How to maintain the passion within the couple?

Don’t forget the little details. The couple must reinvent themselves every day so as not to have the impression of falling into monotony.

Passion is this fuel that gives energy to our daily life, which puts sunshine in our mornings and emotion in our evenings. It is an essential dimension of life as a couple.

But, what if we lose it? We will help you so that this does not happen. 

Passion is fueled every day

Passion is constant in the first steps of a couple. An engine that gives us a little more strength every day and which constantly revitalizes our daily relationship with the person we love.

It makes us make plans, think about the future. And, in addition to bringing us happiness alongside someone we love, it makes our daily chores and responsibilities feel lighter and easier.

Maintaining passion is fundamental because it gives us, every morning, the energy to move forward.

It’s what makes us take our partner’s hand, every day, feeling good, and knowing that it is true happiness. It is therefore important to know how to maintain it.

1. The small details

A recent study focused on the little secrets of happy and stable couples.  The first of them is very simple: you have to pay attention to details.

Do not forget the “I love you”, show our partner that he is the most important person through small things: surprise him with a dinner, send him a love text, gently give him a caress …

2. Pay attention to routine

 Routines are necessary and are a part of our lives. Every day we get up, we have breakfast, we go to work and then we come back at the same time, we have dinner, we sleep …
This is normal, but you have to be very careful not to fall into the trap of not paying attention to the person you are living with.
Plan a surprise weekend, go out to dinner during the week and not on a Friday, cook a special breakfast, etc. Don’t let the fatigue of work and your responsibilities make you lose the passion of being together.

3. A sense of humor

The sharing of bursts of laughter and moments of relaxation helps ease tensions and create a great bond. 

Give your partner a smile, put problems into perspective with great optimism and a sense of humor. Make the most of being together, like nothing more matters.

4. Your partner is your accomplice, your friend, and your confidant

We must see our other half as the person to whom we can confide our little secrets, our desires, our ambitions.

This complicity, in addition to uniting you, will allow you to feel protected and understood. If you trust someone so much, your self-esteem will grow, and the passion will grow.

5. Make plans to maintain the passion

A couple who don’t have a project is a couple who doesn’t believe in their future. We’re not just talking about making one-on-one plans for the coming weekend, but plans for the future that you plan to live together.

A house, a family, a common personal project. Projects are the best stimulus to maintain passion because it shows your other half that you include them in your vision for the future.

Do not hesitate to share this essential maintenance of passion between you, it is the cement of your relationship and your happiness.