If He’s Not Doing These Things, He Doesn’t Love You Enough

“Does he really love me ”?

This is the big question women ask themselves.

Your boyfriend’s role is to add good things to your life, love you and support you in ways other people can’t.

There are a few things he should be doing for you or with you that prove how much he loves you.

If he’s not doing these 10 things, you might want to consider finding another boyfriend who is capable of doing it.

1. Calling You Beautiful

In his eyes you must be the most beautiful thing he has ever seen in the world.

This must be said often.

No matter what word he uses, whether it be attractive, wonderful, cute or pretty, he has to let you know how incredibly irresistible you are to him.

He might not do it every day, but the guy who thinks you’re beautiful will guarantee a compliment almost every day, forever.

2. Open The Door For You

Your gentleman should be just that: a gentleman. It’s not the 50’s, but never underestimate the power of a man’s gesture opening the door for you.

If he doesn’t, he’s not trying very hard for you.

He doesn’t have to do this every time you leave the house, but every now and then, you’ll want him to open the door for you.

If he loves you very much, he will want to do this.

3. Give full support to your dreams

If your dream in life is to be a successful professional, perhaps the president of a big company or a famous actress, he should support you unconditionally.

This doesn’t just mean letting you chase your dreams.

He must be willing to help you achieve your goals in any way he can.

4. Hanging Out With Your Friends

He may not be a fan of your friends, but you can’t stand his friends either.

The point is that he should be friendly with his friends, hang out with them often without being rude and without being boring.

Also, he shouldn’t look at being nice to his friends as a favor, as if you have to return a favor to him.

He must be willing to get to know your friends better because they are a direct reflection of who you are.


5. Make an Effort to Connect With Your Family

If he’s always running away from lunch at your parents’ house and avoids contact with your family like your family is the plague, then he doesn’t love you enough.

A guy who has grown to love you invests in you to the point where he sees you as the partner he will have for the rest of his life.

Thinking like that, he is aware that marrying you means marrying your family too.

The man who loves you dearly will want to attend your holiday family gatherings and all your cousins’ birthdays, because he’ll want to know them all as well as you know them.

If he truly loves you, he will want his entire family to accept him as part of the family.

6. Take You To Places Of Your Choice

The guy who loves you will let you pick the place to hang out sometimes, even if it’s something he wouldn’t be interested in.

This may seem like a commitment, but when a man has true feelings, he won’t see it as a commitment that he doesn’t want to go to but has to.

He will see it as a gesture that will make you happy and seeing you happy will make him happy too.

7. Kiss You Every Day

This is pretty obvious. If your boyfriend goes days without kissing you, then he is far from the feeling of true love.

That simple.

Your boyfriend has to act like he can’t live without being cuddled with you.

If he keeps refusing a hug or a kiss, that’s a warning sign.

8. Help You When You’re Sick

If you happen to catch a bad cold and can’t even get out of bed, the guy who truly loves you will help you.

He’ll bring you soup, tea, medicine… anything you need, and that’s without asking, because he cares about how you’re feeling and will want more than anything to see you better.

9. Fight With You

This might sound a little weird, but it’s true. If he’s not willing to challenge you in an argument, he doesn’t care much about you.

If he’d rather not fight you over something that could strengthen your relationship, then he doesn’t really care about the relationship.

Fighting in a relationship can be healthy. Fighting shows that the person values ​​unity and is willing to have tougher conversations.

10. Respect You

This one is self-explanatory. If he abuses you or disrespects you, he is far from loving you, even if he says he loves you.

He will probably never love you and the best thing to do is end the relationship and find a man who respects you.

Love is a derivative of respect. Therefore, if there is no respect, there will never be love.

The man who loves you will do all these things without asking.