How to win a man: 12 proven ways to make him like you

Here’s the secret: you can apply science-proven psychological tricks to attract the man you like. There are scientifically proven reasons why you fall in love with certain people, once you understand the rules of attraction you will be an expert in attracting men.

There has to be an attraction first. Then in the interest of going out on a date, then later it has to do with the desire to have a connection.

So that you can make that connection with him, we are going to explain and teach you how to use the psychological secrets of attraction that will make men feel attraction towards you.

1. Use your body language

Pay attention to the position of your body, because our posture and the way we move says a lot about ourselves, so we will avoid crossing our arms, playing with our hands, or covering our face with hair, why this shows insecurity and is not the message we want to give you.

The impression that you are interested in giving is one of confidence in yourself and good self-esteem, you want to attract their attention and you will achieve it with ease.

Straighten your spine and relax your arms, try not to be looking into his eyes all the time, from time to time turn to see nearby objects and look back, remember, the game of gazes is very important because, with your eyes, you can say that you like him or that he is indifferent to you, take a good look at how he looks at you to see if he is also interested in you.

We unconsciously blink faster when being attracted to someone, so blink has been said, let them know without saying a single word that you would like to have more than just a friendly chat. But be careful not to overdo it and make him think that something strange is happening to your eyes.

2. Observe and copy what you like

Another attraction factor is similarity, we feel good and comfortable with people who are similar to us, find something in which the two coincide, it can be music, a sport, a hobby, a book, a type of coffee, etc. The two will have a common theme, the more affinity they have, the easier coexistence will be, there will be times when they do not agree on an issue, do not worry, there is no reason to be alarmed, the important thing is to share opinions and spend time together.

When you are just getting to know him or it is the first date, use the “Chameleon Effect” and imitate his body movements, touch your hair if he does, support your arm like his or take a sip of your drink at the same time as him. This will make him feel identified and feel in harmony with you.

These movements have to be simultaneous, sporadic and should not be too obvious or excessive because they can become boring.

3. Keep him close to you

If you are attracted to something, the more often you see it, the more attracted you will be.

Don’t let him escape you and try to be in his plans, he frequents the same places as him, so there will be more times than they can coincide and you will have more opportunities to make him fall into your networks.

When you go out with him, make sure you agree on the next meeting, when they go to say goodbye after having left, do not give him time to get distracted and conclude a close date to see each other again; Seeing him often will make him feel more and more attracted to you, so you stay in his mind longer.

Look at it for the first time and you will think it is cute, look at each other again and you will smile, see each other for the third time and you will feel the need to say “hello.” It is part of the proximity theory.

Take an interest in the topics he likes and share time with him in his hobby, this will make your boy want to spend time with you sharing his hobby with you.

4.Tell him a secret

Revealing a secret of yours can create an attractive and trustworthy bond, but before you tell them the whole story of your life, you have to meet the person first to know how much you can trust them, first you may entrust them with a treat. Guilty as you like a ridiculous musical group, the more you know your boy and trust him, you will know what you can confess to him.

To strengthen a relationship it must be based on being true and sincere, do not appear to be someone else or try to make up stories to please him more or to try to impress him, sooner or later the truth is known and you will feel worse if he realizes that you lied to him, you can confess little by little secrets that cannot be used against you, avoid at all costs telling a story about your ex, the things you used to do together or some adventure that they have lived, that is the worst thing you can do because you can cause you to want to avoid feeling jealous and want to walk away instead of wanting to be with you.

5. Make your adrenaline skyrocket.

Strong emotions release the adrenaline from their bodies and this makes them more attracted to each other when they have exciting experiences together.

Euphoria generates degrees of attraction, people who experience similar effusive feelings are more attracted to each other.

Take it on the roller coaster, although it is not always easy, it can be as simple as a competitive board game, a game of basketball, or watching a horror movie, all about it is to get your heart rate racing.

6. Make him addicted to caresses

When you first feel that you are drooling over him, you think that he is everything to you, it is the release of dopamine and endorphins in the brain that causes this experience of attraction, it is an initial part of lust. It’s kind of like a cocaine high, it’s part of a chemical reaction.

This gives us almost an obsession with the other person, in which we are always thinking about them, and wanting to be with them.

