How To Get A Man To Marry You: 10 Steps For Him To Finally Ask For Your Hand In Marriage.

Getting a man to make the biggest romantic commitment to you can be tough, but these great tips on how to get a man to marry you will get you down the aisle in no time!

So… you’ve been in a serious relationship for some time now, you’re madly in love, loving your man and everything is exceptional.

There’s no doubt your thoughts are on marrying him, and you’re curious to know how long you’ll have to wait to get an engagement ring on your finger.

More importantly, what you can’t get out of your head is how to get him to marry you.

Every woman’s dream includes that perfect wedding, celebrating her love with all her family and friends by her side.

However, sometimes it is difficult to convince your man to take that step, get down on his knees in front of you and propose.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as getting into a stable, healthy relationship.

Some men carry on dating for years, thinking everything is normal, but you want more, and why not?

Here Are 10 Important Steps To Get Your Man To Propose.

The man needs to feel ready and able to fully accept who you are, along with all your imperfections.

He also wants to make sure he’s the man he wants to be as a husband.

Getting him to think like that is a puzzle, but it’s not impossible.

Sometimes you just need a little smart psychology to make it happen!

1. Be The “Perfect” Girlfriend.

You and your boyfriend get along great.

You guys have a lot of fun and you feel like you can say anything to him.

But take a minute and think about what else you can do.

Making him feel wanted, safe, and special is a great start.

You probably know him better than anyone else.

What does he love, what does he hate and what will make him think you’re so much more amazing than you already are.

Do everything and more to be the perfect girlfriend for your man.

Show him that you’re all he needs, and he’ll start thinking about that eternal commitment, probably faster than you think.

2. Take care of Him.

If a man feels like he can’t live without you, he’s going to want to paper it ASAP.

Take care of him and make him count on you for certain things, even if it’s simple things like doing his laundry or giving him emotional support whenever he needs it.

Having you on his side for a lifetime is suddenly extremely important and something he can’t afford to miss.

3. Be His Biggest Fan.

Become your boyfriend’s personal cheerleader.

Whatever his passion, whatever he wants to do, and whatever his crazy ideas are, stand in front of him to tell him how amazing he is and encourage him at all times.

When he realizes that the reason he got to where he is today was that you supported him, always encouraged him, and never let him give up, he will want to show you how special you are to him.

4. Sometimes Assume The Plans.

Men sometimes get tired of being the part that has to plan, take the woman out, etc.

Surprise him with a well-planned day, doing all the things he loves to do.

Taking him to romantic places, planning a wine or dinner with him, and showing him how wonderful a romance with you is can make him even more in love, and with romance on his mind, he can easily skip a stage and decide to marry you. you!

5. Be Honest About What You Want.

Men cannot read minds.

Crazy, isn’t it?

Sometimes you can let a relationship drag on for years, and be worried about why he hasn’t asked you to marry him yet.

It’s possible that he’s not totally averse to this idea, it could just be that it just hasn’t crossed his mind yet!

If you have a frank conversation with your man, make it pretty obvious how much you love him and what direction you want the relationship to go… he can readily do something about it.

Even if he’s a little undecided about marriage, at least you’ve planted the idea in his head. And if he has some fears, you can help him overcome those fears.

6. Don’t Get Too Comfortable.

Getting too comfortable can be disastrous for relationships.

Especially if you want to see your man take things to the next step.

It’s so easy to get used to the way things are, fall into a rut, and get lazy.

Don’t forget to have your own life, your own interests, and your own friends.

There is nothing more attractive than an independent woman.

Let him see that you have a lot going on in your life, let him see that you have a life outside the relationship.

Soon he’ll see how easy it is for you to walk away, and he’s not going to let that happen!

7. Don’t Scare Him.

Scaring a man into proposing is definitely not the way to go.

It’s okay to talk it over with him and share your opinions.

If you’re constantly putting pressure on your man, bringing up this topic five times a day, you’re probably scaring him… and he might lock up and walk away.

Going into the smallest details about the marriage you’ve fantasized about since you were a child the moment he hasn’t even asked you to marry him is likely to send him into a panic attack.

Suddenly, instead of thinking how wonderful it is to make the big commitment to you, he’ll be thinking and regretting the hole in his bank account at the end of it all.

8. Show Why You’ll Make a Fantastic Wife.

When a guy comes to the conclusion that you are “the one”, it’s because he imagines spending the rest of his life with you.

If you want him to put a ring on your finger, show him you’re going to make an amazing wife.

Be caring, loving, loyal, cute, and sweet.

Soon he will see that there is no other woman in the world but you.

9. Take a Step Back.

If it’s been a while and you’ve tried all the steps above, the last thing to do is take a step back and do nothing.

It’s not a bad thing to give your man some space to think and breathe.

You don’t have to do anything radical.

Calm down a little, soon he will feel your absence and realize that life without you is not worth it!

He will realize that he is nothing without you and suddenly wants you more than ever!

10. Ask Him To Marriage.

Sometimes being brazen is the best way.

If you’re tired of waiting, why not take on his task and ask for his hand in marriage?

You never know, sometimes if you do that you’ll be taking all the pressure off of him, and that’s exactly what he was waiting for!


If you’re having fun with him and you feel like you can trust your man, you don’t need to rush things.

Just enjoy the romance and be confident that you will get there eventually!