How to surprise a man with 14 actions that will make him fall in love even more

When it comes to relationships, everything is reinvented every day. Saying “I love you” is not enough, unless you demonstrate it with valid and pleasant actions for that special man.

Gestures are definitely worth a thousand words, so don’t miss the opportunity to make your boy happy with simple but meaningful actions for him.

In this installment we think about helping you design various very useful strategies, which will surprise you and will undoubtedly help you to consolidate the relationship and the bond. You may have thought so far that surprising them is a difficult task, but they too feel and expect special details for no reason to acknowledge that they are important.

So get ready to know these ideas that will make you fall in love much more.

1. Romantic trip

If you expect her jaw to drop, plan a romantic trip. Escaping the grind for a weekend is not only cute but also de-stressing.

It will allow both of you to connect, converse, be more open and spontaneous. Of course, you should make sure to reschedule their commitments and yours so that they can really enjoy the trip.

If you know his tastes, it will be easier for you to choose the right destination, remember that it is about surprising him, so look for a place where there are activities that he cannot usually do, but that he would undoubtedly enjoy.

2. Recreate yourself with a sports game

Not all women enjoy or are enthusiastic about the idea of ​​accompanying their boyfriends to a baseball or soccer stadium. But for a man this is precisely the greatest proof of love that can be given to them.

It is the equivalent of the Holy Grail of the details that a woman can offer them, in addition, it will allow you to show him that you are capable of making some sacrifices for him.

Even if you don’t like sports, we assure you that you will get a lot out of it, after screaming and wearing the sun in a stadium.

Your boyfriend will know how to thank you very much, since the emotion that sports generate for some boys is comparable to the emotion that a discount in shoes generates for women.

3. Cook him

Cooking may not be your strong suit, but there is a saying that men enter it through the eyes but it is conquered by the stomach. If you really want to touch his heart, then make him fall in love with a surprise dinner.

It is not necessary for you to experiment with very expensive or difficult dishes to prepare, but do your best to make a dinner with love and taking care of the details in the presentation of the dish. Practice ahead of time to be sure that you will get the result you hope for and that he will enjoy the taste of your food.

The colors, presentation and flavors are essential. Buy a nice tablecloth, candles, and flowers to create a romantic atmosphere.

And don’t forget the dessert, which can be a cake, a cupcake, or some other sweet to close the night- The idea is that the dessert is you, so get ready to enjoy your dinner.

4. Paintball day

If you want to give him a different day, where the adrenaline rises to a thousand and he feels happy and grateful with your gesture, then do not hesitate to take him to a paintball field.

In this place he will be able to release his male instincts, attack the opponent, plan a strategy to win, and at the same time protect or attack you in case you want to add more spice to the situation and participate in the opposing team.

All men enjoy the tension that attacking others offers them without any real consequences.

That is why video games are also so successful, men’s competitiveness is unlimited. Paintball will allow you to relax and keep in mind that your girl is adventurous, risky, and also a bit tough when she wants to.

5. Picnic day

Sometimes simple details are enough to surprise you, some men are simple, charming and quite tender. If your boyfriend fits this profile, we recommend taking him to a park and share a meal in the middle of nature.

Find a quiet, comfortable place, with a large tree that provides good shade and of course, do not forget to bring a tablecloth and a pesticide for mosquitoes.

The park should logically be quiet, so that they can talk freely without a child arriving out of nowhere looking for his lost ball, or a dog eager for your food.

6. Jacuzzi night

What could be more romantic and pleasurable for a man who has had a hard day’s work than to come home and have a hot tub with warm water, rose petals, bubbles, and scented candles waiting for him?

Accompany him, and give him a back massage, it is your moment for him to disarm before your eyes, only you are in control.

7.  Spa day

Who Said Spas Are Only For Women? They too deserve a massage, release toxins in a sauna, and be pampered.

If you are going to surprise him in this way, you cannot go around questioning him later on how good-looking the masseuse could be or if he got turned on by the massage.

If you give him a spa day, it is so that he returns home light as a feather and is more willing to be with you and aware of your desire to make him happy.

8. Pay for an exotic dinner

Some men have a fine palate, and they really enjoy visiting new restaurants and tasting unique and different foods.

Of course, these kinds of surprises are usually expensive, but they are well worth it. Invite him to taste the last dish on the menu of the restaurant of his liking and you will see his face of happiness.

9.- Mechanical attractions

The mechanical amusement parks appeal to young and old, and every man has something of a child within him. You can really enjoy being with him if you invite him to an amusement park.

Practicing target shooting to win a gift, entering the horror house, eating treats, and riding the roller coaster will distract you. Both will laugh and also will be able to leave behind the stress of work and daily occupations.

10. Pamper him more

No matter how macho, rough, or temperamental a man is, everyone likes to be pampered, caressed, kissed, and totally understanding by their partner. The key to a long and pleasant relationship is to be tolerant with your partner, and learn to take care of the other.

If as a woman you lose the details towards your boyfriend, there are not enough hugs, kisses and caresses, he will look for who does provide them.

Appreciate him and thank him for good, and remind him why you fell in love with him. You will get him to be more detailed and close to you every day.

11. Photo session

Not only will it allow you to perpetuate the happiness of both, but the photo sessions can be very fun and even quite intimate, depending on the theme chosen by both.

12. Take him to the movies

In general, trips to the movies are always proposed by them, but this time, take control!

Take it upon yourself to find him at work, buy tickets to the movie he likes the most, and pay for the treats. That you feel cared for and comfortable during your visit to the cinema.

13. Give him music

Download music that he likes, or the theme that identifies you both, and give it to him. He will be able to listen to it in his spare time and he will remember you.

14. Take care of him

Do you really want to surprise him? Shave him, bathe with him, buy an aromatic cream and give him that massage you’ve always wanted. They are usually somewhat careless about these details, but you can help him and remind him how handsome he is and what makes you fall in love with him.

Believe it or not, for a man the fact that his wife shaves and takes care of him means too much. Plus, it can be quite arousing, so you may go from a simple shave to action in bed at any moment.