These things that a narcissistic pervert would never do for you

Have you ever met a narcissist? Have you ever seen one closely? Have you ever been in a relationship with one of these “characters”?

If the answer is yes, even just one of these questions, you are well aware of all the horrors that this implies. The narcissistic perverts, men or women lie, manipulate and end up destroying you.

But life is not only black and despite one or more painful experiences, but we also bounce back. It’s about rebuilding yourself, finding yourself, and then maybe meeting someone else.

And by meeting someone good, you will realize that life is worth living. But how do you know? How can you be sure that this new person in your life is a good person?

Be on the lookout for the 8 signs below. If they do not necessarily mean that the one you met is the man of your life, they are a guarantee of his good mental health and his ability to maintain a mature relationship based on honesty!

Because these 8 things, a narcissistic pervert would be unable to do them.

He will let you into his life

An adult and healthy man will have no difficulty opening up to you. Even if his personal history makes him on the reserve, he would eventually reveal himself over time.

A good man is a man who can communicate and be honest. He does not leave the other in doubt and expresses himself when necessary.

A good man opens up, at his own pace and naturally … Love and attachment oblige!

He will show respect to you

Narcissistic perverts, strong with an oversized ego, believe themselves to be better than everyone. In fact, they have no respect for others. They do not respect your choices, your opinions or your general tastes.

A narcissistic pervert feeds on the suffering he inflicts on others. He needs to humiliate his partner to exist. But beware, you don’t have to be a PN to hurt others.

You will never be disrespectful of a good man. He will treat you as you deserve or at least like he likes others to treat him. When you are a healthy and intelligent person, you live by the well-known rule of never doing to others what you would not like to be done to us.

He will know how to accompany and support you

Again, you don’t have to be a PN to fail to support your partner. A man, everything that is most normal will do the same if he does not care about you and does not feel anything for you.

But a good man, even if he doesn’t see himself with you in the long term, would never stay with you out of interest and would put an end to the relationship.

On the other hand, a healthy and loving man will only want one thing: to see you happy and fulfilled. Your dreams, your desires, and your aspirations will become hers. And he will dedicate his life to helping you achieve them. Of course, he will expect you to do the same for him.

He will never exceed your limits

There are many people who have no hesitation in violating the limits of others. But a narcissistic pervert will do it voluntarily, with the aim of domination. More generally, it will do so in order to extend its hold over you.

A good man, a man in love would never allow it. On the contrary, it will make a point of honor to respect your limits. Similarly, he will be keen to see you maintain a secret garden, knowing full well that it is something necessary for the flourishing of a relationship.

He will pull you up

A narcissistic pervert never misses a chance to belittle his partner. The feeling of superiority and omnipotence that it brings is like a drug that he is unable to do without.

In short, it is an unhealthy attitude essential to his emotional survival.

A good man, on the other hand, will be keen to pull you up, to motivate you, to encourage you to surpass yourself. He will want to see you become aware of yourself and take advantage of all your opportunities.

He will do everything possible to make you trust him

Trust is the basis of all human relationships. We all know it. Besides, for any normal person, trying to gain the trust of the other is imperative as it is a precious commodity.

A good man, therefore, knows that confidence is difficult to acquire and can be lost quickly. In fact, it will not deceive you and will not make you secretive. He will do his best, to be honest, and sincere.

He will listen

The second pillar of a lasting relationship is without a doubt communication. And if a man knows how to be an attentive ear, it’s always a good sign. Someone who can listen is someone who has empathy.

A sincere man will be ready to listen to you for hours if necessary. And beware, his listening will not be passive, but active. More than nodding at each of your sentences, it will also respond and console you. Again, love obliges!

Narcissistic perverts never care about your words, unless they relate to themselves. They don’t care about your feelings, your moods, and your opinions.

He will be able to recognize his mistakes and apologize for them

It is known to all, narcissists are never wrong! In fact, they are completely unable to apologize. They are not responsible for anything.

And even if they apologize, it is because they were forced to do so and have no other choice. But these excuses are rarely sincere. They are a simple way out.

A healthy man can recognize his wrongs. He knows that we are all imperfect and that we all make mistakes. A man in love will even be able to apologize if he is not wrong, for your good!

I know that after having lived with a narcissist, the simple act of imagining yourself with someone else seems spooky. But we must allow time for time and keep hope. Above all, you have to know how to forgive yourself and get rid of any form of guilt.

Believe me, the time will come when you are ready and when you can envisage a new romantic relationship.