Questions to make a woman laugh, short and very funny phrases

There are short phrases to make a woman laugh and win her over without her noticing. All you have to do is be inspired. For example, you can use the following questions to make a woman laugh on WhatsApp or in person. Just take care of your good mood.

If there is a girl that you like a lot, it is best to practice optimism and not grief. Poor thing you are in love and she does not realize it. No, don’t be cowed by a girl you love. The best thing for a girl to notice you as a man is that you make her laugh a lot.

Let’s look at some questions to ask a girl you like. When a man likes a woman the spark comes spontaneously. But if you don’t know what to do to have a good conversation with a girl, you can use one of these funny questions.

How to make a woman laugh on WhatsApp: Asking funny questions

To make a woman fall in love it is very important to make her laugh and there are many ways to be funny. For example asking some of the following short questions to make a woman laugh. The good thing is that you do not need to be in person with that girl, because you can use WhatsApp.

The most interesting of the following questions to seduce a woman by chat is your mood. The question alone may not be funny, but if you are optimistic things will turn out better. There is magic in the question, but more in your state of mind.

1. Is there something funny that you are grateful for?

2. Did someone tell you something silly that you would like to hear again?

3. What do you think everyone should try at least once in their life?

4. Do you remember any funny Christmas or birthday gifts?

5. Some stranger did something really crazy for you?

6. Do you have an insignificant achievement that you consider valuable?

7. What fashion of clothing would you like me to return to show off?

8. If you inherited a private super-jet, where in the world would you go for breakfast?

9. Do you remember something you did in your childhood and now no girl does it?

10. What childish craving haven’t you gotten tired of until now?

If you don’t like her for something cute it is very difficult to be funny and spend quality time

Sometimes a man collects some jokes to make a woman laugh, but the spark only comes out if he likes it. Therefore, if you are in front of a friend and you want something with her, focus on what you like about her. You can’t make anyone laugh if you don’t have a happy heart inside.

11. Do you think that something you use now will be a valued antique for your grandchildren?

12. What do you think humanity is doing and will later regret?

13. Do you remember the silly and funny things that scared you as a child?

14. How quickly do you know a person just by seeing or hearing them?

15. What would you like to be to change the world, a super-heroine or a super-villain?

16. Imagine that you are a tyrannical ruler, how would the new greeting be in your tyranny?

17. Do you remember someone who screwed up everything in meetings?

18. What would you like to dedicate your life to but are not sure if it will make you money?

19. Is there something you do and is it like stealing your time?

20. When you want to get bored, what do you do?

It is good to have some examples of how to make a woman laugh you want to fall in love with

The most important of the funny questions to make a woman laugh is that you find the question funny. Also the important thing is not to ask all the questions you select, but to use the question to catch the thread of his good humor.

21. How many times did you start with a good idea and then get embarrassed?

22. Did you go to see a movie with great expectations and were you disappointed?

23. What is the retro thing that you would like to see become fashionable?

24. If the 3rd world war starts in three months, would you come to my refuge to save yourself?

25. Is there something funny that you would like to know about your future?

26. What joke would you like everyone to laugh at?

28. What things make you fall in love with someone online?

29. Did you fall in love with someone because of how funny they were?

Anecdotes are very good to make a woman laugh and make her take an interest in you

Every woman instinctively wants a man in a good mood by her side. This means a happy home and offspring. On the other hand, every man instinctively knows that he has to be funny with the woman he likes. The problem is that many do not know how to be funny. That is why these questions are important to make a woman laugh.

31. What can you talk about all day with enthusiasm?

32. Do you have any extra features?

33. What would a guy have to tell you to keep you excited all day?

34. Have you ever been disappointed by the ending of a great book, movie, or game?

35. Do you think that we are fundamentally different from animals?

36. Has a painting ever made you laugh at an art exhibition?

37. Would you like to have the life of a character from a book or movie?

38. Has anyone told you that you look like a character in a book or movie?

39. Imagine that you are a world leader, what would be your only message to the world?

40. What surprises you the most that most people don’t know?

In case you don’t know what questions to ask a woman so as not to bore her, here are some very good

Any topic can be made funny by giving it a very positive and relaxed approach. When you are with a woman you like the least you want her to be bored, but sometimes it happens. But as soon as you read our questions to conquer a woman you will realize if they make you laugh.

41. How do you think infidels should be punished?

42. Is there something you are fed up with in this world?

43. What memory do you laugh at most often?

44. Do you think your parents do something immature?

45. Would you like a serious hardworking man or a funny and not very hardworking man?

46. ​​What funny thing would you like to do that would earn you a lot of money?

47. What is the funniest thing you heard last year?

48. What question would you like to be asked to give a very funny answer?

49. Is there someone you just meet makes you funny?

50. Is there a favorite place in your house to do crazy things?

Jokes to make a woman laugh can also be in the form of questions

A man in love does what is necessary to make the girl he likes happy. You can imitate it, sing, dance or have some detail. Taking her to the movies or for a walk alone is already a great detail, but the protagonist has to be you. It is there where our questions have power to make a woman fall in love by making her laugh.

51. If I invite you to a fun place, where would you like it to be?

52. Is there something you always try to do and you always screw everything up?

53. Would you like to be the best friend of a comedian, a philosopher or a religious person?

54. Do you remember something very silly that made you laugh for several days?

55. What bothers you the most about a friend or lover?

56. What is the question that people ask you and it always bothers you?

57. What is the stupidest reason why you ever lost your papers?

58. As a child, did you have a strange fear that your family laughed at?

59. What do you prefer to do, read or see when something or someone denies you?

60. Have you ever had an absurd argument that you are now laughing at?

How to make my girlfriend laugh: See what you like the most about her and ask her how she does it

The best way to make a woman laugh to make her fall in love is to look for the most common of her and look for the funny side. For example, if she has a nice hairstyle, clothes or accessory, you can tell her that only in a woman like her can she look so good. You can also use our funny questions for a woman you want to make laugh and fall in love with.

61. Do you think you still need life to teach you a great lesson?

62. Is there something that you think should be more socially acceptable?

63. Is there a strange tradition in your family that you cannot get rid of?

64. If you were a top politician, do you think you would maintain a good mood?

65. What phone application would you like to see invented for your convenience?

66. Is there a friendship that you wish were part of your family?

67. How do you think the monument to a good sense of humor should be?

68. Did you find out about any belief that you find funny and absurd?

69. Have you ever played a prank on someone and couldn’t stop?

70. How does a person have to look at you for you to start smiling?

Love flows better when you take the more playful side of daily life.

When a man wants to make a woman fall in love it is important that he take it seriously. Do not fall in love if she is not in your future. But that seriousness refers to a responsible commitment to love. And in a responsible commitment to love it is important to make a woman laugh, for example with our questions.

71. When you get up in the morning, do you usually wake up happy or angry?

72. When you think of a love, what is your funniest memory?

73. Have you ever said or done something embarrassing in front of a boy you liked?

74. With which movie star would you like to spend a fun weekend?

75. Do you think there should be fairies for those moments when you need magic?

In short, love is the most beautiful emotion that a person can feel, and when it is present everything feels wonderful. When our attitude comes from love, good humor is present. That’s when making a woman laugh comes out spontaneously, and if not, use these questions.