How to make a man madly in love?

We know: Love is a unique feeling that no scientific or mathematical formula can explain.

However, to make a man madly in love, here are some little tips that can help! 

1. Do not especially show him that we drool for him

It is well known: men are hunters at heart. And what excites hunters the most is not the final face-to-face, but rather the stalking!

In less “Hunting Fishing Nature Traditions” terms, it means that when a man feels that the woman he has in front of him is already in his pocket, it doesn’t really get him excited. Yes: to be conquered without danger, we triumph without glory …

On the other hand, when a woman is distant, that she runs away from him and that she is not very receptive to his game of seduction, he will say to himself “hey, here is a challenge that I want to take up”. Suddenly, it is he who will not let go of us, because men like challenges. The sentence that always works? “I never really fell in love, because I have a hard time attaching myself.”


2. Show confidence

Even when it’s not in our nature to overflow with confidence and act as if the world were at our feet, to make a man madly in love, we have to push ourselves a bit!

Oh yes: when a guy sees a woman who is (or who seems) sure of herself, he says to himself: “hey, if she is so confident, it means that she must have great assets. Moreover, it is true that she has beautiful eyes, a pretty bearing of the head, and that she is super charismatic ”.

And boom, he wants to come to us to learn more!

3. Create the lack

To make a man madly in love, there is nothing like letting him see all alone as an adult that he can no longer do without us. To do this, we will, without seeming to be, fit into his daily landscape: send him a short text every morning, make him discover a nice bar in which we have our habits, go together to a sport every Thursday …

Like that, he will start to think about us more and more often, and realize that when he does not receive our text from 9:00 am, it makes him have a bad morning!

4. Let him be himself

For a boy, nothing is worse than a chick trying to transform him. Well, for the clothes and the hairstyle, as we are often (who said “all the time”?) Right, that’s fine.

On the other hand, trying to change his inner self and commenting on his character all the time, it will not only upset him, but maybe also annoy him, and make him want to dress up.

On the contrary, when a boy sees that the girl he has in front of him is understanding, accepts her qualities, and her faults without trying to control her personality or to make her a Perfect Mister as she fantasizes him, there she scores points!

5. Don’t be too self-centered

When they are in love, women tend to just need love and freshwater … Their apartment becomes a real love nest where they love to spend time with their other half, and where they don’t. only go out to work (and sometimes to go shopping).

But beware: for a man, realizing that his girlfriend’s world only revolves around him, it can be stifling, and a little scary.

So have a good time with him, ok, but skip our colleagues, our friends, and all our related activities to stay only with him, no! That way, he will see that we are a balanced girl, and well in our pumps. In addition, when you give too much right away to a man, he says to himself “hey hey, it looks like I no longer need to make any effort”. And here is the drama!