How to start a romantic relationship?

The beginnings of a romantic relationship are always a bit complicated. We do not know what we are entitled to expect from the other and we tend to want to go too fast … Don’t panic! here is great advice to start your romance.

Don’t talk about exes

The past is in the past, live in the moment. He has his story, you have yours. It doesn’t make sense to ask her questions to find out if she was better than you on this or that point. This is ridiculous and he will think that you have absolutely no confidence in yourself. Today he is with you, that’s all that matters.

Let him breathe

If you spend your time asking him to reassure you, bombarding him with text messages, asking him where he is, with whom, why he hasn’t called, why he doesn’t spend all his evenings with you, you will. scare away for sure. Never suffocate a man, do not run after him, this is the best way to lose him! If you let him live his life the way he wants, he’ll want to come back to you all the more, believe it.

Give him time to get attached

We know it, it’s the beginning, you have stars in your eyes, butterflies in your stomach … In short, you feel your wings growing and you have the impression that it is there. is, that’s him. Calm down! You can feel things, but don’t tell him too quickly because he might get scared. Give it time to attach itself …

Focus on communication 

In order to avoid getting into a relationship that is not right for you, it is very important to speak with your partner. Express your expectations and desires for this relationship. Be careful, the goal is not to scare her by saying “If we don’t get married next month, it’s dead!” Just whether you’re on the same page.

Don’t spy on him

“Are you sure you were with Max last night?” “,” Who is this girl you added? “,” Do you love me for real? “. Frankly, put yourself in his shoes for two minutes. How would you react if he pestered you with questions like that? There is no worse love kill. So trust him, your relationship will only be better!

Don’t put pressure on him

The more you try to force someone to do something, the less they want to. This reaction is simply human. So don’t put a knife to her throat with “Are we really together?” “,” When do I move in with you? »,« I would like to know how many children you want, so that I don’t waste my time ». Unless you want to see him take his legs around his neck …

Don’t blame him

“Why didn’t you call? »,« You bought eclairs at the cafe when I hate coffee and you know it »,« You are not caring enough »… Stop it! Never blame a man like that at the start of a relationship, he’ll run away. And he will be right! You barely know each other, you don’t have to demand anything, give time to time.