constantly verified, men love the woman in red. The fact of wearing red is not going to make your man interested in your personality or your feelings, what if I assure you is that you will attract his gaze when you walk through the place. The red dresses and red lips are perfect to hypnotize the interest of your beau, it is biologically and psychologically proven.

The warning signs and advertisements that want to draw your attention use this color because we are going to inevitably turn to see them, this psychology of color can be used in your favor, using red clothes or items will cause their gaze to focus on you. Just remember not to overdo it.

8. Use that flirty giggle 

Excessive giggling can be annoying, be careful with that, but used in an appropriate way with his jokes you can make him feel comfortable with you and make the conversation flow better. This will make you feel confident and relax. Remember that nobody likes to tell a joke and to be answered silently, especially guys who are on a date at the time of flirting, if you want the conversation to happen and attract him more, be sure to use your flirtatious giggle with him.

Do not force the giggle because it will be very obvious and you will provoke the opposite of what you want. If a joke or joke that he made did not make you laugh, it is better that you continue the conversation with another joke or a comment that has to do with what he just said.

9. Go up an octave

Your voice is something of your body that you can control, you can sharpen it slightly when necessary. Men are attracted to voices that are higher-pitched, that more feminine and musical tone of voice. So when you’re talking to him use that high-pitched flirtatious tone to sound sweeter and more girlish when you’re talking to the man you want to attract.

The tone you have to do is slightly higher, do not overdo it because it becomes uncomfortable, do not do it all the time either, use this seduction tool in moderation, and at times you know when it can work.

10. Don’t walk, tune yourself

The world is your catwalk, waddling around makes you feel better and empowered, and of course, it’s also a good method to flirt without talking. If you wiggle your hips a little while walking, you will make men more likely to realize that you have arrived.

As you walk, spread your legs and take a longer step while adding movement to your hips to create an amazing sway.

Personality can be very important, and on many occasions, what really matters, walking with personality and moving with confidence will ignite that indomitable instinct of your man, but if you do it gently when you are with him, you will practically stun him.

11. Tone those arms

Guys are obvious to be attracted to tall women, and we might assume it’s because of long legs, but a recent study has revealed that men are attracted to women with beautiful arms, and the best way to tone them up is to exercise them.

When a woman worries about her physique, we find it attractive to men, there are those who already do sports or have high physical activity and are in good shape, but the rest of the girls who can make a change and do something at this point, This is the moment, I assure you that if you exercise daily after two weeks you will be noticing results, you will improve your physical condition, your self-esteem and it will fill you with energy during the day.

Exercise has many benefits, and it is better than now to do physical activities, you can go to your nearest gym and ask about Crossfit classes, but if you do not want to spend it is also possible, on the internet, there are many routines that you can investigate in which you do not need equipment or buy weights, the only thing they ask you is not to abandon it and continue daily with your physical improvement.

12. Start from the inside 

Throughout history, females have been idolized, glorified by being seen as clean, angelic, and delicate. That is why men look for women who have what their expectations ask for, having radiant and wonderful skin. To obtain the glowing effect on your skin you need to start from the inside, drink a lot of water during the day, the skin that is hydrated looks healthy, increase your daily intake of vegetables and greens. The phrase to eat vegetables and fruits every day is very repetitive, but the truth is that there is no better option than to eat healthily, meat causes alterations in the mood of people who consume it due to the type of hormone treatment and conservatives that animals receive before, during and after death.

Lately, there has been a change in people’s consciousness as they gradually give up meat, due to all the health problems such as diabetes. That is why, your body, this blog, and the rest of the people who have already changed their diet, we ask you to consume more fruits and vegetables to improve your health and your physique.

13. Be interesting

Sure, all of these things can make a guy come up to you to start a conversation and you might get some dates. But what really attracts a respectable man is your own mind. Men are like women in this regard, we ask for intellectual stimulation. In order to attract a boy, you must know a little about many topics, some history, science, events that are happening or about to happen. So you can have an interesting conversation and you will be dominating his instincts and his mind by sending signals that you are an interesting person who likes to investigate what interests him.

If you attract a man just by your looks, he is most likely not the type of guy you really want to attract.

You can also use your hobbies as a topic of conversation, it works best if they are hobbies that you can involve him in or that are fun. When you talk about a topic that you are passionate about and know about, your gaze lights up and you develop better fluency, keep in mind that not all the conversation will be about you or the things you like, also be interested in the tastes of your gallant, ask him about his hobbies and try to get involved. For example, if he likes a musical group that you did not know, give yourself the opportunity to listen to them, whether you like what you hear or not, you will have an opinion about a topic of interest to your man and they will be able to share ideas.

14. Touch him

Gentle touch can instantly make your guy feel more comfortable when flirting with you or even asking you out. Casual contact attracts guys, and if you’re reciprocated, he’s sending you signals that he’s interested in you too.

You do not have to feel guilty when you are manipulating it, as they are not spells or spells to dominate it. Better than that, it is simply to use a special knowledge that you can use to your advantage and you will know how to use it.

The forearm, shoulders, and upper back are free areas that you can touch without being invasive, the best way to do it is in a natural and relaxed way, not forcing the moment or making it look strange or uncomfortable. When they are talking standing up, you can look at your shoes by lifting one foot slightly and taking their forearm “for balance.” When you tell a good joke and both of you laugh, it is the best time to touch your arm, the laughter will perfectly disguise it.