If you have these 8 points in common, you have (probably) found your soul mate

How do you know if you’ve met the right person? Even if you don’t believe in a soul mate, these signs may help you determine if you are getting the “right” one.

Some belief in a soul mate, others do not … Even if you belong to this second category, you are certainly not without knowing that certain people correspond to you more than others. So what about your relationship? If you recognize yourself in these 8 criteria, it probably means that you have not made the wrong story.

1- You have the same humor

We can never say it enough, but humor is essential for the current to flow between two people … including in love. If one is very cynical and the other completely devoid of self-mockery, this can give rise to many misunderstandings, even arguments if, in addition, this person is susceptible. Whereas if you laugh at the same things, you will share unforgettable moments of complicity. “If one person is always serious while the other spends his time joking, the connection will not be the same as two people who can laugh at all things in life,” says psychotherapist Carolyn Cole to Bustle.

2- You are interested in each other

Of course, it’s extremely rewarding to have the same passions as your other half. But as they say, opposites attract each other. And know that it can be very beneficial for your couple to share different passions … provided you take an interest. “Even if you are interested in different things, it is important to get involved in your partner’s passions. In addition, you will certainly learn things that you did not know, which will only pull your couple up.

3- When it comes to the future, you look in the same direction

For a relationship to last a long time, it seems obvious to want the same things. But that, you won’t be able to know right away. Of course, this is an essential basis for starting a story. But it may be that you have the same aspirations at the start and that they change along the way depending on your experience. If even after years, you continue to look in the same direction and have the same projects (to have children, to move, etc.), then you have probably found the right shoe for you.

4- You speak the same language of love … at least on certain points

Have you read Gary Chapman’s The 5 Languages ​​of Love? In this book, the author explains that there are five ways to express love: encouragement, caresses, time spent in private, small helping hands and gifts. Once you understand how each one expresses itself in the couple, you can meet the expectations of the other. And it’s even better if you speak the same languages. It will be easier and more natural for you to express the love you have for each other.

But rest assured, this does not mean that you are “condemned” if you do not share the same language codes as your partner. The important thing is to identify your own language, but also that of your partner so that you can show him how much you love him.

5- You share the same values ​​of life

Being of the same opinion on substantive subjects such as politics, family or religion can create a very strong connection between the people, because these views refer to your own and therefore inevitably to the essence of your personality. But do not panic: it is quite possible to have a “soul mate” with whom you do not agree on such issues as religion and politics. If you disagree, it is crucial that you always respect everyone’s opinions and that you compromise.

6- You really feel yourself … and so do you

Feel embarrassed in the presence of your loved one? Unthinkable! If this is neither the case for you nor for him, then we can say that you are in luck. Let us be clear: this does not mean not taking into account the feelings of the other, nor doing everything that you want at the expense of your partner, but simply you show as you are and not be ashamed of your faults presence.

7- You openly discuss financial matters

It is not only in the context of work that the subject of money can upset. Within a couple, it can very often be the source of discord. If you are rather thrifty while your partner is a real pierced basket (or vice versa), this does not necessarily mean that you are not made for each other. On the other hand, it is essential that you can approach the subject together, without that starting a conflict.

“Your conversations should be open and honest. Make a plan together and stick to it. This should help you better manage your spending and investments to achieve your short and long term goals,” advises Bustle Megan Speeth, Vice-President of the online financial advisory platform Fidelity Investments.

8- You are both able to recognize your mistakes

Knowing how to recognize mistakes is a quality that is more than precious because it greatly helps to steer your couple in the right direction. Of course, there are few who recognize them straight away and without arguments. But the important thing is to talk about it with a calm head, without aggressiveness and to take stock calmly so as not to repeat the same mistakes in the future. There are certain people with whom it is impossible. You yourself need to work on it. But with your spouse, you can do it more easily. If so, then no doubt, you have found the right person for you!

So, the verdict?