How to make a guy like you by making him want you

Are you falling in love with that special boy? Sometimes it seems like it’s a lot easier to fall in love than to get someone else to fall in love with you. But do not worry. You can always turn to our great strategies to get his eternal love.

Many girls choose to be obvious that they like someone. But others, by a somewhat more Machiavellian strategy: They manage to like a boy without him even realizing that it is an intentional plan.

The truth is that many men like challenges. And when it is very clear that a woman likes them, they lose interest a little because they feel that there will no longer be a conquest challenge.

How does a guy like you?

When a guy starts to like a girl at first sight, it is usually not because of her high IQ or personality, but because of the way she looks and how she acts on the first impression she makes on him.

You don’t need to be a model to hook any guy you like the first time. You just need to act like you are. Act like you are better than the others. And the chances that you will convince him are quite high, believe us!

How to get a guy to like you in 12 steps

They are simple, anyone can follow them, and they are proven. Follow these 12 steps with the subject you like and you will see how you get the desired results.

1.- Dress well and look spectacular

It’s not that men are hopelessly superficial and frivolous. But usually, when it comes to first impressions, they can be quite a bit.

So, to get a true crush that comes from your sweetness and unique personality, you first need to get them to look at you.

And for this you only need to always be prepared to look like the best version of yourself (and we do not mean that you adopt a style that is not yours). Rather, to perfect that particular way of dressing that characterizes you with the most flattering garments for you.

2.- Don’t be a lonely person

If you close yourself to people, you are hardly going to get the boy you like to be able to access you or notice that you are there.

Try to be sociable, laugh, joke around him, and show him how funny you really are. If you are a shy person, you can also use it to your advantage, since normally people consider you as kind and empathetic.

3.- Show yourself a bit unapproachable, but give him clues

Look at him discreetly from time to time with one of those looks that sow doubts. And when you walk past him, give him a brief smile.

Be discreet about your feelings for him (we know that people love to divulge secrets). So don’t tell anyone you don’t trust.

Don’t try to always be standing next to him. Even send him some mixed messages and don’t make yourself available at the first opportunity.

The best thing is that you try to evade their first approach attempt, but always worrying about giving them hope that a second attempt could work.

4.- Don’t make the first move

Once you’re friends and hit it off, don’t take it as an opportunity to try a first move. Patience brings great rewards.

Continue with your strategy until he is the one who asks you out. Otherwise, you will put yourself in a disadvantageous position to start a relationship, because it seems that you have more interest than him. And maybe the boy expects you to give in to more things.

5.- Be cute and flirty

Guys love girly girls. So try to be flirty and adorable. And we don’t mean you flirt with him. Only to adopt nice postures in general with everyone but always giving you your place.

6.- Leave him in the middle of a conversation

It’s nice for a man to date girls who are very available. But after a few conversations, the guy might lose interest in trying to impress you or have you stick around a bit longer.

So every now and then, cut off the conversation by apologizing on some little pretext just when things get interesting. You will leave him very motivated to try to approach you a second time.

And you will surely start to build a strategy as you have a goal in mind. And that same construction will make him start thinking about you longer.

So it’s a wonderful trick to get their attention.

7.- Don’t make it obvious that you like him

Don’t let him know for sure that you like him. The best thing to do is to keep the doubt in the air for as long as you can.

Send you mysterious signals that leave you thinking all day but from which you cannot draw any conclusions. We know you are dying to confess what you feel, but remember: Patience pays well.

So let him be the one to pluck up the courage and come closer.

8.- Have conversations with other boys

Preferably while he sees you. It’s a biological issue that kids can’t really do much about.

They like competition and if they see one available they will run after it. If you have a friend with whom you do not have any romantic affair and is willing to help you, what better! He can be part of your strategy to make the boy you like think that you are in high demand.

9.- Get me to ask you out

At the same time that you play to be difficult, or disinterested, let him know that you have, at least, sympathy.

We all need some hope to venture into difficult things. And asking out someone we like is hard enough for some.

So once you’ve gotten him into her, you need to find that balance between being casual and being cute so that he feels like there’s a chance you’ll say yes.

As you can see in all the previous tips, to start liking a guy and get him to ask you out without giving him clues that you like him, you need a lot of patience.

But what you do with this strategy is that he feels very lucky to have gotten a date with you. So what’s the rush? Take your time to shine and he will eventually notice.