My guy is hitting on another girl

How to react and manage the situation when my man talks with other women?

Seducing is a human act, a behavior inseparable from what we are. However, the majority of women can not remain impassive, much less insensitive and find it difficult to combat the jealousy that animates them, when their partner, husband, boyfriend or spouse, indulges in seducing other women.

Inevitably and logically, jealousy takes over. And because you love him, you find it hard to bear, if at all, that this man, your man is paying close attention or committing to talking about love with other women than you.

So when these women take pleasure in enticing, flirting and laughing with your other half despite your presence which does not seem to bother them at all, you feel a sense of abandonment at the expense of another with humiliation, injuries and jealousy that this implies.

You would like to react, but a multitude of questions confuse you as to whether you must react, whether you have the legitimate right to do so without going into exaggeration, and in which case how to do it.

Am I still able to seduce?

Just like women, men love and need to be reassured about their power of seduction. Whether in terms of their person, that is to say their physique, or in terms of the potential of their charm, their ability to seduce at any time. It is in the very nature of the human being, perhaps even more so in man, to prove and prove to himself that pleasing is still accessible to him, whatever the moment of his existence. Often he is not even aware of it.

It is not the idea or the search for infidelity which animates it, but the need, almost visceral, to make sure that it is always in full capacity of its means of seducer. It can sometimes be a lack of self-confidence that can arise in the face of your own potential for seduction. Seeing you are desirable without even having to make the slightest effort, your partner may be led to think that you could find better than him, which scares him. In addition, the dominating need of the man, even to a lesser degree, will lead him to think that by being seductive with a loving look towards other women, it proves to you that nothing is lost for him and that he will have no trouble getting up or replacing you if you have to leave him.

In another context, it can be simply a game between his friends and him, each one declaring his own virility, thus showing those around him that he does not allow himself to be muzzle or hindered by his companion and that he keeps his free referee to do what he wants to do, when he wants to without you having a say.

The purpose of this behavior is to maintain its male credibility, the myth of the man made to flirt. A reality that is as frustrating as it is confusing or disconcerting for any woman and that puts her in an uncomfortable situation. And when she has the excessiveness to show any reaction or to be offended, she can be taken for a hysteric.

The best attitude to adopt is to laugh at the situation with him instead of giving him a piercing look, not to take the lead or to take his head to him and to reassure him both about love and you bring it only to its true seductive potential. A way to flatter your ego.

It’s all about flattery

As we have just explained, your partner, husband, or boyfriend, can imagine being in danger at any time. Because he too has his share of jealousy in love. It is often in the eyes of others, but also in their attentions to him, that he feels reassured, and even flattered, instinctively. Through these games of exterior looks and attentions, it means that you can be flattered and honored to be with him, while at the same time others would be delighted to be in your place.

In this context, what is quite harmful and pernicious is that the situation turns to emotional blackmail. Unless this is his way of stoking your jealousy so that you show him that you really care for him, which is also a way of reassuring himself.

For other men, it is a sickly, almost visceral, need to use flattery for others, for those around them. Like giving compliments to everyone, smiles to others, and on the whole trying to spread your good graces, without any ambiguity or other connotation in the acts than that of thinking about the moment present. It’s his way of being with women as well as men. It is more in a courting spirit, in the sense of coaxing or sycophancy, than dragging itself.

With this type of men, there is no danger, because the other women feel it almost instantaneously and do not insist. You must react without violence or unhealthy jealousy while not leaving the event without intervention on your part to tell him that you are there and that you are paying attention to his words and gestures.

Is your partner trying to go further?

In the extreme case where you realize that the situation goes beyond childish and naive play or the pleasure of flattering and that you realize that it really thinks of taking action, it is not anymore a simple amusement! If his game of seduction is to truly conclude with another, the situation becomes more complex and you will have to think about thinking seriously about such a possibility, because he is no longer within the limits of the respect he must have towards you and your relationship.

It is therefore up to you to define whether you endorse this type of behavior before it even occurs. Although your partner may deny their actions, you should not be an ostrich, because some signs are really obvious and can not go wrong. This passage to the act although decisive is decisive, because it reveals important elements, even a lack, within the couple. There can be several responsible sources, such as a desire to spice up life too deeply rooted in the routine in order to better find yourself or a sudden lack of self-confidence.

It may also be an intentional act and thinks to let you know that it does not have the affection for you that you had imagined or desired. Whatever the reason, in the end it is your self-esteem, your self-esteem, and your interest that are damaged. Your reflection should lead you to be able to respond to the fact that, does your relationship deserve that you fight to preserve or save it or if on the contrary, it may not be worth it. You alone have the answer.

