The 4 signs of true love

Sometimes insecurities or doubts can appear in our feelings. Therefore, we give you some clues to think about your feelings towards this person. Love is everything.

There are pillars in life that are essential for every human being. One of them is the feeling of loving and being loved. Your daily routine may be disrupted, you may experience periods of weakness and discouragement in your life, but if you have love everything is calm and eventually, everything heals. In this sense, it is worth asking yourself whether you, the person whose life you are now living is truly your true love.

Discover in this article the 4 signs to know if the feelings you are feeling are powerful and sincere, or if it is simply a whim or a simple desireDo some soul-searching and find out how you really feel. Dare to face your fears and tell yourself the truth about your romantic feelings.

What if you don’t feel the same as your partner?

The first step is to fearlessly accept the possibility that what you are feeling is not love. If you are able to take that option that could end the relationship, you have already started to be brave and stop kidding yourself.

No one is guilty of not feeling the same intensity as their partner in love. Sometimes you can want more and you can’t force yourself to feel things that aren’t inside of you.

Doubt is not bad. And, sometimes there are stages of greater distancing that occur in all couples. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end, maybe just a needed break.

Don’t feel guilty for thinking and being more introspective about your feelings. The important thing, whether for better or for worse, is to embrace the reality of how you are feeling, not to lie to yourself. Take all the time you need to find yourself.

4 signs of true love

1. Love even in thought

A very clear indication that you really love this person is when they are continually occupying your thoughts. The memory unites, attracts, evokes, and nourishes the desire to be together. A signal to allay the doubt about whether you like this person is when their image comes up in your mind often and you want to see them more.

If, on the other hand, in your thought, there is still the idea of ​​being with another person or if you regularly remember your past stories, it is possible that your love has disappeared. This process of change is usually gradual, so it is good to pay attention to our behavior and thoughts.

2. Your partner strengthens you, he does not limit you

Your true love will always allow you to give the world the best version of yourself . When we love someone, we show ourselves as we really are. Without the fear of hiding or disguising aspects of our personality.

If there is true love, it must be reciprocal and, therefore, that person will be with you such for who you really are. Without disguise and without pretense. With respect and, when disputes arise, also with patience.

With love, a tendency arises in us to be better people, to evolve. Love gives us an energetic boost every day and this is another sign that we are in love.

The desire to undertake a thousand new projects, the illusion of decorating your house, going to dinner in your favorite restaurant, traveling together, etc. These are signs that there is love and that things are going in the right direction.

3. No insecurity or jealousy

The damage that jealousy can do to a couple is devastating. The jealousy, basically, arises from a lack of love. When one trusts the other, when there is real respect, there is no need to be a detective and spy on our partner (social networks, cell phone, pockets of clothes…).

If mistrust is fueled, doubts about loyalty and many other negative thoughts will start to hurt your love. He who loves gives himself unconditionally, exposes himself to being hurt, and does not make his current love pay for the wounds that others have inflicted on him.

4. You don’t wonder if you love your partner

The last point is also a conclusion. Because when you really love a person, you don’t need to wonder about it. We let ourselves be carried away by all the good it brings us and we immerse ourselves in our relationship when difficulties or problems arise.

Time flies with the person you love and yet even a long separation does not create addiction. There is trust, patience, affection, and respect. And arguments are overcome over time, making the relationship stronger than ever.