Thank you for teaching me what one-sided love was: never again!

When you are in love, it is normal to want to do everything in your power to please your lover. You decide to open your heart, to take the risk of feeling vulnerable. You find yourself more and more absorbed by the life and desires of your other half and you are even ready to give up all that you do to be at the side of this person.
But, over time, you begin to realize that you are always the first and only one to say “I love you” .


I have always tended to give too much to others. I have a habit of wanting to arrange things as much as possible, even when it is not my onions and I should refrain from getting involved. I exhaust myself from giving every gram of energy I have in other people’s unhappy stories and I often find myself doing everything I can to make anyone happy, even when doing so could jeopardize my own happiness. .
I always prefer to see the bright side of things and people, even when they do everything to prove to me that I shouldn’t.

Time goes by and without us realizing it, the relationship is running out of steam

All relationships do not necessarily start with just one of the two interested in the other, but most unfortunately end in this way.

It is very often the result of a relationship where one of the people will be madly and deeply in love, where the other partner will share the same feelings but in a less intense way.
Be careful, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you … He just loves you less intensely than you love him. The problem is that when you are in love, it is easy to be blinded, even if the signs of a unilateral love appear.

The meeting and the beginning of a great story

You were no exception. I met you unexpectedly but when it happened, as soon as I met your eyes, I knew that I wanted you in my life, as a friend and as a lover . Then everything went naturally, everything went perfectly: our chemistry was undeniable.

Instantly, we confided in each other. You told me about your struggles, the inner demons you faced daily and in support, I wanted to help you fight them. I have been there for you whenever you need it, listening to you and trying to reassure you.

Nothing was really official between us but I didn’t need a “title” to know that we were made for each other.

Blindness and disappointment

It didn’t stop you from hurting me repeatedly. It even became a game for you, pushing me away one day to better catch me the next. It didn’t stop me from staying stoic, by your side. I cared so much about you that there came a time when I put your happiness above mine.

A few weeks ago, I thought things were going to be different. I heard you apologize in front for the first time, for everything. I looked at you and I thought you had the trigger, that you really understood the importance of your place in my life and mine in yours. But of course, it didn’t take long for you to resume your old habits.

Everything indicated that we were no longer on the same wavelength

I was texting or phoning you so we could meet during the week. If I didn’t do this, several days could go by without a word being exchanged.
You did not hesitate to ask me for favors, which I accepted without blinking but the rare times when I asked you for help, you turned a deaf ear.
You preferred to spend your time with your friends, never inviting me during your outings and me, when I had no choice but to live evenings without you, I felt the need to justify myself, to explain to you and tell you that I wish you were there.
I was defending you no matter what, whatever you did and it cost me to lose sight of some people, to confuse myself with my family without you seeming to show any gratitude.

Whenever I have tried to address these issues with you, you have either become upset or have pretended not to be willing to talk about it, for x or y reason. You were ostrich, refusing me the slightest explanation and leaving me alone to cogitate, frightened and sad, hurt by your lack of interest.

Well know that you hurt me for the last time. I’m tired of being your punching bag.

Lessons to be learned so as not to repeat the same mistakes

However, I want to thank you for the lessons you have taught me, despite you. You taught me that there was nothing wrong with giving yourself entirely to someone. Yes, I gave everything I could and this observation allows me to move away without regrets, knowing that I have spared no effort for the two of us, unlike you. You are the one who hurt someone who would have given you the world.

You taught me not to endure one-sided love. I was constantly at your disposal, coming back to you when you decided, without the will to question my own desires. Now I realize that I deserve someone who trusts me, someone who doesn’t need to play yoyo with my feelings.

You taught me to stop trying to fix everything, especially when it was only to demolish better. There comes a time when something has been repaired and destroyed so many times that there is no other option than to leave it in good condition and leave.

Take the time to rebuild yourself before looking for love again

When you decide to finally end the relationship, make sure you have the support of family and / or friends. Even if your partner has never been there for you and you think you can manage on your own, know that you are going to need people to turn to.

Don’t hesitate to make a list of all the reasons why you ended this story. We often tend to forget how or why we came to this choice and if he tries to crawl back, you will have something to consult that will remind you of why you broke up. Remember that you have given this person many opportunities to change their behavior and chose not to do so.

People who love with all their heart are rare, special and unfortunately tend to be taken for granted. If you are one of these people, do not feel bad and never apologize for being who you are because you are wonderful.

Keep eliminating the toxic and disreputable people from your life and you will end up finding the one who will love you in a similar and unconditional way, which is exactly what you deserve.