How To Know If He’s Interested By Whatsapp: 22 Signs!

So you want to know if a guy likes you through whatsapp

Discovering the signs that a guy is interested in you via whatsapp should be easy, but it’s actually harder than you might think.

Of course, texting has completely changed the way we communicate, talk, make plans, and most importantly, flirt.

We make ourselves completely available to other people, which makes it even more difficult to separate casual conversation from something more meaningful.

You can no longer just listen to the signals of how someone behaves around you through tone of voice or body language.

The questions of the last few decades of dating were pretty straightforward: How can you tell if a guy likes you from his body language? How can I know if a guy is interested in me?

But now it’s even harder to answer these kinds of questions because most of the time I spend talking to him is through a screen – what does a “he likes me” text message like? With his perks, dating in the digital age has also made it much more difficult to understand his feelings.

Because? Because it’s very easy to misunderstand and misinterpret what someone is saying through the text and come to wrong conclusions.

Without hearing his tone or seeing his face, it’s hard to tell if he’s joking or being sarcastic. It’s hard enough to read a guy in real life – even harder to read a guy through text messages!

So, gun to the head – can you tell if a guy is flirting with you via text message? Is this even possible?

The answer is yes – you can find out how he feels about you just based on his texts.

Even though it’s much easier to understand how he feels about you when you’re together, take a look at his texts and look for signs he likes you in the text. If you see a lot of them, there is a very good chance that he is into you.

Without any further introduction, here are the big signs he likes you through text.

The 22 Biggest Signs a Guy Likes You When He’s Texting You 

1. He talks about what you would do if he was with you

A good place to start is with one of the most obvious signs that he is interested through text. If he’s always saying things like “If I were there, we would…”

Well, then there’s a very good chance he likes you.

At the very least, it means he is thinking and fantasizing about being with you.

Taking it even further, it means he hopes to make you think about what you would be doing if he were there with you.

Either way – it’s a great flirting move – and a surefire sign of how guys text you when they like you.

2. He is liberal with Emojis 

I don’t want to generalize because not all guys are the same, but I think we can all agree on the fact that most guys aren’t that big of a fan of emojis.

Maybe they send you as a joke to their friends, but it’s usually not common to see emojis in their daily text conversations.

How to tell if a guy likes you in text: he will use a lot of flirting emojis.

Some of the more common ones to keep an eye out for: the heart-eyed emoji, the tongue-out-the-smiling face emoji, or *gasp* and peach emojis.

If your man is texting you one of the above messages when he texts you, it means he is trying hard to be attractive with you. Why would he be attractive and cute with you? Because he likes you!

3. He writes long texts for you

For most guys, texting isn’t high on their priority list.

Guys generally don’t like to go back and forth with long text message threads.

If you find him texting you a lot – and sending you long replies – it means he really enjoys texting you.

And the biggest reason he would really like to text you is because he really likes you.

4. He texts you first

Generally speaking, it’s usually a bad sign if you’re the one who’s always starting a conversation with the guy you like. In fact, this is usually how you know if a guy isn’t interested in you through a text.

It also means the opposite is true. If he’s the one who usually texts you first and starts a conversation, it’s because he likes you and wants to talk to you more.

So being eager to start a conversation is also like knowing if a guy is interested in you through text.

5. It usually sends a message back immediately

I won’t go so far as to say that a guy who likes you will always text you back.

These are the cold facts: sometimes he will be busy and sometimes he will miss your message. Also, we’ve all been here: sometimes a guy waits before texting back to try and doesn’t seem “too eager”.

But if he responds quickly (and he almost always responds whenever you text him), it’s a big sign he’s been eagerly waiting for your response — it’s just like knowing if a guy likes you over text message.

6. It sends you a message when it wakes up

This one is pretty self explanatory: What do good morning texts mean from a guy?

A guy texting you right when he wakes up means you’re the first thing he thinks of when he starts his day.

If he’s texting you good morning and you still don’t know how to tell if a guy likes you in the text, I don’t know what to say.

