How to tell if a guy who doesn’t talk to you likes you

Finding out how to tell if a guy who doesn’t talk to you likes you can be a frustrating situation. Especially if there are other signs that tell you that he has feelings for you.

But while the signs may not be very obvious, there are many other things that can let you know how the other person is feeling. Stay with us and find out!

How do you know if a guy who doesn’t talk to you likes you?

The fact that he does not speak to you does not mean that he is not interested. He may not have dared, he has not been given the opportunity or he is simply very shy.

Look, how to know if a boy who does not talk to you likes you is not difficult, first we will see how to know if a boy who you do not know and does not talk to you likes you.

How to tell if a guy you don’t know likes you and doesn’t talk to you

The situation may be that you do not speak to each other as you do not know each other very well or because you have simply never spoken.

In this case, you may notice that he is interested in you if these 3 signs appear:

a) You discover it by looking at yourself constantly

b) They have maintained eye contact on more than one occasion

c) He smiles at you and is friendly to you

I know he likes me, but he doesn’t tell me anything

Perhaps one of his friends has told you what he feels or you have noticed some obvious sign that is noticing you. Naturally, you will ask yourself, then why not looking for me?

Not only does he not look for you, but he also avoids you and flees from any scenario that has to do with you. I’m sorry to say it like that, but it lacks courage.

You may have suffered in previous relationships or you are just shy and fearful in nature. It does not mean that he does not die inside when he sees you.

What can you do in this case? A little jealousy would not hurt. Talk to other guys in front of him or even ask someone out.

When he feels that the opportunity is slipping from his hands, he will have to make a decision: lose you or gather courage within himself.

How do you know if a man likes you from a distance without even talking to him?

This can be very difficult since you never know what is going through his head. Maybe what you mistake for an exchange of glances was just a moment when he was distracted or thinking about something else.

But don’t worry, there are several clues that can reveal whether he is really interested or not:

1) He follows you with his eyes

2) Find moments to coincide with you

3) You tried to start a conversation

4) He is happy and pays attention to you when he is in your presence

NOTE: This may not be the most reliable way to find out. Remember, if you really want to know if he likes you, you will have to be closer to him.

Signs that he is a shy boy

If you suspect that the guy you like is shy, then it is very likely that he is.

But, to leave doubts, these are the signs that will confirm it:

1.- He usually avoids eye contact

It can mean that they are afraid of blushing when meeting your gaze. If he has trouble talking to you, he will also have reservations when he looks you in the eye.

2.- He is selective with his friends

Maybe he is not the most popular man you know. His group of friends is small because it is difficult for him to trust other people.

And when you accept someone new into your circle, it means that that person has completely gained your trust.

3.- He is calm

He is not outgoing or very talkative. Participate when it is convenient and not on impulse. This is also a sign that he is smart.

4.- He does not pay much attention to others

People often pass by for him. It is a very particular situation when someone manages to capture your attention.

5.- Their actions can show disinterest.

Perhaps this can happen even in your closest group of friends. He is an introvert and keeps his opinions to himself. For some people, this is a sign of indifference.

6.- He does not smile often

He does not usually laugh at the same jokes that others laugh at, nor is it normal for him to be cheerful and spontaneous. He is a shy boy and his emotions are rarely very obvious.

How do you know if a shy guy likes you?

While this boy may be very reserved and quiet, that does not mean that he is impossible to decipher.

These are the most common signs that a shy person shows when they are attracted to another:

a) He is more communicative than usual

b) He has details of kindness that he does not usually have with other people

c) Show your interest with small demonstrations. He may give you a little candy or even tell you how good you look.

d) He feels out of his comfort zone when you are around. You can act a little fidgety or even uncomfortable.

A guy who doesn’t talk to you obviously has a hard time communicating with you and will hardly take the first step.

You must take into account, if you are interested in it, that you must take the initiative. Maybe you should take him out for coffee or a movie.

If you show him that you are a trustworthy person, little by little he will relax. Over time, you will become more participatory and attentive. Give it time!

What does a man say to you when he likes you?

Maybe you’ve already tried talking to him or looking for allies to help them a bit.

So why don’t you react?

Have you ever thought that maybe he has already told you in his own way? It doesn’t have to be a simple ” I like you ”, maybe the way of approaching you is much more subtle.

You can tell that he likes you with these signs:

1. You find out that he talks about you with his friends

2. Asks questions about your hobbies and tastes

3. Ask other people if you have a boyfriend

4. Try to be interested in your tastes

We hope you liked this article. Consider these signs of how to tell if a guy who doesn’t talk to you likes you. Remember that you can also tell us your experiences and leave us your doubts. We will be here to help you.