How to tell if you like someone: your secret feelings revealed

Sometimes your own emotions can become so confusing that it is difficult to know the truth. Others, you only realize that you like someone until you are irreversibly in love.

Not being clear about whether we like a person or not is a problem since we could miss valuable opportunities or get dragged into an unpleasant situation if we do not put a stop to things in time.

How do you know if you like someone?

Although being in love or having a romantic interest inadvertently sounds a bit shocking, the reality is that it happens frequently.

If you have doubts or don’t fully understand why you behave like this with someone else, it could be due to something else, but you could also be falling in love.

In order to get the distractors and “rational” justifications out of the way, and figure out how you really feel, you have to be willing to be completely honest with yourself.

If you are detecting any of these red flags, chances are you are falling in love.

1. You talk to them all the time

If the first thing you do in the morning is to check the phone to see if a message from them has arrived, or send them a good morning, it is clear that it is extremely important in your life.

Who do you care enough about to think of a nice text message, and write it while you’re still not fully awake? Have you ever thought that maybe you care more than rushing to get to work or school early?

2. Everything reminds you of him or her

And not only that, but every interesting thing that happens in your life makes you intensely wish that he was with you to experience it with you, or laugh together, or exchange opinions.

You could also be sending him funny memes every five minutes, or anything that has to do with his tastes and his private jokes.

For example, if you are reading a book, and every two or three pages you take a photo of a paragraph that you think he or she will like, it is highly likely that love is hanging around because that means that you are thinking of him or her throughout the day.

And we all know what it really means to think about someone specific all day.

3. You answer their calls and messages immediately

If you are one of those who leave messages from around the world waiting until you are in the mood to pick up the phone, it is noteworthy that you do answer a particular person quickly.

What’s more, you could even have a different ringtone that tells you immediately who is calling you.

If what they have to say seems more important, or funny than anything else, it means that they interest you more than other people. That is not a guarantee of romantic love, but it is one of its symptoms.

4. You always laugh at their jokes

This may be because it is genuinely funny or amusing, but if others just giggle and you’re laughing all the time, it means that you may find it more entertaining than it actually is.

Take into account that one of the first things we do when we fall in love is to start hanging attributes that only exist in our head to the other.

Your humor and his may be particularly compatible, but it could also be love.

5. The nerves attack before you meet him or her

When an upcoming meeting seems important to us, it is perfectly normal for us to become a little nervous or overly excited, regardless of whether it is a family member we have not seen in a long time, a meeting with a colleague we admire, or a job interview.

But in theory, when we interact with someone frequently, we end up getting used to it and, although we are still glad to see them, nervousness and exacerbated enthusiasm do disappear … unless there are romantic feelings involved.

How do you realize that you get more excited than necessary? Maybe it takes a little more work to express yourself, or you try a lot more to make a good impression, or you just consider that meeting as the best part of your day.

6. You fix yourself a little more

A very simple way to determine if you like it or not is to pay attention to the amount of care you put into your arrangement when you anticipate an encounter.

Normally, the “best” friends are characterized by having no qualms about seeing each other without fixing, without makeup, or even in pajamas. But if it bothers you that that “best friend” sees you with a washed face, maybe deep down you are trying to like him.

You can do a very simple thought experiment. Think that a friend who you would never like to like knocks on the door and you are without fixing, do you bother to fix your hair and change yourself as a soul that the devil carries? Most likely not.

Now, repeat it thinking about the person for whom you are reading this article.

When we are attracted, one of the first things that happen is that we become more aware of the other’s gaze on us, and that leads us to worry more about how our hair looks or about the posture we take when sitting.

If you are constantly trying to project your best angle, it is because there is definitely something more there than friendship.

7.- You are somewhat aggressive

One of the forms that attraction can take that we have not realized is the need to constantly annoy the other. They can be friendly or rude jokes, but they are not intended to hurt.

Deep down, all you want is to get their attention a bit.

They could also be an unconscious defense mechanism. As a small voice inside you yells at you that you really like that someone, you react with the opposite attitude in an attempt to prove to yourself that it is not true.

8. It bothers you that I have a partner

You don’t have to like all the partners of your friends and colleagues, but maybe one, in particular, causes you a special dislike. It may indeed be a horrible human being. But it is also a red flag that what you are really experiencing is jealousy.

As you can see, our brain doesn’t always let us know when we like someone. He could even go to great lengths to prevent us from becoming aware of an obvious infatuation.

Don’t be afraid of your feelings. It is always better to accept them, even if they are not what you expected than to try to hide and ignore them.