The differences between a Boy and a Gentleman.

A boy will confuse you.

A Gentleman will make you trust him.

A boy wants you to make him happy.

A Gentleman knows that there is nothing better than seeing a smile on your face.

A boy doesn’t know what he wants.

A Gentleman will tell you how he will get what he wants.

A boy cancels plans and projects.

A Gentleman keeps his word.

A boy wants to take you to his bedroom.

A Gentleman wants to introduce you to his family and parents.

A boy lets you pay all the time.

A Gentleman will want to pay every time.

A boy does not talk about the future and the future.

A Gentleman actually plans projects with you 3 months in advance.

A boy finds excuses.

A Gentleman knows when to apologize.

A boy listens to you when you want something.

A Gentleman realizes it.

A boy wants everything very quickly and now.

A Gentleman knows how to be patient and to listen.

A boy abandons you when something goes wrong the way he wants it to.

A Gentleman will go through hell for you and with you.

A boy is polite and has manners only when he wants something.

For a Gentleman, it is an art of living.

A boy does not know what to answer when asked what he wants to do in several years.

A Gentleman knows what he will want to do in 5 years.

A boy leaves when he is bored.

A Gentleman waits to be ready and looks for a long term relationship.

A boy is often superficial and doesn’t care who you really are.

A Gentleman cares about what kind of person you are and what’s inside of you.

A boy is sending you mixed signals.

A Gentleman knows what he wants and how he wants it.

A boy doesn’t want to meet your family or your friends.

A Gentleman loves to spend time with them.

Boys are afraid to really get involved.

Gentleman is just waiting for this.

A boy is dating several girls.

A Gentleman knows that one woman is enough for him.