“She blocked me!” How can you contact your ex and get her back

This woman’s breakup was very difficult – but you never gave up hope that you could talk about anything again and maybe become a couple again.

However, you see your chances of her decreasing a little more by the hour because your bad suspicions when writing to your ex are becoming more and more corroborated:

“Damn, she blocked me!”

What makes you so safe are worrying signs like your profile picture suddenly being lost on WhatsApp.

Or the lonely, single hook in your last message, to which no second hook wants to be “added” even after days…

The situation with this involuntary ban on contact seems particularly hopeless if understanding soon matures:

“My ex-girlfriend blocked me EVERYWHERE!”

The same goes for channels like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat … and in the worst case, you can no longer call them.

Of course, such a sudden break in contact hurts a lot — especially when there are still a lot of unexplained things in the room and you still love your ex after the breakup.

But maybe there is still hope for a return of their relationship!

So that you can do this, in this article I will explain the possible reasons why she blocked you.

I’ll also show you the only sure way to get in touch with your great love again to win her back later!

Does your ex block you on WhatsApp? how can you know

Of course, it’s insulting and disrespectful when a woman simply cuts off contact with you by blocking you without responding one last time. Undoubtedly!

Because you deserve that she at least gives an explanation or that you can express yourself again to forgive each other’s mistakes.

Despite the chaos of longing, anger, sadness, disappointment, and desire for your separation, I ask you not to jump to conclusions.

Because in the first stage the question arises:

Did she really block me?

First of all, you should pay attention to these 5 signs that you can easily tell that someone has blocked you on WhatsApp:

  • You can no longer see when the person was “last online” (timestamp).
  • In general, you can no longer see that the other person is currently online.
  • Your profile picture is no longer visible, instead, you only see the white “default avatar”.
  • Your messages will no longer be delivered to her (only one gray tick in your message instead of two).
  • Your WhatsApp call attempts do not arrive.

Make sure the ex has blocked you

But be careful!

If you only notice one of the 5 aforementioned clues, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has blocked you:

  • Your ex can also hide the “last online” timestamp through the data protection settings.
  • Maybe your message just isn’t getting through because you’ve been offline for a long time (busy, the phone lost, etc.).
  • Or she just deleted her profile picture because she couldn’t access the old one anymore.

But if you notice several signs at the same time, it is a strong indication that your ex-girlfriend has blocked you on WhatsApp.

To be sure, I would also wait a few days (which you should always do when in contact with women anyway, so as not to upset them!).

If your message still doesn’t get the second gray checkmark after a week, that’s a big blocking alarm bell.

3 possible reasons why she blocked you

Especially when your breakup was quite peaceful and you didn’t have an argument until the end, such blocking on WhatsApp and all other channels comes as a very surprising result.

The shock is then even greater.

And the piercing question “Why is she doing this?” Don’t leave him alone anymore.

Thoughts circle endlessly, and you go through all the chat histories again to see if you’ve mistyped something that might have bothered them.

You just want to know why she’s doing this.

But there could be many possible reasons why your ex blocked you – and not all of them are directly related to you:

Reason 1: She felt uncomfortable with you

How do most people behave after a breakup when they are still in love?

Correct: Instead of accepting the situation, remain calm and first allow yourself a little distance, cling madly to your ex-partner.

Men, in particular, constantly bombard their ex-girlfriends with WhatsApp messages, writing all kinds of things that piss off women:

When contacting the ex, it specifically means:

  • Constantly begging for a second chance for the relationship
  • I’m sorry a thousand times and writing how sorry you are
  • Eternal strife and quarrels, mutual reproaches
  • Several questions about the reasons for the separation

Maybe your ex-girlfriend blocked you on WhatsApp because at some point she got fed up with all the drama.

Of course, your reaction is understandable.

You love her, you crave her, and you want her back.

That’s why you write to her all the time because you want to find out the reasons for your relationship and have one last chance.

And because you still have so many unspoken things to say to her that stand between you like an invisible concrete wall.

But still: at some point, the woman may have felt very pressured because she didn’t have any more “air to breathe”.

Your ex then blocks you on WhatsApp because she has to distance herself from you.

With her contact block, she wants to leave the stress of the breakup behind, forget about you first and calm down emotionally.

Reason 2: She is dating another man

An attractive woman can, theoretically, always have contact with a handful of men, because a lot of guys swarm around her like hungry hyenas and prey.

There is, for example, Marcelo from the gym, her other ex-boyfriend Marco or Ivan from work, who has had his eye on her for a long time…

As a jealous man, you can go crazy I know.

And maybe your ex-girlfriend even has a new boyfriend that she sees regularly. Horror!

And now imagine:

This guy “stalks” his ex on a date or somehow gets her cell phone in her dirty fingers.

