The keys to stop falling in love easily

Since the creation of the world, love always accompanies the human being. Society lives to the rhythm of the outbursts of love , between smile , sadness and drama, love remains one of the pillars of our centers of interest. However, a new phenomenon is emerging, it’s called:  the obsession with perfect love . Nearly 80% of the population is affected.


Falling in love is not a bad thing in itself, on the contrary, it’s the best feeling in the world. Who has never been in love during their life? Who has never had the pleasure of being inflamed by the words of his companion?

The love provokes in us a tidal wave of thoughts, a feeling of happiness absolute a bit on edge, with allegorical situations as each of them, the softer the more comical. At the moment, we perceive love as something incredible. However, this sudden passion comes at a price. Falling head over heels in love with another person without really knowing them causes a lot of damage both psychologically and emotionally.

Obsession with loveis defined by a habit of falling in love with a person hastily without scratching the superficial aspect and without knowing the person deeply. It must be said that the number of men around you are mostly bothersome. So, when you meet a man who flirts with you with a minimum of eloquence, you tend to rush into your feelings, you are already evaluating your future relationship and your life together. However, this phenomenon is the number one cause of separations , as it identifies many problems in the future.


Fighting against your feelings is very difficult, especially when you really like someone. It takes a lot of psychological strength as well as a great perseverance to learn not to fall in love, especially if you cannot manage your emotions. To remedy this, you must absolutely move away from the object that stirs your feelings and follow these few tips:

Take care of yourself and do activities

Do manual activities

Love is not just loving a person, love is also loving oneself, without falling into narcissism or the inaccessible. Focusing on yourself, your personal well-being and your personal development stops emotional dependence and distracts your thoughts with what you love and which make you smile instead of what a man will do to you and you. will bring.

The goal is to learn to love yourself alone and not to focus only on a man, that he is the one and only who can bring you the happiness you deserve. Get this dogma out of your head, you can be happy without actually being in love by doing all the things that appeal to you.

If going shopping can be a part of your personal growth, then do it. Likewise, what to do with pottery, to practice sports activities, …

Get involved in your goals and their achievements

Set yourself goals and achieve them!

You certainly have other goals in life besides being in love and having a relationship and now is the time to achieve them. Whether professionally, for the realization of the work, a construction,… Thus, you can put all the devices for the execution of your projects by channeling the energy that you were going to pour into this relationship by putting your own personal projects . To do so, take note of what you want to do, what you plan to do and the means at your disposal. Take the project that inspires you and that is particularly important to you.

The goal here is again to develop personal happiness by completing projects that will make you proud of yourself and that will make you happy.

Spend time with family and friends

Spend time with your friends, without trying to seduce them

One of the factors that make a person happy is undoubtedly sharing time with family and friends. The human being is a social being, he cannot live without sharing his happiness, his misfortunes,… Through his relatives who in turn will offer him appeasement, support and above all participate in his personal development.

You must therefore go out with your loved ones, whether they are your family or your friends, and practice playful, fun activities with which you will feel comfortable and which will draw a smile on your face without necessarily being in a relationship.

You can take a roadtrip with girls or friends, have fun at the theme parks with your family, or go out in the evening, …