The success of a couple lies in communication

Under these conditions, there are only two solutions for the future of your couple. Either you close your eyes to the incident by telling yourself that you cannot prevent it from acting without depriving it of the rest of the world. Either you acknowledge that the most important thing is that he comes back to you and comes back with you, and that despite his excesses you are proud to be his partner, his girlfriend, or the woman he married. You act as if nothing has happened and mute this little wound. It is a strategy like any other which can prove to be effective, but which can also generate frustrations, distensions as much as uncertainties, reluctance, and bitterness which can appear at any moment. In the long term, this situation could hurt you more than satisfy you and even destroy you.

The second solution commits you to take the lead by specifying to him that you notice his actions perfectly, that they are not to please you, and that they are the causes of the jealousy that you feel. You initiate communication with him by putting him face to face with his behavior while explaining to him that you are jealous, but also that on the one hand it is a lack of respect towards you, and on the other hand that it hurts you or you makes you uncomfortable. You guarantee that his seductive power is intact and reassure him about the love you have for him. You could even hire him to reproduce his games of seduction on you to see if the result is as convincing as on the day of your meeting. Communication is an absolutely essential, if not primordial, element within the couple, especially to talk about yourself among yourself, but also to address and resolve this type of situation. It is not a question of speaking for the sake of saying nothing, but by communicating, you will stop torturing yourself by wondering what it does and will no longer rehash what you initially hurt. By his reactions, your partner may well surprise you. Furthermore, in the event that it goes wrong, you will not be surprised.

There is no magic precept

Keep in mind that these are feelings and human beings. Faced with this kind of context, everyone has their own reactions which are as different as people can be by their personality. Therefore, there is no magic recipe, unchanging precept, or single method. Each person acts according to their wishes, expectations, and perceptions. However, being explicit avoids many differences.

When you have expressed your feelings, let your partner speak. By analyzing his answers, you will be able to discern if he is in the first category with the only need to verify that he still has a good level of seduction. You will see that it still pays you so much attention and that it was just a game to test yourself and your feelings. If he has the desire to satisfy other pleasures without you, you will quickly realize it, in which case think that it was perhaps not his first attempt, that it may have been others and that there will certainly be others still after. It is quite possible that this partner you cherish is a hardened, incorrigible, and incurable seducer that you will be unable to change. In that case,

To help you, here are some tips, the list of which is not exhaustive. These examples are offered to help you dispel the immediacy of a crisis or similar situation.

– When you are in a public place or a party where there are many people, making a scandal is the worst behavior to have in everyone’s eyes. This can only discredit you. So in this case, take a step back, take a deep breath, and continue on your way.

– It is useless to hurt you to torture yourself by scrutinizing all the actions of your partner with a blank stare while waiting for a false step. Stop worrying about your brain and make the most of the moment by chatting with other guests and your friends without ruminating. Otherwise, your loved one could favor the company of another whom he deems more attractive.

– To the question: how to make react a man who ignores you? The advice would be to adopt an attitude in the same vein as hers. Your partner will soon react, which will allow you to probe him. The goal is to put him in front of his own image, which will quickly bring him to reason.

– When you are at home, in peace, allow yourself time to communicate together on the nature of the events. Do not keep in you your discomfort which would become destructive over time, do not take a guilty look either, but on the contrary, share it with your partner with frankness and sincerity without poisoning things to avoid drama or an additional crisis that would be really unnecessary.

One of the essential and essential pillars in a couple is trust. It is a rule that governs the smooth running of a couple, but also its longevity. If this trust breaks down, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to restore or restore it. In a couple, confidence is a whole which includes that which you have in you, in your capacities as well as that which you have in your couple and in your partner, your spouse or your husband.

A couple relationship needs constant and especially daily maintenance to be serene when everything is going well or to survive in difficult or complicated moments, because in love, and therefore in a couple, nothing is ever acquired or fixed. Staying positive by not releasing the craze of the first days is a crucial point to give the couple a beautiful, pleasant, and happy continuity.

If it is obvious, it is good that men and women, human beings in general, cannot help looking at themselves. It’s rooted in their deep nature. Knowing this, it is up to each of you to take care to perfectly define your limits to avoid as much as possible to hurt the other.

The best way so that your partner does not have the desire to go to meet another or how to make react a distant man, it is to take care of him, to be with his listening, in particular concerning his expectations, and observe these gestures which, for some, can be meaningful.

Avoid fussing over facts of little or no real interest and don’t imagine problems when there aren’t any.