These people are rare gems, keep them close, fight for them, don’t give up on them

“Love is the only thing we are able to perceive that transcends the dimensions of time and space. Maybe we should trust this even if we can’t figure it out. “~ Interstellar, the movie

When certain people come into our lives, they make us realize that everything we used to believe about ourselves was wrong – that we are precious and that we are wanted and that we are unique.

These people are our soul mates.

They share the kind of love and passion we have for life. They deeply feel what we are doing and they experience a rich inner world with which we resonate.

These people are rare gems, keep them. Fight for them. Do not abandon them. 

They hurt as violently as we do. They are just as terrified of failure as we are. Their sadness reaches them deep in their flesh as does ours. Their emptiness is as overwhelming as ours. They push the world away as much as we do. They are afraid of being abandoned like us. They want to be loved and accepted as much as we do.

They appreciate our presence as much as we appreciate theirs. They are as grateful for us as we are for them. They want us as much as we want them to stay. We miss them as much as we need to see them. They don’t like being apart as much as we hate leaving. They appreciate our quirks as much as we love theirs. They love to make us laugh as much as we live to see them smile. They would do anything for us as much as we would sacrifice everything for them.

They are our soul mates and our best friends.

They are our brothers, our sisters, our mother, our father, our teachers, our mentors, our lovers, our daughters, our sons, our classmates, our roommates, and our neighbors.

They are the ones who form deep and unbreakable bonds. They know our soul, and we know theirs. Their thoughts and feelings reach us before they speak. They respond to ours before we open our mouths.

These are the ones we fight with, the ones we may hate, and the ones we shy away from.

But in those dark nights of separation, we still feel it, this bond, this powerful bond.

They stay.

It is there as a subtle vibration under the wisdom and advice of others. The truth is, we know we can’t deny because we love them.

We can feel their love as a silent whisper behind the back of our minds. We know we miss them, and they feel the pain of being apart as much as we do. We know they need us as much as we need them. We can feel that they regret their anger as much as we regret our pride. We know that they are also sorry for us for having hurt, because we are also sorry for having hurt them. They want to reach us as much as we need to talk to them.

These are the ones we cannot do without, and they cannot live without us.

No matter how long it takes, write this letter, send this text, give this reminder.

To so-and-so I say: I’m so glad I wrote this email, and I’m so glad you responded. I’m so glad we met that day, had lunch, and made up.

I missed you deeply. I need you.

Life went on without you, and it’s a painful truth. But I am so happy that our connection has remained and has come to us through the dimensions of space and time.

I’m glad we trust her because now our bond is stronger.

It will never be broken, it will never be forgotten.

This truth that we can trust, we are soul mates, bound for life. Life will test us, our bond will be tested many times, but I am not afraid – because I know I will always have you as my best friend.

To such I say:

I love you with a sublime love of a love beyond mortality pure, effervescent, selfish and kind that flows beyond the limits of space and time.