How To Keep Him Interested With Texting

A man’s interest can fluctuate—sometimes seemingly inexplicably—but there are tricks to ensuring he stays interested.

See how texting can help.

Is it by magic that some women can keep a man interested, while others can’t?

Do not.

There are some tried and tested techniques that work – as long as you have genuine chemistry with someone, of course.

If you’ve already met, started texting and that chemistry is there, these are the tips to follow.

Be Confident

Yeah, your ex might have been a jerk, your latest flirtation might have let you down, and last night’s date with that other guy really didn’t go well.

That doesn’t mean you’re not great.

Honor and appreciate yourself because no matter what you say in text messages, it will shine.

Remember: no one will buy something in a store unless they believe it has value.

The same goes for men.

You’re not going to get the guy unless you think you’re worth it.

Men And Despair

If a guy feels any level of despair, he will disappear.

So keep this in mind: you’re testing a guy to see if he’ll treat you right, take care of you, and fit into your life.

… that is, you are checking whether you are both going in the same direction in life.

Remember the value?

If you give your heart away too soon, the guy will think you don’t value yourself and will immediately cling to you.

How Messaging Generates Value And Despair

Here’s the first thing you need to know: to show that you have value, you have to show that you have a life.

This means that when your phone vibrates, you don’t always answer it right away.


You are busy living your fabulous life.

I don’t mean that you should never reply to a text right away.

What I mean is, if you always respond to messages right away, he’ll realize that you don’t have a life.

It may not think too much, but it will work as a shutdown.

Also, because you don’t always respond right away, you have time a) to do other things that will keep you from losing your mind to the guy too soon and b) to consider your answer.

Most of the time we respond instinctively and this does not always bring the best results.

If something requires an immediate response, respond immediately – the same applies if you’re in the middle of a conversation with him.

However, if you’re at work or with friends, focus on what’s going on and respond.

Think of text messages like candy – savor them before replying.

Show That You Are Interested

While you want to leave room for doubt by showing that you’re taking time to decide whether or not you really like this guy (and for your own good you should), you should also show your interest.

Flirt with the guy.

Praise him.

Give your ego (or rather: heart) a boost.

Men like to feel good, so make them feel good.

Otherwise, why would he want to be with you?

There’s a difference between showing you’re interested and overdoing it.

Remember: while you can tell him he’s attractive in one way or another, or praise his abilities, you still don’t know if you want to be with him.

Even if you already know the guy, you don’t know what he would be like in a relationship with you.

It’s just your imagination telling you what you know.

Show That You Need Him

This is one of those controversial things these days when feminism has brainwashed women into thinking they should never confess that they need a man.

But you do, right?

Isn’t it nice to have friends to trust for certain things?


Just as it’s nice to have a man you can trust for certain things.

This does not mean that you become needy.

This is completely different.

You don’t need a guy to validate you or make you happy in yourself, but if your man has bigger muscles than you, maybe it would be nice if he carried your luggage to the airport.

If he’s really good at math, would it be nice if he could help you with that excel sheet you’ve been putting off?

If he did well professionally, maybe it would be nice if you recognized that and let him feel proud of paying for his meal.

The fact is that men have what Mathew Hussey says in his 9-Message Guide, a “provide and protect” impulse.

They want to protect you.

They want to feel needed by you.

They want you to feel safe around them.

They just don’t want you to need them to feel good about yourself.


A sense of humor helps.

With that, I don’t intend to write jokes out of a joke book.

I mean, use your specific sense of humor.

That said, don’t turn everything into a joke or sarcasm – and don’t write “haha” at the end of everything.

“I wouldn’t mind spending some time with you… lol.”

The “hahaha” just ruined the flirtation because there’s nothing funny about spending time with him.


If you say something, don’t always try to “soften” it by adding a lol at the end.

Show that you stand up for what you say.

Challenge Him

Men live for persecution.

You have to give them enough encouragement to keep chasing after you.

That’s why you sometimes get busy when they ask you out on a date or sometimes you don’t respond to a text message right away.

As I always say, you shouldn’t give a man priority until he proves himself worthy of it.

If you do, chances are he’ll run because he’ll feel like you don’t value yourself.

Consequently, he will not value you.

To have fun with a guy, challenge him in your messages.

Does he want something from you?

Ask him to give you something in return.

Does he want to take you on a date?

Say it depends on the type of date.

Men live for maybe.

Give him maybe.

Don’t play silly games, but have fun.

Play together.

Dating is playing.

Play together to find out if you match.

It’s going to take some time to figure out if a guy is really worth taking seriously.

So take your time to find this out.

Don’t sell yourself short.

But, did you know that you can completely charm him just by sending him certain text messages that have been proven time and time again to work miracles in any relationship?

Let us know how you keep him interested via text messages by commenting below.

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