Then he randomly reads your WhatsApp message, in which there is a hot phrase like “I still love you”…


So the jealousy is big. Your new man will think that his ex is cheating on him – or at least that she hasn’t gotten over her breakup with you and might want to get back together with you.

In simple terms, such a simple message at the wrong time and in the wrong place can mean a lot of stress.

Your contact can be like a bomb that suddenly explodes.

Maybe that’s why the woman blocked you on WhatsApp so she could avoid a complicated triangle story and meet her new unflappable lover without you (in the truest sense of the word) “interfering” with them.

And maybe she wants to forget about you in general, blocking, in order to be one hundred percent ready for a relationship with her new boyfriend.

Reason 3: She has to deal with her breakup

But it could also be that your ex generally needs some clear distance from you – regardless of whether you’ve texted him too many times or not.

Because depending on how long you were together as a couple, how great your love was, or what hurtful things were done and said at the end of your partnership, the pain of separation runs deep.

Reading from you and having to respond can mean for them that old emotional wounds will immediately reopen.

It’s a deep stab to the heart every time – especially when she still loves you a little bit.

That’s why she blocks you on WhatsApp. She has decided to block contact so that she can properly process her breakup and heal the wounds of lack of love.

You should then leave her alone and also take the time so that you can forget about your ex-girlfriend for a bit.

With a little luck, she will contact you again after contact is blocked, when she is ready to talk to you again and can maintain a normal friendly relationship with you again.

Maybe then even a new version of your relationship is possible… who knows!

Despite the blockade: how to win back the ex?

Okay, now you know the most common reasons for such a situation when women completely break off contact and block men.

But the next question, at least as important for your current problem, is:

What can you do if she blocked you on WhatsApp? How should you react to the contact ban in order to behave properly?

And how do you manage to get in touch with her again and get her back even though she blocked you?

What NOT to do right now

I understand that the situation after your breakup is very stressful for you and that you want to grab every drop to get in touch with this woman again.

She’s still his big love – or at least she used to be…

However, now you must avoid the following errors:

  • Trying to technically bypass the WhatsApp block (with a new mobile number / new account, group formation, or any other “hack” that can be found in the instructions on the Internet)
  • Try calling the woman (especially not with the withheld number)
  • Contact her through other channels like Facebook or Instagram (which is not possible anyway if she blocked you everywhere)
  • Drive to your home or work to confront her
  • Write a one-page “romance” letter
  • Reach out to your best friend or other people around you and ask what’s going on with your ex.

Of course, I know your fingers are itching to do something like this, because not only do you want, but you have a huge need for discussion.

Even so, such ill-considered actions only make things worse if you want to take them back.

Because of this behavior, the woman will feel even more pressured by you and will have the feeling that you don’t respect her desire to distance yourself.

Also, this contact seems rather needy and makes you look unattractive like a begging vacuum cleaner salesman.

She definitely won’t answer you like that.

On the contrary, all this leads to the fact that she distances herself from you even more after the breakup and a new relationship becomes impossible.

With your perceived intrusive contact attempts, you only get the opposite of what you really want!

Golden rule: give her enough time!

When I used to be in love, my grandparents used to tell me, “Time heals all wounds.”

And there is a lot of truth in us humans.

So, in the first step, don’t try to contact the woman again right away, but respect the fact that your ex blocked you on WhatsApp – even if this attitude was unfair from your point of view.

Instead, you should wait a few weeks, go through contact blocking, and do nothing.

Because in these situations, as I said, it’s best to react calmly first.

With this defensive behavior, you can achieve exactly two things:

1.  Your ex has time to calmly process your breakup, get over the lack of love, and forgive you for possible mistakes if you fought.

2.  You don’t act as clingy as she used to with her exes and other men. By making yourself scarce you look interesting and might even make her ex miss her if she still loves you.

With this, you create the best conditions so that you still have a chance to win back your ex-girlfriend.

Contact correctly in case of blockage

Did you wait a few weeks, not lift your fingers, and give the woman the necessary distance she wanted?

Could it even be that she misses you despite the lockdown?

Very good!

Now comes the next step: you contact her again if she still hasn’t shown any signs of interest on her own.

If she blocked you on WhatsApp, the easiest way to get in touch is to send her a text message or a Facebook message.

Or look for other channels where she hasn’t blocked you.

But what if she really blocked you everywhere?

Then the last option is the letter … or rather, a small postcard with a beautiful motif that reminds you of a shared experience and makes you miss it (for example, a nice vacation spot where you were together).

Then you write a suitable saying as a greeting.

If you manage to awaken her emotions with your words in that first contact and remind her of your good times, she will hardly ignore it.

There is a high probability that she will respond to you – simply because she misses you after all these weeks!

Then she can admit to herself that she still loves him.

And if she unblocks you on WhatsApp, it’s a big step on the way back to a relationship between you.