Physical contact is very important, such as him holding your hand, touching his shoulder or pretending to remove fluff from his shirt, continuous physical contact plays an important role in the game of seduction, like everything with its limits, You can fill him up or annoy him if you’re hanging on him all the time, pamper him but let him breathe, hugs and skin rubs must make him want too.

Not all people are comfortable with that type of language, many times they prefer to keep their distance and remain in their place, as I said before, everything is good without excesses, at least try to get closer to him asking about his watch while you touch his doll, try touching his shirt and mention how good it fits him, breaks the contact barrier.

7. Use Fanelli’s formula of attraction: Find your own happiness

Fanelli’s attraction formula goes like this: Interested people are highly attractive to be with.

Before attracting your man, make yourself attractive, people who feel good and comfortable with themselves project it and cause people to feel good being around them.

Do what you like, be fond of something like playing an instrument or having an activity that you love to do, take a look at yourself and participate in something that makes you very happy.

8. Send him text messages sporadically

It is possible that you want to be hugging your boy all day and be sending him love messages every 30 minutes, I understand perfectly that this is the case, but let him have his time and you yours, that way you will make him miss you a little, which is well, because the next time they go to see, they will do it with pleasure and with the desire to spend time together.

Text messages are good to keep in touch but you have to know how to measure yourself when it comes to getting your man interested in you, one message a day that you send him to start a conversation is fine, but if there are three messages that you send and you have not gotten an answer. Stop! They may be sending you a signal and waiting for their response.

Another good idea is to send him a message wishing him good luck in his day, school or work, so he will remember you when he reads you.

9. Confuse him, send signals of interest and then become indifferent

Try to flirt with him but do not be so obvious, send him signals that you are interested but do not be so obvious, the point is that you confuse him a little so that he has the intrigue of knowing if you like him or not, it is better (at first) to keep the unknown to spice up his interest in you.

Confusion can despair him at some point, so look at the signals you are sending him, do not be confusing how to tell him that you like his hair and after five minutes complain about his hairstyle, be clear with what you want but do not say everything about Hit, little by little make him realize what you want and pay attention if he is interested in knowing more about you or what you like, do not stop subtly analyzing how he reacts to your charms.

10. Dress the best you can according to your body type

Dress and fix yourself as you feel comfortable and of course, also that you look very good, if you feel happy and comfortable with your clothes and are in harmony with your accessories, this practically hypnotizes men, you will look better than if you brought a skirt brand that will be nagging you all night because it does not fit you at all.

Project a beautiful smile of confidence in yourself and you will see that first, you have to like yourself to be able to like your prince, look attractive with what you have in your closet, it is very possible that you will find combinations of clothes, shoes, and accessories that flatter your figure and highlight the parts you like the most about yourself.

Most of the time it is better to go to a more informal place, than to an elegant dinner on the first dates, so that you feel calm and relaxed it is highly recommended to visit a cafe or a bar with quiet music where you can talk without having to They’re yelling at each other over loud music

11. Use the perfume on your hair

Before leaving your house, put a little perfume in your hair, so that when you are close to your lover and make a movement with your hair, you allow your pheromones and the essence of the perfume to reach his nose to cause a pleasant sensation. every time it comes close to you, the smell will also allow it to remind you every time it perceives the fragrance and it will associate a nice and soft aroma with you.

The scent you choose has to be in accordance with your personality, your physique, your age, your daily activity, and your clothes, to be able to choose a fragrance that goes well with you, it is advisable to go to a perfume store and start choosing from what basic such as strong smells, bittersweet, executive, soft or sweet, ask the manager to show you the variety of perfumes they have, so you can choose one that is perfect for you and for the occasion in which you are going to use it.

12. Talk about what you are passionate about and like

It is proven that when we talk about a topic that we know and like we feel confident and sure of what we are saying, this will also enlighten you and you will look more attractive to the people around you.

Speak sure of yourself, when you are nervous you may speak faster and a little louder than you normally do, keep a pleasant, calm, and serene tone of voice even when you are slipping sideways due to nerves.

Also be interested in what happens to him, for example, ask him about something he has told you, or send a message wishing him good luck on a work appointment he has been waiting for, so he will feel that you care about his things and that you support him in the things that happen to him in his life.

Put these tricks into practice and you will see that soon you will make your heartthrob thinking of you all day, try to be subtle, trust yourself and use your smile when you are with him that is your best weapon.