How to know if you’re ready to be in a relationship

Do you have a beating heart for a charming boy, but you hesitate to take the step because you do not know if it is the right time? Because yes, how do you know if you are ready to be in a relationship? And how do you know if you are in the eyes of boys, and in particular, of this boy? Do not panic, Talking about Love brings you answers!

1 / You love yourself as you are

Without becoming arrogant or sufficient, if you love yourself as you are, in a healthy and sincere way, then you are perfectly capable of being in a relationship. Indeed, you will not put yourself with someone in order to reassure yourself, and to seek in him the love that you lack, a validation of your intrinsic value.

2 / You are on good terms with your family

But what is your family doing in there? Well, a woman close to her family circle will inevitably be better able to maintain good relations outside this framework, and will support much better the proximity with other individuals, and therefore, the proximity with her future partner. It’s not a prerequisite, but it’s still a big plus!

3 / We can count on you

Support in a relationship goes both ways, it should not be forgotten! Very often, women find it easier than men to lean on each other, but that does not mean that men do not need a partner who can support them in difficult times. If you are the type to run away from problems, and to focus only on yourself, you would probably do better to work a little on yourself before wanting to couple.

4 / You accept compliments

Implied; you are good about yourself, and not an eternal skeptic who will think that we laugh at her as soon as we send you a compliment! You don’t necessarily demand to receive it from people. And you also don’t have an eternal need to get people’s attention and approval. But you like and accept compliments willingly.

5 / You really know how to forgive

No need to even think about the concept of couple if you are the ultra-spiteful type and never forgive the slightest misstep the slightest deviation! And when I say forgive, I mean really forgive. Not just say “but no, it doesn’t matter, I forgive you” and then hang around for the rest of the week! But be careful, we don’t ask you to let everything go either …

6 / You don’t live for the drama

There is nothing more annoying or more tiring than a person who indulges in melodrama constantly. Whether it is scenes of incessant and totally unjustified couples, through gossip which becomes the only subject of conversation… It may be fun for a time, but in the long run, it tires and we get tired of it, very much. So know how to have fun and not take yourself seriously, but above all know how to stay mature!

7 / You know how to invest in a relationship

Any relationship, not necessarily in love! It starts with the relationships you have with your loved ones: family, colleagues, friends, team, etc. A couple requires time and effort. And if you think that everything will be a beautiful calm river and that you will just have to let yourself be carried by the current … or your darling! you are grossly mistaken. If you feel that the least thing will require effort; Evenings for two, regular outings, expressions of affection, etc. Just take advantage of your single status for the moment!