The 10 qualities of a perfect woman

While there is no such thing as the perfect woman, there are certain qualities that indicate that you are an absolutely great woman.

1 – The perfect woman is positive

There is nothing more pleasant than a woman who always has a smile on her lips, who exudes the joy of living and always sees the bright side of things.

2 – The perfect woman knows what she wants

In love, at work, in life … Men love women who know what they want and who do everything to get it. What fighters!

3 – The perfect woman enhances her man

A woman who does everything to enhance her lover, it’s flattering and it shows her that her partner really loves her.

4 – The perfect woman is kind and caring

It seems normal but it is not for everyone. Some women are tough on their partners, especially because they put their own interests above those of their marriage.

5 – The perfect woman is alive

The perfect woman always has plenty of ideas for things to do. She takes the initiative and enjoys organizing outings and trips. She hates sitting around doing nothing!

6 – The perfect woman takes care of herself

Men hate women who neglect themselves: greasy hair, chipped nails, hair under the arms … Not to mention being a princess, you have to be presentable at least!

7 – The perfect woman has repartee

When you say something to her that does not please her, the perfect woman knows how to defend herself. She does not let herself be led by the nose!

8 – The perfect woman is fulfilled

The perfect woman loves her life. Quite simply because she gives herself the means to make her beautiful!

9 – The perfect woman loves somersaults

The perfect woman loves s**x because it’s good for morale! And that it creates very strong bonds with her partner.

10 – The Perfect Woman Doesn’t Complain

“I’m Fat”, “I Hate My Job”, “I Can’t Find a Good Guy”, “I’m Tired” … is anti-s**x as much as possible! You will never hear the perfect woman complain. If something is wrong with her life, she moves to make it better!