How to be an irresistible woman to men: 14 tips for flirting

We all like the idea of ​​being attractive and irresistible to others. There’s nothing wrong. Being very attractive may not be your ultimate goal in life, but would you reject the possibility that all eyes would turn to you? I do not believe it.

Being very popular with men has both positives and negatives. On the one hand, it can be a lot of fun and make things a lot easier for you when someone attracts you. On the other hand, no woman loves to be interrupted all the time with unsolicited romantic proposals.

If you want to be that girl that everyone wants to dance with at a party without having to be the prettiest, carefully review our tips.

The 14 Tricks to drive men crazy:

1. Project self-confidence

There are a ton of attributes that men like about women, and you definitely don’t have to have them all. But there is one in particular that you can’t skip: self-confidence.

Most think that confidence is a natural byproduct of your attractiveness, that is, that you are confident because you are pretty, but in reality, it is the other way around.

Self-confident people instantly project their true worth, make themselves look confident, trustworthy, stable. This is what makes you attractive to men.

Surely you wonder how to do if you are very insecure and you feel that you do not look half as pretty as magazine models. Well, there is a secret that nobody tells you, and it is this: Do not give a damn what others think of you, how they react, or what you feel they expect of you.

As long as you don’t hurt anyone, not yourself, do exactly what you want to do when you want to do it.

This will give you great emotional control over yourself, and you will begin to realize that, indeed, you are the most important thing in your life. Others will also notice, and that will be the first step on your way to being desired.

2. Take advantage of the mystery to your advantage

An interest in mysterious women is something that most men share. Being able to get to know yourself, discover how you act and what makes you who you are, is undoubtedly an important part of the adventure.

If you suddenly show everything about yourself to the world or are too transparent, you may make the man who attracts you feel that there is not much to know about you anymore, or that you simply scare him by how quickly you turned over. Ventilate your private life.

Instead of letting go of telling your prospect all about your last relationship or the details about the athlete’s foot you caught in the pool, try to subtly deflect his direct questions and refocus the conversation on him.

Little by little you will pique their curiosity and gain their interest.

3. Maintain your femininity

The idea is that they love you as you are and how you feel happy. Maybe you are not an overly groomed or made-up woman, and you feel that this is a disadvantage. It is true, men like delicate women, but more than that their interest is above all femininity.

It does not mean that you have to be like a doll all the time, but that you feel comfortable in contact with your appearance as a woman, with your body, your attributes, and your emotions. Being feminine does not make you weaker, much less superficial.

It is a balance, you do not have to be absolutely delicate, or act like another man in the group. Always try to behave as you feel comfortable, but it is a good idea to learn to be independent while giving space to chivalry and to be tender without falling into helplessness.

4. Stay away from gossip

Nothing deactivates a man’s interest as quickly as women who attract drama all the time. Nobody wants to spend their free time with a person who spends all their time thinking about others, giving opinions about them, and speaking badly behind their backs.

Usually, this occurs in insecure people, who do not feel comfortable and seek to improve their self-esteem by attacking others. That is obviously not attractive to anyone. If you want to be irresistible to men, you have to ensure that the drama comes from them and their desperate attempts to conquer you, never from you.

A woman who speaks ill of others behind her back hangs herself a huge sign that says she is not trustworthy. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it.

5. And also the drama

Being a confident and independent woman is very attractive. And although you should not try to pretend what you are not, sometimes it is recommended that you lower the drama two if you use to cry or stress about anything

Why? Well, because doing a drama to any man is equivalent to admitting that he is the most important thing in your life, and considering his competitive spirit, always looking for challenges, it is the easiest way to stop liking them.

 6. Use operant conditioning

When we want to train a pet, we reward it in some way when it does something we like, and we punish it when it does something we don’t like. Well, don’t feel so special about being a human being, because with us it works the same way, although it requires a little more effort.

Rewards motivate us to display certain behaviors and punishments discourage us from doing so. The problem with most girls is that they drop the “prizes” without waiting for the behaviors of interest to appear.

For example, if a guy mentions the possibility of going out, in one of those classic strategies that test ground, but are not a formal invitation, the positive encouragement you want to give him is simply to make him see that you would be open to considering it. Nothing more!

If you immediately take out your cell phone and write down the date and time of the appointment with twenty reminders, confirm it with him three times before the day arrives, and also tell him that you are very excited about it, you really do not leave him any motivation to follow each other striving.

