Relationship Secrets: How to Be Smart and Hold Your Man

Every man always expects the woman he’s chosen to be worthy of his time and energy, so it’s the woman’s job to prove that he’s worth going through everything to be with her.

Tips and rules on how to be a good girlfriend are all over the internet, magazines and television.

However, no one explains how to approach the situation… until now.

The Essentials of a Stable Relationship.

Honesty is the first step towards a lasting relationship. Honesty is a matter of expressing the truth to him while he does the same thing to you.

It’s also a matter of taking the blame when something goes wrong.

Honesty is not a matter of giving non-stop positive feedback. It’s more a matter of telling the truth even when he doesn’t want to hear it.

A relationship based on lies rarely survives.

A relationship with open communication, full of honesty, builds trust. With trust comes loyalty. Without these three, you can’t be a good girlfriend.

Love is the fourth foundation towards a lasting relationship.

Love invites attitudes of honesty, trust and loyalty.

So show him thatyou’re in this relationship forever, and you don’t want a brief hookup.

Examples of this are basic things like holding his hand and kissing him.

Go a step further and buy gifts.

Get creative and create or buy a gift he’ll love.

Also, gifts weren’t just made for birthdays, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. If you’re at the mall and remembered it, buy some souvenir.

Don’t overdo it, though, because you can give the impression that you’re trying to buy his love instead of earning it.

The Importance Of Communication.

Communication is easier in good times.

Relationships go through a multitude of situations, and not all of them are positive.

In this case, communication means listening to both sides (your side and his side) and finding common ground.

Commitment is sacrifice.

You need to give some opinions and incorporate his ideas into yours.

A headstrong, childlike woman causes unnecessary tension in the relationship, builds up frustration, resentment, and ends the relationship little by little.

A good conversation that stimulates thinking should involve both people.

This conversation should interest both the man and the woman.

Conversations need to have purpose. Conversations that involve an issue or concern to be resolved within the relationship should take place as soon as possible.

Talking about your day at the mall or your therapy session isn’t showing you’re a good girlfriend.

This is showing that you are a self-centered woman.

Also, throwing all the blame on him isn’t a conversation he’s interested in hearing.

An Assessment Of Reality.

A relationship consists of two individuals with different personalities and common arguments.

You can express your opinions with assertiveness, positivity, respect and consideration.

If you respect his way of looking at things ( and he should respect yours ), then harsh comments will never come.

However, if by any chance some unwelcome comments come up, apologizing and showing repentance shows how much of a good girlfriend you are.

Don’t diminish your verbal independence just for him, but don’t expect him to diminish his either.

Another reality check is to check his individuality.

Don’t try to change his personality, clothes, hair, habits, career, friends, or interests so he can fit your needs.

Admire him for his flaws.

Likewise, it’s unhealthy to pretend to be a different person just to please him, his family, or his friends. This is mentally exhausting, and at the same time you are lowering your self-esteem.

It hurts him too because he knows it’s (or discovers it’s) a facade.

He likes you just the way you are, and if he doesn’t see that, then that’s his problem.

He’s not an excuse to cover up your insecurities.

Don’t use this as an excuse to learn how to be a good girlfriend.

Give yourself permission to be imperfect to discover more about your emotions and tolerance while developing more self-love and self-confidence.

Continue your discoveries by trying new things with him.

Show Him Your Support.

Instead of pretending you like something, show that you support his interests.

The dictionary definition of the word support is “to promote the interests or cause”.

While you don’t need to promote his interests, it’s worth understanding why he likes what he likes.

Going to an event with him is a fantastic way to learn. Making fun of, insulting and belittling his interests is not the answer.

For interests that are not understandable, respect and support anyway.

It will be reciprocal. He will support your interests that he doesn’t understand either.

Teamwork is the secret to being a supportive girlfriend.

Eliminate any selfishness you have in your personality.

Any emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and financial difficulty of a team member becomes a problem for the whole team.

Solve the difficulties you have as a team.

External interferences (family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc.) are not part of this team.

Give constructive praise and criticism. You can balance harsh and constructive criticism by sending a compliment right away.

Part of supporting him is giving him space.

Space to think and assess the conversation properly without grumbling is necessary for growth, learning, empathy, sympathy and understanding.

In that sense, being a good girlfriend is leaving him alone.

Let him relax with friends or in the room alone, in peace.

The patience.

As soon as the man of your dreams appears in your life, your brain begins to bubble up with ideas of marriage, children and moving in together.

If you bombard him with these ideas, you’re not a good girlfriend. This is a sign of a desperate woman.

The pressure will force him to look for another woman.

Don’t make him go away.

Focus on the present relationship, which is in front of you, instead of dreaming about the future.

Patience is a virtue.

Also, when he surprises you with an engagement ring, you will feel much more special and the moment will be magical, if you don’t expect this surprise from him.

Ending A Relationship.

If you followed all the advice above and your relationship is wonderful, you can skip this step.

Otherwise, keep reading.

This is a good time to follow your intuition. Only you can know if a relationship has given what it had to give.

In that case, remain professional.

End the relationship on good terms, regardless of the reason. The news spreads.

The last thing you want is to be rejected by your next potential boyfriend because of your past relationships that ended badly.

It is unacceptable to end a relationship through text messages or social networks… there are women who don’t even end the relationship, they simply stop answering their boyfriend and then appear with someone else.

For women who have found a good man, this article is to ensure stability and trust in the relationship by doing your part.

Unfortunately, every relationship is different.

So use your intuition and common sense to be a good girlfriend. Pay attention to warning signs.