How to make a man come back without begging him?

If you’ve recently suffered from a breakup and want to get back with your ex-, you’ve probably wondered how to make a man come back without begging him. For this, here we bring you a super-practical guide in which we are going to give you some tips to achieve it.

What you should be clear about is that it is essential not to become obsessed: remember that each person owns their life and decides what to do with it. The tips on this list will help you only if your ex is still interested in you.

1. Define the reasons why you want to get back with your ex

They must be logical, legal, and valid. Certain valid examples for resuming the relationship are:

  • The break was a hasty resolution.
  • They ended as a result of a fight that could be solved. Warning: if there was verbal or physical violence throughout that discussion, then it is not a valid reason to return. In truth, getting out of a violent relationship was the best thing that could happen to you.
  • He brought joy to your life and the two of them brought out the best in each of them.
  • Deep down the two dreamed of a life together, they had even planned a future together.

2. Don’t be unhappy about the reasons for the breakup

As harsh as it sounds, the relationship ended for valid reasons. If he lies about them, don’t argue with him. Have the courage to hear the truth in what he says and apologize if you think it is necessary.

It’s better to feel good and happy than just be right. Listen to how he felt in the relationship, in this way you will be able to understand him and prove to him that you are capable of putting your ego aside.

3. Don’t try to persuade them to come back

As strange as it may sound, trying to persuade your ex to come back is going to make him want to distance himself more.

Begging him strengthens that he is better off without you, makes you seem needy and overwhelmed by the attention. Men are fused by happy, independent, and energetic women.

4. Accept your responsibility for the breakup

Regardless of the reason for the breakup, you also have some responsibility for the end of the relationship.

Instead of blaming him for everything bad that happened, examine your actions and words. Think about your role: how did you contribute to your relationship plummeting?

For example: do you tend to be suspicious of your ex-? If it is this way, you must work on your ability to trust others. If you can get your ex back, trust is going to be essential to sustaining your relationship.

5. Let him be the one who looks for you

Don’t contact your ex immediately after the breakup. Instead of giving in to despair, lean on close friends to vent.

A time apart can help the two of you realize that you miss each other. That space of silence will leave you wondering how you are, with whom you share. It will help you heal your pain and focus on yourself. If your ex notices that he misses you, then he will contact you.

Do not respond immediately. Take your time so that you don’t seem overwhelmed by getting their message. Talk to him in a natural way, with affection and respect, with the predisposition to solve.

Do your best not to sleep with him until the breakup situation has been resolved. If you do, you risk further confusing things.

6. Prioritize

When a relationship ends, it is very normal for you to neglect yourself as a person. The pain of the breakage can cause you to abandon your interests and tastes. But that is only going to make you look more burdened and therefore less attractive.

Cultivate your interior: if you are sad, help yourself to get out of that emotion by investing your time in your interests. Love yourself and admit yourself as you are. If you increase your self-esteem, you will find that confidence you need to attract others.

Feeling better will lead you to look better and, consequently, it will make your ex notice that you have improved and want to return to your life.

7. Get ready

This point derives directly from the preceding one. As you must take care of yourself on the inside, that must be reflected on your outside. Don’t let the discouragement of the breakdown make you look sloppy. If you look good, you feel good, and the energy you radiate will attract the whole world, including your ex.

Start small if it’s hard for you: get out of bed, shower, wash your hair, and brush your teeth. Choose an outfit that makes you feel pretty, try to use bright colors to encourage you more.

Changing the look of your hair is also a healing therapy. You can trim the ends or do an extreme makeover that includes a radical cut and dyeing. Go to a spa pamper yourself. You deserve it.

You will be surprised how good you feel when you start to repair yourself again.

8. Stay clear and positive

Define how you want your relationship to be this time and act in whatever way you need to support that vision. Let the situation with your ex flow naturally and keep your psyche open to each and every possibility.

Obsessing over resuming your relationship with your ex will only suffocate you. The best thing is to relax and trust that everything that happens is going to be for your good. If it does not return, it is for a reason.

If things are going well with your ex, then you need to chat and compromise in order for the two of you to work together to make your new relationship work.

9. Get on with your life

Perhaps this is something unthinkable, especially if the relationship ended recently, but your life continues. You must find a way to move on: resume your classes, attend work, go out and have fun with your friends. The possibility of getting back with your ex should not immobilize your life.

You can even try dating other guys. It will help you renew your confidence and better accept your personality. For its part, it can also help you make your ex jealous … A good way to encourage him to return.

10. Don’t show yourself needy

What does this mean? Do not write to him, do not call him, do not post on your social networks how miserable you feel for not being with him. Nor is it about you posting that you are happier from the moment you are single.

It just works naturally. If you posted frequently on your social networks, keep doing it more without mentioning anything about the break. Focus on yourself and showing a calm image.