How to find the ideal man?

The Prince Charming does not exist beautiful, we all dream of finding the perfect man. It is not the one who meets all our beauty criteria, nor the one who will ask us to marry under the coconut trees. Quite simply, it is the man who suits you and who is ready to live a beautiful love story. Do you think this only happens to others? Think again, because each of us has the right and the power to meet great love. How? ‘Or’ What? I give you here all the advice to find THE right person.

Why are you looking for great love? Good and bad reasons

You miss the love of a man, you no longer want to be single. Better than that, you want to find the ideal man, the one who will share your life for as long as possible (and why not the rest of your days). But do you really know why? What are the real reasons and motivations that push you to go in this direction?

“But Samantha, it makes sense, doesn’t it? ”

  • “I don’t want to be alone anymore”.
  • “I need a man to comfort me.”
  • “I need to feel loved.”
  • Etc.

I stop you right away, all these reasons are not valid. To start a long-term relationship, you must first be fulfilled in your life. Do not expect the other to fill a gap! He just has to come and add the little extra touch that will make you even happier than you already are.

Finding the perfect man should be a priority for you

The desire to bring love into one’s life is one of the fundamental bases for achieving your goal. Don’t just want, you have to want it deep inside. Because it is when you really want something and above all, that you give yourself the means, that you can succeed.

No longer say “I would like” but rather “I want”. Focus on it. From now on, you know what your priority is!

The right questions to ask yourself are:

  • Why are you alone?
  • How to get out of this celibacy?

If you answer this, you will already have the right foundations to move forward.

You will also have to change your habits, go to different places that shake up your daily life. Go out as often as possible, sign up for dance, drama, piano lessons, etc.

Dating sites are also a good way to talk to men and work out if you’re not comfortable.

And above all, go beyond the beauty criteria that you have set yourself so far. Learn to discover the other and do not exclude those who remain behind. Not all men are good at seducing women, but that does not mean that they are not attractive.

Do you feel ready to welcome the man of your life?

Desire is good, but you still have to be ready to commit to a lasting relationship. How do you know if you are ready to settle down as a couple?

  • You go ahead and no longer think about past stories.
  • You have no doubts about yourself and your ability to make a man happy. You are positive and you know that self-confidence is essential in love.
  • You are aware that there will be a change in your life, a journey with ups and downs, but you also know that you must keep a part of personal life.
  • You know what you want and don’t want. You know your desires and your limits.
  • You are available for a man and have time to devote to him.

Too many compromises in love, we forget!

In a couple relationship, compromising is normal and beneficial for both of you. You are two different people, each with your own personality. Even if love and passion are real, getting together is not always easy.

As long as it stays in the details and works both ways, everything is fine. For example, you want to paint the room purple while he prefers it blue. Okay, this time, you let him win the game. On the other hand, it is you who take care of the decoration of the bathroom.

On the other hand, from the moment when one of the two partners feels frustration, it does not go well. We are talking more about sacrifices. He wants to move to the other end of France, while you want to stay close to your family? He does not want to get involved and prefers to see you 1 in 2 times? Do not make the mistake of accepting everything, on the pretext that you are afraid of losing it. You deserve better than a man who always demands more of you.

The best way to find the ideal man for you is to aim high, to meet your requirements so as not to be disappointed.

Develop the feeling of love to attract good men 

You know it as well as I do, love cannot be commanded. These are feelings that we feel deep within us and which come to us directly from the heart. The brain cannot do anything about it. It is for this reason that if you want to fall in love with a good man, you must train yourself to feel this love.

How? ‘Or’ What?

  • By reading books, romance novels.
  • Watching romantic movies.
  • By loving yourself.
  • By letting go at the level of his emotions.

It is important to learn to open your heart, because automatically, you attract what you are. This is how you can find your soul mate. 

This is all the more essential if you are afraid of love because you have experienced painful stories. Or because your last relationship dates back several years. 

Know how to give to better receive

I agree with the previous point: you have to know how to give in love to receive better. This must be an exchange between the two partners. You only dream of one thing: to be loved. But you, what do you have to bring to the chosen one of your heart? Love, of course, but how and by what means are you going to show it?

There are of course the sweet words, the “I love you”, the little nicknames that only concern you, etc. It also involves gestures (even better), such as preparing a good meal, surprise him, hold him by the hand, etc.

What you can bring to it is also and above all your personality. Your sense of humor, your kindness (but not naivety), your tenderness, your foolproof optimism, your will to surpass yourself, etc. These are all the qualities that make you the woman who can make a man happy. So above all, do not change it in order to attract the perfect man.