Stay single until you meet a man who faces each of the following things

Being single is not always a choice, but it is becoming more so every day for more and more women. We begin to expect more from our loved ones and then demand that we be treated as the strong and full of life that we are. We all know that it is best to play it solo until you find a man with whom to couple is really worth it. But what does a man like that really look like?

1. He holds your hand in public without shame.

Public effusions are pleasant in small doses and as long as they remain appropriate in a public place. After all, there is a big difference between #relationshipgoals and “getting a room”. When you walk side by side and he suddenly takes your hand to get closer to him, you feel this warmth and these little tingles, one of the most pleasant sensations in the world. It is a simple gesture of love but it makes you feel that your companion wants you.

2. He regularly sends you the text “write me when I get home”.

When you go out with friends or stay late at the office, it is always nice for a man to be concerned about your safety and want to make sure you get home. Knowing that he cares about you is not only sweet, it’s also proof that he cares about you.

3. He’s honest and doesn’t waste your time playing games.

It is disgusting to note that now, a lot of people on the love scene are not serious. To meet a man, to have the feeling that the current is passing and especially that he feels the same thing and then to see him disappear without leaving a trace is the worst thing in the world. But what are they doing? Expect the boy who will be completely honest about his feelings (and everything else) and not have fun with you. If he wants to be part of your life, he will make an effort and show you that he cares about you and does not want you to have doubts.

4. He wants to invite you although he knows (and respects) that you can pay for yourself.

The big question “who pays?” Was SUFFICIENTly asked. Although everyone, during an appointment, should find it normal to pay their share, nothing is more pleasant than a gallant man eager to invite you. This obviously does not have to be the case every time you go out – you should also appreciate inviting him from time to time – but nobody wants to go out with a flu-penny M. Scrooge.

5. He encourages you to pursue your dreams and goals.

There is no more love-killer than a man so intimidated by a woman’s dreams and goals, that he belittles them so that he feels less anxious. Your partner must support you whether you want to resume your studies, write a novel or learn to play the trombone. Negative energies are prohibited.

6. He doesn’t just meet your expectations, He goes beyond.

Having principles for relationships is terribly important when it comes to protecting your love and self-esteem. If you don’t believe anything, you will accept everything. You will let a man lead you by the nose, use you and you are much better than that. Once you meet a man who just doesn’t meet your expectations but goes above and beyond, it’s time to change your Facebook status!

7. He puts butterflies in your stomach every time you see Him.

When you start dating a new person, you immediately have these butterflies in your stomach and can’t help but smile stupidly at the feeling. Go back in time and you will see yourself, both in your pajamas, in front of Netflix, but with the same butterflies and the same silly smile as on the first date. This is what it is like to live a dream!

8. He keeps trying to seduce you.

During the first meeting, he will be ready to do anything to conquer you. He wants to know what you think, what you do, when he can see you again, how to amaze you, etc. He will systematically make you his priority and will play all his cards to conquer you. And all of that should not stop the minute your relationship becomes serious – the fact that he has managed to seduce you does not mean that he has to reduce his efforts (and the same goes for you, of course ).

9. He turns each experience into an adventure.

Our lives quickly become routine, do the same activities: wake up, go to work, go to sport, come home, have dinner, shower and go to bed. We take the same and start again. In the middle of all these are the round trips to the supermarket and the shopping at the post office or the bank. When a man does these things with you and makes them fun in one way or another, it may be time to really think about keeping them with you. After all, in love it is not always about great experiences – sometimes great progress is made in small moments.

10. He always keeps his promises.

He gives you his word and never disappoints you. Whether he promised to write to you when you got home, or that he would always be there for him, he goes all the way and never plans to let you down. Because that’s love.

And if in addition to the ten beautiful gestures mentioned here, he does these 70 things then it is that you have met the right one.