7. He is curious about you and asks questions

If a guy likes you, he’ll receive positive energy from talking to you – and he’ll want to keep the conversation going.

A great way to do this is to ask about yourself – this gives him an excuse to keep talking to you and lets him know more about you.

So, if he seems really curious when he’s texting you, that’s a good sign that he’s into you.

8. He gives you a nickname via text message and uses it a lot

A lot of guys will give you a nickname when they like you.


Because it’s a “cute” way to build intimacy and have a little secret between you that only the two of you share.

So if he gives you a nickname early on and keeps using it indefinitely, it’s a big sign that he’s trying to get closer to you.

9. You two make up inside jokes together

This is very similar to the nickname.

Having jokes between the two of you is a way to build intimacy between the two of you. It’s something private that the two of you share and doesn’t include the rest of the world.

So if he’s making inside jokes with you, it’s because he wants to get closer and more intimate with you — and share other intimate things as well.

10. He texts you before bed

This is your good night message.

If he’s texting you before bed, it’s because you’re the last thing on his mind when he goes to sleep.

It doesn’t take a space scientist to realize what it means to be thinking about you while lying in bed alone at the end of the day.

11. He sends texts for no reason

As I said before, most guys don’t love texting – especially for no reason.

Guys often want to text to say something and then stop. With friends, they keep sending extra text messages to a minimum.

So if he’s texting you out of the blue without really having a reason – it’s a good bet he just wants to talk to you… because he likes talking to you… because he likes you.

12. He sends you compliments

This one is very similar to how you would react if he complimented you in person.

Guys compliment the women they are interested in – because they see more things to praise in the women they like and also because they try to get those women to like them too.

So if he’s texting you compliments, it’s for one of two reasons — which put your odds with him at “very good.”

13. It doesn’t send multiple texts in a row

If a guy really likes a girl, he’s going to be too worried about looking too desperate.

This means that it will avoid texting you many times in a row without getting a message back.

A guy who didn’t like you that much or who thought of you as a friend might not be so concerned about looking desperate in front of you, and so might send a bunch of text messages in a row.

But a guy who is trying to “play it cool” because he likes you will avoid that – so if he doesn’t text you until you reply, that’s a good sign.

14. He confirms plans with you

If he’s texting you like “Still calling for tomorrow night?” or “See you on Friday, right?” – means these plans are important to him.

If they weren’t so important to him, he wouldn’t bother to confirm them definitively with you. He would be fine with letting them happen or not.

So if he’s reaching out to confirm a day or two in advance – that means he’s really looking forward to it – which means he’s really looking forward to seeing you. You can guess why this happens.

15. He tells you what’s going on in his life

As I said before, guys don’t like to have their conversations over text. They either like to talk in person or they don’t like to really talk.

So if he’s telling you all the little things that are going on in your life – from how your workday went to what he’s thinking about doing that night – it means he wants to share his life with you.

A guy who is sharing so much with you – especially spontaneous – is a guy who simply enjoys talking to you and wants to build intimacy between you and share even more.

16. You exchange messages throughout the day

A lot of guys think of texting almost like a bank robbery. Get in, do the work, get out.

So if he’s been lingering on a text conversation and he’s been going back and forth all day, that means it must be really nice for him to talk to you and get messages from you.

If he’s so excited to keep getting messages from you and keep talking to you, it’s a pretty safe bet he’s excited about the possibility of being with you.

17. He texts you when he’s with friends

Want to know if he likes you over text message? When he’s out with friends – and especially after he’s had a few drinks – he texts you.

This one is a little tricky because if he’s been drinking, he’ll be more vulnerable and more likely to text you. Alcohol doesn’t necessarily reveal the truth, but it brings out our emotions and lowers our inhibitions.

If a guy sends you a random message, does he like you? It is not always the case. But if he’s been hanging out with friends and his main concern is talking to you (i.e. texting), it’s a good sign he likes you!

Common questions

How do you know if a guy isn’t interested in you through text?

