Since you left, I don’t hate myself anymore

When I was with you I always felt like I wasn’t good enough.

But I thought the problem was me. You probably made me think I was the problem. But since you left, I realize that I don’t hate myself anymore, I even appreciate myself a lot more than in the past.

Now that I don’t hate myself, I can see it was you the problem, not me.

I don’t hate my appearance anymore. When I look at myself in the mirror, all my imperfections are still there, but they don’t matter as much anymore. I just see what I like about me. I don’t feel fat anymore because you no longer grab my love handles telling me that I’ve eaten too much and haven’t exercised enough. I don’t feel ugly anymore because you don’t inspect my face and show all the buttons.

Since you left, I no longer hate what I feel.

You never let me express my emotions the way I wanted because you didn’t understand them, but now I can cry when I’m sad and I just need a good scream, and I can let off steam when I’m sad. anger. Now I speak up and I am much happier.

I don’t hate my salary anymore. I make enough money to do what I love, to live comfortably, and that was fine for me until we were together. You made me feel like money was the only thing that mattered and you made me realize that if I couldn’t fill my bank account, I was worthless.

I don’t hate my apartment anymore. You didn’t like the colors, my furniture, or my decorating choices. And you often laughed at what I had. Of course, it’s only material, but it’s stuff that I liked and you said it was horrible. I was in pain because of it.

But now, when I walk around my apartment, I remember how much I love what I chose.

I don’t hate my friends anymore.

One of your favorite hobbies was taking as much time as possible to get away from my friends so they couldn’t warn me that you were manipulating me.

But they saw it anyway and they weren’t afraid to tell me, but you had so much hold on me, that I hated them for trying to get you away from me until I find out the truth for myself.

Since you left, I don’t hate my family anymore. Another of your hobbies was making fun of my family. I know they are not perfect, but that does not give you the right to criticize them at the slightest opportunity to the point of pissing me off repeatedly and complaining until I too have them. finds “boring and domineering.”

Now that I see that everything they said and did was out of love for me, I love them more than ever.

I don’t hate myself anymore. My appearance, my job, my possessions, and the people in my life are a part of me. You spent the majority of the eight months we were together breaking me down hating every aspect of myself and constantly comparing myself to other women until I was unable to feel “good enough” for you…

In the end, it was you who wasn’t good enough for me. I deserve someone who appreciates me for who I am, not someone who tries to manipulate me into becoming the way he wants me to be.