Men earning less money than their wives are more unfaithful

According to a study by the American University of Cornell, men with lower incomes than their wives are more likely to cheat on her. A question of male pride?
Obviously, men can hardly bear being financially dependent … Indeed, women who earn more than their husband are five times more likely to be cheated by the latter than those who contribute in a balanced way to the family budget. The conclusions of this American study which analyzed the relationships of couples aged 18 to 28 years, together for more than a year, is enough to thrill the “working girls”.
According to sociologist Christin Munsch who led the study, “Earning less money than his female partner can threaten the male identity of men by challenging the traditional notion that defines them as those who support the family” .
Ironically, the study also shows that men who earn much more than their partners are also more likely to commit discrepancies, and conversely, dependent women, to remain loyal. “For women, earning less is not scary, it is a common situation,” says Christin Munsch, “economic dependence provides less opportunity to cheat on her husband, and that leads to risky decision-making, because if they get caught, their way of life can be turned upside down. ” Men apparently do not have the same reasoning …