I told heaven how much I love you and she started crying too

Sometimes it is difficult to tell a person how much you love him but you have to. If it is not with words, you have to tell him I love you in a different, original way . It happened that time when I told heaven how much I love you, I realized the color of my love.

You imagine two hearts destined to love each other and neither of them knows it. How to say I love you in an original way to someone you still don’t know you love? Every day when you see him you greet him and smile …

Maybe they are not every day, but the day you come across her becomes brighter. Then you start to miss those encounters but you don’t even realize why.

You look at the sky, you tell it that you miss something that you don’t know and that makes you happy. You ask God to enlighten you and make you see what it is you love, what it is that lights up your life.

There is a poem that expresses this, I don’t know its author but I liked it a lot.

I told heaven how much I love you

Two hearts destined to love each other, although neither of them knows it …

I told heaven how much I miss you.
And he also started crying.
I told the moon how much I still love you.
And this one refused to leave in days.
I told him at night because you are no longer with me.
And the darkness became greater.
I don’t know who to tell this to anymore.
It hurts everyone.

It was all my fault and I’m paying for it


Love is not always easy. As much as we both want to be happy, something in us does sabotage. Then inadvertently we do something we do not want and we get angry.

To truly love, you must first make many mistakes and survive. If that person isn’t for you, they won’t take it. He wants a love without problems, but that is not there.

I’m here acknowledging
all my mistakes
and seeing me like this
I ask you for some time to be better

Understand it like that, because I do it for you

I don’t want to make you cry
I don’t want to hurt you I don’t mean to
I just want to breathe
I don’t want to make you cry
It doesn’t mean that I have to end
If you are my true love

The silence is witness to how much I love you

I know there are many original ways to say I love you . But you are not here to express my love. How to manifest all these details, this need for your kisses.

I never thought I needed you this way. I earn my pride and I made myself interesting. Seek to be right when what I needed the most was to feel how much I loved you.

That’s why I told heaven how much I love you. The silence and the nights are witnesses of my sacrifices trying to make the miracle that you return.

There is a poem by Cindy Martínez that expresses this way of loving:

The silence witnessed my sacrifices to restrain my desire to seek you

So many nights I thought of writing or calling you,

I thought it would be an incentive for that love that was born in the spring

Was he looking to relive those days?

When together we walk through the woods enchanting

When I felt you so mine and I so yours.

If seeking relief was about

Maybe it was those nights that I ran to our favorite restaurant

That he witnessed that ephemeral love.

Since I stopped going with you, I ordered the same

The waiter already knew what to serve me

A plate of memories and an amaretto to digest them.

Silence and memories have their pitched battles

With the time of ally without a doubt silence

it is a better companion than memories.

I no longer want to contract anything to heaven, just look for you

I don’t know how many more times I told heaven how much I love you and nothing happened until I went looking for you. Now I know that nothing will happen if I just look at the sky and ask it to bring you.

It doesn’t matter how much I cry, it doesn’t matter if the sky accompanies me in my crying. If I don’t get up, I overcome my fears and I look for you even with fear, nothing will happen.

Now I am here and I want to hug you. Yes, forgive this madman who says he loves but does not know how to love, but who wants nothing more than to be happy with you.