It seems silly, but men are that basic. Don’t show her it’s so important right off the bat, because if the challenge is over, the interest often fades as well.

7. Laugh

Men love women with a well-developed sense of humor. Let go of shyness and start laughing lightheartedly and joking without fear. A sense of humor is a fairly reliable indicator of intelligence, and an unpretentious intelligent woman is super attractive.

In addition, it is important that you know how to laugh at yourself. Don’t take everything so seriously, we all make mistakes, but these can become your best anecdotes with a little creativity, sarcasm, and why not? some healthy malice.

Laughing and maintaining a relaxed attitude will make your time together enjoyable, and that is why he will want to repeat it as many times as possible.

8. Don’t be too demanding

We do not mean that you settle for anything, but that you do not throw tantrums when things do not go your way. Learn to adapt to situations and make the best of each one.

For example, if your date is going to be half an hour late due to traffic, it is much better that you take advantage of that time to go around the shops or advance with your pocket novel. This shows that your life does not revolve around anyone else and that, if necessary, you are enough and you spare yourself to have a very good time.

Also, don’t go to the extreme of allowing all kinds of rudeness. Depending on the circumstances, there is a fairly clear limit of when you should not keep waiting for someone or what kinds of situations you do not intend to expose yourself to.

The point is if you have to back out, do it gracefully and not in the middle of a claiming attack.

9. Polish your look

The physical is not everything, but it is important. There are always small actions we can take to make ourselves look a little better each day and seemingly inconsequential details that nevertheless create a spectacular effect when they add up.

Half an hour of exercise a day, a balanced diet, a little makeup and a little perfume do not hurt anyone. Remember that it is not something you should do for others, but out of love for yourself. You are the most precious thing you have: take care of yourself.

10. Don’t drink too much

There’s nothing wrong with having a drink or two every now and then, but stop when you start to feel “tipsy.” After a certain point, alcohol numbs the part of our brain responsible for common sense and stimulates our impulsive parts.

It’s very easy for a couple of extra drinks to get you into situations that range from the ridiculous to the dangerous, not to mention that your reputation can take a toll. Using alcohol as a tool to feel more confident and daring is very risky, it may not work for you and even put you in danger if you are with strangers.

The drunkenness leaves them for your friends, with whom you have confidence and you know that they will take care of you without judging you.

11. Don’t be haughty or presumptuous

Recognizing our own worth does not mean that we are haughty and that we go through life feeling superior to others. If you start treating people like you’re doing them a favor with your existence, you’re only going to get them to turn away from you.

If you show off, trying to forcefully sell your qualities to the world, they will hardly take you seriously. Everyone likes a woman who is sure of herself, who loves herself, but it is very different when self-love borders on egotism.

Deeds and deeds speak louder than words, and if you are rude to the waiter or spend half an hour talking about how great your dress style is, it doesn’t matter how pretty or smart you are: you will fall ill.

12. Never date someone you don’t like.

Many times we accept invitations with subjects that we do not like at all because we feel sorry to reject them, we feel that they are doing us a favor with their attention, or there is simply a lot of social pressure because others find them attractive or wealthy.

But if you have trouble saying no, men will think that anyone has a chance to date you, and that will make you look like an “easy” one, even if you’re not. There is no hurry. The guy you like will eventually get close to you.

In the meantime, don’t waste your time with those who don’t interest you, you’re not doing them any favors if you don’t feel anything.

13. Do not share too personal things on networks

A girl with an interesting life usually does not hang around social media, and when she uses it, it is to show positive content and relevant achievements, not to throw hints at her ex-boyfriends or to upload twenty selfies in the gym.

Exposing your entire life on social media takes away the whole element of mystery from your personality, so less face and more real life.

14. Remember that you are the most important

In addition to having confidence in herself, a super attractive woman is characterized by having a lot of projects and personal goals. If you actively work to achieve your dreams and develop mastery in whatever you are passionate about, everything else will follow.

All the previous tricks are secondary if we compare them with the interest that you must put every day in what really matters that you are. This way you will grow as a human being and become someone who not only attracts attention but also has a lot to contribute to others.

Being irresistible to men, as you can see, is a natural consequence of always looking for the best version of yourself in all aspects.

Regardless of the invitations and attentions, you may receive, your satisfaction with yourself will become the most valuable thing you get. Share these secrets with your friends so that together they learn to be irresistible. Remember that you can leave us your questions or comments, we are here to help you.