How to make a man mad with love?

And if the fact of making a man mad with love did not matter much …

What is the secret of my friend Rachel, Stéphanie asks me, during our last coaching… I have the impression that all men are at her feet?

As soon as she enters a room or begins to speak, she monopolizes attention and there is only for her !!

While I always have the feeling of giving a lot and receiving nothing in return …

This is indeed a very legitimate question which emanates from many women. They do not understand, what is wrong with them and why their way of doing things is not in line with what men expect.

So what do they have more than women who have trouble making themselves loved and wanted?

Women who drive men crazy have several assets in their bag. They are neither witches nor enchanters, they are neither more beautiful nor less beautiful than the others, but they are different …

1- They are independent:

An independent woman gives off pheromones that are irresistible to a man. Indeed, the man is above all a hunter who has only one quest in mind, to take on challenges and to prove his strength through all this. When he observes you, he must say to himself that you don’t need him, that you have your own interests, activities and life plans. His goal will be to delight you, to charm you to succeed in conquering you …

So, yes an independent woman is charming, irresistible and cute. I’m not talking about being a cold and distant woman, but a woman who knows what she wants in life with all that it entails.

2- They do not put their romantic relationships at the center of their life:

Indeed, love matters to them, but

it is not an end in itself. They have goals, life plans outside of that. The love they will be able to develop with a partner will be ”  the icing on the cake “.

Their life is made up of a multitude of things. To be attractive, the man you love must not feel that he is the only asset in your life, the pressure would be too strong and there would be a real imbalance. You must develop many spheres to increase not only your power of seduction but also contribute to having a fulfilled and fulfilled life.

3- They are different:

When a man goes crazy with a woman it is because he will find her attractive, different and that she will not bring the same things as another woman. By difference I mean, that it will not be predictable. But on the contrary, she will be surprising, she will not necessarily do what her partner would like her to do, but she will go beyond that. That is to say, it is her personality that she will offer to the other as we would offer a gift … She will surprise him, give him what he would not imagine needing. It will create desire in the other, the desire to always be with him, and to want to delight him. It’s its authenticity and its personality who will charm the other. We love a person for what he is and not for what he will give us.

4- The attractive woman has strong self-confidence:

She knows her value and what she will bring to the relationship … Unlike her opposite, who will always be in doubt and will ask a thousand and one questions. She is in action and does not live a static and passive love . Above all, she seeks to flourish and to flourish the man with whom she lives.

This confidence she draws from a constant quest, intended to improve and move forward. She believes in herself and in the success of her relationship. Doubts are not part of her state of mind, since she feeds her life with necessary ingredients that make her union with the man she loves live ^^

5- She respects her partner:

An attractive woman knows perfectly well that in love one does not have the other . The loving man will stay with a woman because he wants to. He will do it of his own free will, without stratagems, nor manipulations, she will leave him free of his choices and his commitments. This is why he will love her. Because it will give him the feeling of being free .

To be loved, a man needs respect and appreciation, to be able to act as he pleases, without feeling trapped …

6- She loves without reserve:

She lives her life as she sees fit, without taboos or stress. She is whole and exclusive, not afraid to express her feelings loud and clear and above all she gives love without being in reserve. Too often we confuse being possessive, but hiding our feelings and being independent and saying that we love each other. There is nothing wrong with that, on the contrary ^^

7- She is not the prettiest, but knows how to enhance herself:

Perfection does not exist, and it even seems to be very boring … On the other hand, an attractive woman is a woman who knows how to put her strengths forward, walks with a proud pace, is fulfilled and good about herself. It is what emanates from her that is attractive. Individuals have perceptions of one another that go far beyond the physical aspect. It is like a sixth sense, one feels what emerges from the other. Besides, there is even an expression to speak of that, we are going to say “what does it release …”

Also, the woman who will drive a man mad radiates by his presence because she feels good about herself, independently of the others. She loves herself and that is what is magic… Because, how can we ask others to be attracted to ourselves if we cannot love ourselves?

8- It goes beyond the relationship:

Too often we imagine that a man will fall in love with a woman for a billion reasons, which are all more or less based solely on the romantic relationship. But in the end, we too often forget another aspect… The man who will be mad with love for his wife is because there will be complicity in their relationship. A man also needs to find in his partner, a confidant, a friend and an ally, who can help him daily, carry him and give him the support he needs in everyday life …

When a man and a woman also happen to be sincere friends in the relationship, they transcend the latter into a haven of peace, or the two partners only want to meet there ^ ^

To drive a man mad with love is within the reach of each of us.

As I always say, the silver bullet does not exist. The solution that exists is inside of us. To change our outer world, it causes our inner world to change and achieve full self-confidence.

It is only by this path that we will succeed in transforming things and attracting us the right person.