Staying single is a thousand times better than being half loved

Staying single is a thousand times better than being half-loved . It’s a million times better than being half loved or asking questions that will never be answered. Staying single is much more enjoyable and satisfying than being with someone who doesn’t wholeheartedly commit.

You don’t have to be with someone who doesn’t make your heart feel secure. Do not stand by someone who is unable to do the same for you. Do not give your passion and your light to someone who is unable to appreciate its beauty. Don’t give your all to someone who doesn’t give you anything.

Never belittle yourself, for anyone.

So stay single . Because you, more than anyone, deserve to be completely loved. And right now, you are the only one who can offer you that. You are the only one capable of being present for yourself. So stay alone. Sleep alone.

Do not give your soul, your oxygen and your lips if it does not light up the life of the one who receives them. Do not forget yourself so as to make yourself desirable. Because you deserve to be loved, completely. You deserve to be worshiped, to be treated as if you were the only person in the world. You deserve to be treated with grace, dignity and respect.

So for now, don’t settle for anything less. Do not throw yourself into currents that will only distance you from what you are. Don’t throw yourself into a relationship just because you feel lonely or hopeless. Don’t throw yourself into anything that doesn’t give you the life and love you deserve.

You deserve completeness. You deserve beauty and commitment. You deserve something that is full, something that “fills you” and overwhelms you. You deserve a love that doesn’t ask any questions. You deserve a love written in indelible ink. A love that pushes you to love yourself more. A love that pushes you to improve, a love that makes you grow wings.

So please stay single. Because at the moment being single is better than anything else. Being alone is better than being with the first comer who only wants s ex. Being alone is so much better than being with the boy you met on Tinder or Bumble and who will only want you for a day or two. Being alone is better than being rejected by someone who didn’t care as much about you as you thought. Being alone is much more satisfying than looking for an unsatisfactory love.

Learn to be alone, without feeling isolated. Learn to become desirable and appreciated. Learn to cherish yourself.

And don’t you dare to be fooled. Don’t you dare to settle for less than what you deserve. Because in the end, you would just be left alone and heartbroken. And it would only be you to pick up the pieces.