The 5 Rules For Texting A Guy You Like

Are you wondering what the protocol is for texting a guy you like?

Do you sit by your phone for hours on end, watching and waiting for him to text you first?

Are you agonizing over what to say and when to say it?

Well, before sending that first “hi, how are you?” here are the 5 rules for texting a guy you like.

Sending text messages is a problem that no other time in history has had to deal with.

Unlike love letters, a text is personal and impersonal; it’s instant, and once sent, you can’t chase the messenger to try to get it back.

Since texting is a new social phenomenon in the dating world, there is still a lot of confusion about the etiquette of texting a guy you like.

It’s not always as clear-cut as it sounds, and of course, every man is different, but here are 5 guaranteed texting rules that are universal, no matter what kind of guy you’re attracted to.

1 . Don’t Text First

If you and a guy exchange numbers, don’t be the first to text.

The only first text you should give is the one where you are initially giving him your number and he is giving you his in return.

There is a general “three-day rule” that generally applies to calls, and this rule can easily be applied to text messages (since it’s very rare for anyone to call anymore).

2 . Don’t Reply Immediately

After you and your boyfriend break the proverbial ice and start texting (or, to be clear, after he sends the initial message), wait a few minutes before texting back.

I know, it sounds silly, but you don’t want him to think you’ve been waiting by the phone this whole time, in case you hear from him.

There is no need to wait days, or even hours, before responding; Wait a few minutes.

Let him vaguely wonder what you’re doing today (aside from, of course, waiting on the phone).

3 . Be The First To Have To Go

When it comes to texting, it’s always a good idea to be the first to say “I have to go.”

It’s great to have a conversation, of course, but at some point, the conversation must end.

Here’s how you handle it: “Wow, I’d love to talk to you more about this, but I need to get to work.

Want to grab a coffee later and continue the conversation?”

You just accomplished two things.

On the one hand, you ended the conversation by first leaving him wanting more from you, and on the other hand, you opened up to a real date.

Always an advantage.

4 . Keep Messages Short And Pleasant

Now, before you become a master texting conversationalist, your first initial messages should be short and sweet.

He doesn’t need you to write a book about all your daily thoughts, but some information is always good.

Don’t overdo the messages.

Talking too much over text can have an adverse effect and he may think you are chatty.

Even if you’re a chatterbox (like me), you’ll still want to save some small talk for the nights you two go out.

5 . If You’re Asking Him Out, Give At Least Three Days In Advance

If it hasn’t gotten to the point where you can maneuver a date into a conversation, then wait until the two of you have texted for at least a few days and then ask him out.

Of course, when you ask him out, give him a three-day advance (the same as he would need to give you) so he can adjust his schedule if necessary, or he won’t be warned and too exhausted to hang out with you.

In general, the rules for texting a guy you like are similar to the rules for dating.

Allow plenty of time for communication, but don’t reveal all your mysteries at once.

Don’t text him on the first date (or before the first date), and be the first to go (most guys are afraid to finish texts first because they feel like they’re being rude to you ).