The 8 types of hug of a man and their true meaning

Hugs are one of the main displays of affection that occur between human beings, however, not all hugs are the same as others.

There are different types, intensities, and ways of hugging along with all this it is logical each type of hug has a different meaning as well.

Here you will learn about the different types of a man’s embrace and their meaning.

It is important to emphasize that even if a man’s attitude tries to show something, our actions, attitudes, and display of affection are things that will never allow us to lie.

If your boy is upset with you, doesn’t want to talk to you, or tries to fake a tough attitude with you, what he can’t fake is a hug, that moment when he says goodbye to you, when he greets you or when he unexpectedly hugs you says it all.

In the same way, a boy who swears to love you madly and his hug turn out to be not very affectionate at all times, it is also a factor to take into account, perhaps he does not feel all that love that he swears to you every night.

Physical contact is a vital aspect in the life of the human being, we all hug someone at least once a day, the coworker at the office, a relative, a friend from school, or our partner, at least one little warm hug out of habit or by way of greeting.

Undoubtedly this depends on our personality, sadly in our busy lives and how much we change as we grow up, it has caused us to put aside this beautiful way of showing our affection towards a person.

Quite the opposite to when we were little, we embraced practically everything that was put in front of us regardless of whether it was a man or a woman, a boy or a girl, whether it was alive or not.

We were not afraid of rejection and we hugged as spontaneously as possible, unfortunately in adulthood maintaining this physical contact is increasingly difficult.

The way a man hugs you always says a lot, no matter if his hug is small, long-lasting, strong or soft, it always tells us something about him and how he feels about you.

1. Shoulder hug 

It is that typical cold hug where he only touches your shoulders or at most your upper back, a hug where the distance from his body is considerably distant from yours.

In the meaning of hugs, it is not very important what your boy says, there are even times that silence says much more.

This type of hug shows the discomfort that he feels at that moment, it shows his indecision to hug you, however, if you cling to him and hug him tightly, he could stay in that position for a while longer, standing without trying to improve the hug quality.

2. Hug express 

All without exception we have received this type of hug, it is the typical hug that you give your mother when it is late for you to go to work/school and that you don’t really realize what the hug was really like.

However with a man, the situation is a little different, men are also in a hurry and are usually very desperate, however, 1 in 10 hugs of this type is due to the time factor.

If you think about how much could it cost to stay 3 more seconds and turn that express hug into an average one? It really wouldn’t affect him and men know that when it comes to something important it is better to stay and give a good hug.

This type of hug also occurs when he tries to calm you down due to some situation outside of you or perhaps because he could not wait for another second to show you his love.

3. Movie hug 

This is the hug we see in soap operas or in romantic Hollywood movies when the girl runs into the arms of her lover and he waits for her with open arms hoping to hold her to carry her in his arms.

And without a doubt, it will cause the girl’s feet to lose contact with the ground, that beautiful hug that usually lasts more than 2 minutes and that makes anyone’s heart grow just by looking at it.

This hug denotes a deep love, it becomes evident how much he wanted to see you, how important and valuable you are to him. If your boy hugs you in this way it does not mean anything other than that he is truly in love with you.

The men who tend to hug in this way demonstrate the security they have in themselves, that they are people capable of demonstrating what they feel and the great human quality that accompanies them.

In this type of hug the words are leftover, only that act of love matters, the affection that he shows you by hugging you in that way without anything else being important to him.

4.  Tight hug

It is one of those hugs that leave you breathless and not precisely because of the intensity of the hug. It is a hug that your boy holds you so tight that it seems that he has not seen you in centuries or that he is going to another planet.

When your boy hugs you in this way, he is telling you without words that he does not want to let you go, that you have him captivated and that he is deeply in love.

Just as there are different types of hugs there are different types of men, some guys are extremely outgoing, and expressing their love with words or actions is extremely easy for them.

And there are other boys who are a little shyer, that telling you to face to face that he loves you madly would be just as difficult as drinking red-hot fire, so for these boys expressing their love with acts is the best option.

5. Bear hug

This is a combination of a hug that includes a strong squeeze but at the same time a hug of short duration. He can take you in front of him and hug you with all his strength or take you on your back.

This type of hug can be interpreted as a sincere show of affection, it can occur between friends or lovers, so it is important that you be alert so as not to misinterpret this type of affection.

It is that type of hug that we cannot fake, it is a hug that even lasts for only a few moments you can perceive all the affection that one person feels for another.

6.  Ergonomic hug

As funny as the name may seem to you, it is the kind of hug that no matter what you look like or his, they always end up fitting with each other, and the hug turns out to be the most welcoming expression in the world.

That is, it does not matter if he is tall and you are very short, he can easily accommodate his head on yours and his arm always turns out to be the most comfortable rest for your cheek.

Did you think this was a coincidence? Well, it is not like that, it is an authentic demonstration of pure love, of all that affection that he feels for you.

This hug usually lasts more than 2 minutes and anyone could realize what is really happening between the two of you, the love he has for you is similar to a puzzle where his only complement is you.

7.  Stares

A man hugs in different ways, each one has his own style and hugs in different ways depending on the occasion, although for a man truly in love, a special occasion is not needed to show his love in a unique way.

When a man hugs you and takes you by the waist or arms but always looking into your eyes without breaking the hug, hold on! This means that your boy is more in love with you than you could imagine.

A man who enjoys hugging his girl, but at the same time looking into her eyes, talks about an incredibly romantic boy who does not want to be separated from you, who admires your beauty, and how you feel means a lot to him.

That is why he enjoys looking at your face while showing all his love for you.

8)  ” Apapacho”

The classic hug that includes a series of many more hugs, if your boy hugs you in this way to comfort you or make you feel better is undoubtedly a demonstration of his love and interest for you.

Pampering a person means being with them for a long time, listening to them, and giving them strong continuous, and lasting hugs, this act speaks of a patient and concerned person. It tends to be more likely if you feel sad or discouraged.

If your boy hugs you frequently in this way, rate it! And he recognizes his dedication because there are many other boys who prefer to buy something for his girlfriend or pretend that nothing happens, as long as not to prolong the talk about problems.

In summary

Each of us expresses our love in different ways, what we cannot pretend is what we really feel when hugging someone, if you want to know what a man really feels for you, pay attention to these details.