He will leave conversations open, will be distant, will refuse to share information about himself, and will express very little interest in getting to know him.

You can usually tell when someone is not interested by text in this case, but a good practice would be to make a checklist of the above.

When a guy texts you everyday, what does that mean?

It’s usually an obvious sign that a guy likes you when he texts you every day.

But first, you must assess what kind of content the messages convey and what role it plays in your life. Is he a coworker who texts you every day to remind you of work-related matters?

Is he someone you just met who texts you every day to ask how you are, or just to say hi?

Both scenarios are strong cases for a guy who likes you, but have a different set of circumstances that contribute to an answer.

Questions to ask a guy to see if he likes you over text message?

Ask him about his interests, hobbies, and what he likes to do for fun. How are his parents? Does he have brothers? Where did he grow up?

Be curious and open without seeming annoying. Be genuine in everything you are curious about!

How do you know if a guy likes you more than he likes you as a friend?

Text messages play a big role in how you determine a response to this these days, so definitely assess whether or not your messages tick the boxes in the list above. But, if you want a more in-depth guide to finding out whether or not he likes you as more than a friend, click the link below:

How do guys text when they like you?

They use a lot of emojis, send long, thoughtful responses, initiate texts, and are generally engaged. See the list above for a more detailed outline, but it basically covers the basics. Also, when you know, you just know!

18. He says he likes you

After all the flirting, vague wording, and indistinct use of emojis, there will come a point where he’ll say things straight away. How to know if a guy likes you through messages? He’ll come out and say he likes you regulars! If he’s getting strong signals that you might be interested in him, he’ll feel confident enough to tell you how he feels.

While it may take some time for him to be this direct with you, know that at some point he will openly say it in his own way, whether over text message, phone call, or in person (hopefully!).

19. He shares random music, videos or content with you from time to time

If you’re never sure how to tell if he’s interested via text, take a look and see what kind of content he sends you. Do you remember those romantic teen movies where a guy made mixtapes for his crush?

Well, it’s the digital age and I’d like you to name a person who owns a cassette player. But the modern equivalent: playlists. Or, if your text thread has become an endless sharing of music, videos, memes, links – anything that sparks conversation and inspires your imagination.

Now, I know that not all guys will have a big love for music or video.

But be on the lookout for any media or content he chooses to send you. If he’s actively sending you stuff he likes or finds interesting, it’s because he wants to reveal more parts of his personality to you and show his taste.

How to know if someone is interested in you through text messages?

They express themselves in texts by sending links to songs, clips, articles, memes or anything else they think is relevant to them or you.

20. He ends conversations

This one might seem a little more subtle, but it’s an important point to make.

Nothing can be more frustrating than when you’re texting a guy and he suddenly stops responding. Suddenly, the portal opens: “Does he like me? Does he like me via text? Why did he stop responding? Has he gotten busy or is he struggling to get it? ”

These are the times when people often misunderstand themselves. Maybe he got busy, or maybe he wasn’t interested in the first place!

How to know if a guy likes you online? It will be open and clear when it is busy or perhaps when it is not able to respond. This shows how much he cares about boosting your confidence.

21. When you know, you know

This might seem like the vaguest answer, but it stands the test of time. Do you get nervous when you see his name pop up on your phone? Does your face turn red when you hear the phone ring? Do you run to check who sent you a message, hoping it’s him?

If all of the above apply to you, it’s safe to say that something special is going on between you and your partner.

It’s tested but true: guys are pretty obvious when they like someone. They don’t hide their interests or passions as deftly as girls do.

Not only will it be broadcast in person, but it will certainly be broadcast via text.

22. How to know if a guy is interested in you through WhatsApp

If you are wondering how to know if a guy is interested in you through WhatsApp, then you can use all the tips in this article to know if he likes you for sure.

All of this applies to texting on any platform, be it your phone, Whatsapp, Skype, Instagram, direct messages or really anything. After all, it’s not the app that matters, but the psychology behind these signals.

I hope this article helps you find out through his texts whether he likes you or not.