How to be slim and pretty: 10 easy tips to do

Almost each and every one of the women want to preserve our beauty for as long as possible, and if it is from our own love, much better, hence we are going to give you some advice so that you can become slimmer and more beautiful:

1.Have good nutrition, eat protein, and avoid bad carbohydrates

This advice, repeated ad nauseam, has good reasons, and it is that the basis for having a slim and healthy body is nutrition, and no, it is not about doing strict diets, but about eating each and every one of the sets. Food in moderation, in adequate portions and at your hours.

Try not to fall into the temptation of the trash. Preferably go to a nutritionist to find your ideal plan.

2. Drink two liters of water a day

Another very important recommendation. You well know that you should drink at least two liters a day. When you get up in the morning it is perfect to have a glass of warm water; Spread the shots throughout the day, and, basically, before and after intense physical exercise.

This helps remove waste from your body, including fat that is not assimilated. Have another glass before going to sleep.

3. Get thirty minutes of exercise a day at least four days a week

Almost as basic as eating well. Choose the activity that you like the most and be incessant. If you are very oversaturated with schedules, calm down, with 15 minutes a day of exercise you can take it well.

And remember, you should not limit yourself to sports activities, it can be dance or simple crossing. Practice at least 3 times a week. You will appreciate the change in no time.

4. Take vitamins and nutrients that your body uses

Do you want a little extra help? With the advice of your doctor, you can consume antioxidant vitamins and minerals such as Omega three, vitamin B12, vitamins Y and A, among many others.

They basically contribute to the preservation and / or cell regeneration, which helps with the skin, hair, eyesight, immune system and metabolism.

5. Have a good attitude

Much is said about the good humor – youth relationship, and it is true. Being overwhelmed causes different disorders, including slowing down of metabolism, heart problems, etc.

Try to have a relaxed attitude, without being obsessed with your appearance or things on the outside. Focus on the good things in your life and use your sensitive maturity in the face of stumbles.

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6. Meditate for at least five minutes a day

Use at least 5 minutes of your day to make a “stop”. Find the most comfortable place, sit down, close your eyes and simply focus on your breathing.

What does this have to do with being pretty and slim? Your energy balances, you release clutter, you have mental clarity, and you also radiate beauty, security, and harmony. In addition to this, it helps regulate sleep: essential for skin and weight.

7. Avoid equating yourself with others

Believing that any other girl is prettier or thinner does not help at all. Avoid paying more attention to the process of the rest than yours; It goes without saying that everyone is different and progresses according to their possibilities.

What works for your friend will not always and at all times work for you, better get to know yourself more, your needs and unique peculiarities and get to work.

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8. Start doing yoga

Yoga is in trend, its postures are very “instagrammable”, but from personal experience I tell you that it is the perfect ally to look slim, young and pretty.

Find the style that best suits you, although I recommend that if your body allows you to practice ashtanga or vinyasa, they are considerably more active and help burn calories quickly, while supporting your bones, muscles and organs toned.

9. Try acupuncture 

There is some controversy about the efficiency of these methods. The truth is that they can be a complementary alternative if you are looking for a way to be slim and pretty.

There are multiple testimonies about acupuncture and homeopathy as aids to losing weight or to solve problems of the skin and premature aging. Always and in all circumstances, you have the guidance of a qualified doctor.

10. Love yourself and accept yourself

Although it sounds like a repellent Fb sentence, it is true. Try to be self-love that motivates you to take care of yourself. Forget about pleasing others, admit your body, love it, pamper it, we will never achieve perfection (what is it?).

But we can sustain ourselves healthy to lead a good quality of life and that, my dear, is undoubtedly reflected in beauty and freshness.

As you can see, there are multiple ways to take the first step towards the pursuit of beauty and slenderness. It’s not that complicated and you don’t have to make huge sacrifices, they are “baby steps.”

How to be slim and pretty should do more with attitude: having perseverance, joy, good self-esteem and positive people around you. Live your process and do not want to go to the rhythm of the rest. Also help yourself with makeup and fashion tips to highlight your natural beauty. Smile at the speculum always and at all times.