How to be that shy girl and 5 ways to drive men crazy with shyness

You are shy? Peaceful, it’s not the end of the planet! One might ponder that being short is not exactly a desirable trait to be popular and get the partner we want. But we must not forget that in certain particular situations, smallness is something more than desirable.

For example, you can be that shy girl so unique that she makes the most popular guys sigh, believe me! it’s a huge strategy. When a girl wants to make a lasting and pleasant impression on a boy, there is no better way than to be shy.

Men have always liked that in women at all times. Although it may seem obvious, it is not so obvious. If it were not this way, we would not have a long tradition of love poems written by the most intelligent men, dedicated to those girls with shy looks and gestures.

If you have the ambition to be part of this admirable tradition of courtly love and to be the central character in a romance worthy of sonnets, here is what you must do to make any kid stay on their knees begging for your attention.

5 ways to drive guys crazy with your shyness

Traditional girls are trending again. And you can transform yourself into one by following some simple tricks. These are the steps that will take you to master the secrets of littleness.

If you are wondering how you can use little to your advantage, then you are in the right place. Here are some ways to go back to any boy with your shortness without sacrificing your unique personality.

1.- Show him that you are good at listening

While it is true that littleness can complicate your life somewhat, it is also true that it can reflect many positive characteristics of a person. It makes you more observant, more faithful, and a good listener, which is essential in order for a beautiful relationship to flourish.

So if you have plans to transform your friendship with that boy into a long-term dating relationship, you should show him that you are more than just one of those self-obfuscated narcissistic girls.

Give him the assurance that you can be a true guardian of his dreams, desires and secrets. If it is the one, it will be immediately at your feet.

2.- Avoid long glances

They say that “The eyes are the speculum of the soul.” With this in mind, the first thing you should do to take advantage of your smallness is to make your eyes avoid prolonged eye contact. You sure have already done that!

This means that whether you finish meeting the guy or have been dating him twice, your eye contacts are going to be brief and elusive. As a general rule, a shy girl has problems holding a gaze for more than 2 seconds and not starting to blush.

As soon as you can, lower your gaze and pretend to look for an object that has caught your eye. This can be transformed into a captivating gesture that drives that singular boy unhinged.

There is a biological reason! This simple behavior sends a message of submission that activates the reptilian brain of men and gives the opportunity to appreciate all your physical charms. Strange right?

In addition, it brings a touch of mystery to you and makes your date even more interested in you and in discovering who is behind those little eyelashes.

3.- Dress modestly

When deciding what to wear, keep in mind that “less is more” if you want the look of a traditional girl.

Avoid gaudy designs and quirky accessories. Instead, go for easy cuts and subtle ornaments that let you take advantage of other girls’ overwhelmed attempts to get attention. Dresses are a nice option for a singular date.

Remember to prudently accentuate the most flattering parts of your figure, with a belt or a dropped-shoulder shirt (but always and in all circumstances hiding more than you show).

Remember that men prefer to earn the right to discover what is under a complex outfit, than to have a very clear idea of ​​what they are going to find because the girl is already showing everything.

When it comes to makeup, the line is exactly the same. Put on makeup to highlight your most precious features. Not to try to look like someone else. Remember this easy rule, we highlight the eyes or the mouth, but not both.

4.- Let it be who begins the physical contact

Since you have only one chance to make a good first impression on that singular boy, there is no room for fault. However, there really isn’t much of a need to worry about the fact that all you need to do is wait for him to make the first move.

Just be cute and shy. Let me do all the work. Men like shy girls as they give them a chance to show off their masculinity.

The more sensitive and fragile you appear to be, the braver they will want to be for you. And undoubtedly, you will soon find yourself surrounded by countless followers. Make them see that you are a lady at risk and the prince charming that every boy has inside is going to come to light.

5.- Play at being difficult

However big and strong they may seem, men are sensitive on the inside and are in exactly the same search for the ideal girl as we are. So if you want to keep him happy and busy, make conquering yourself a challenge.

One of the basic principles of playing tough enough is not showing yourself all your free time. In addition to this, it is essential that no matter how much you are tempted, you do not prove everything you feel for him. Nor that you are equally interested.

The things that we take care and work to achieve are those that over time we value the most. So sensitive relationships are not the caveat.

Don’t be too tough on the push and pull, either. Be cute, sweet, and personable, but don’t make it obvious that you’re flirting.

If you establish a relationship after a long period of playing hard enough, you can be sure that your boy will trust completely

mind on you. You may even be less suspicious.

Can being shy increase your chances with boys?

Recently I was seriously asked about being shy and how that improves your chances of dating guys. It’s true? Well, it’s really all about the chemistry.

Probably if you are shy and passive, you feel attracted to guys who complement you and at exactly the same time they are attracted to you. So it’s really just about being herself.

On the other hand, if you are somewhat more extroverted, you can use certain of these tricks to generate interest in your prospect. But it is not convenient for you to pretend something that you are not.

The point is that we use the strengths of our personality to attract the right gender of partner. Being a shy chick does not imply that you are not self-sufficient and triumphant. Much less does it imply that you are absolutely passive and let yourself go with the flow.

But if you have considered your life that your littleness is an obstacle to flirting, the truth is that it is not. As you already saw, you can use multiple of your personality traits to your advantage.