Tips to overcome the crisis and reconcile with my partner – Duration of this period

In life we ​​get used to finding happiness. And on this long journey we run into many pitfalls for which we are not prepared at all. Therefore, we can lose our way behind these obstacles and we do not know how to overcome them.

Well, these difficult moments in life are different for each of the people, and that is exactly why no one, no matter how experienced they have, presents you with a manual to overcome difficult moments in life.

In a love relationship, things don’t change much, two people who are really different set out on a journey together and even if they don’t want to, a problem always ends up appearing.

But do not worry, because here we are going to teach you how to take those difficult moments in life and that you manage to overcome them successfully. Continue reading.

Do you

How should you support your partner in difficult times?

Our partner is not only necessary to have s…x. Well, despite the fact that the first form of attraction that we find with a person in the vast majority of cases is usually some physical quality. Something that we have to be very clear about is that this person represents a much stronger bond for us.

In the same way, this bond does not start us to the point that whatever happens to our partner will be as if it were happening to us. Nor should we take this feeling to the limit, as it could become an obsession of dependence with that person .

Now, when your partner presents any problem or difficult moment, never think of searching for “encouragement phrases in difficult moments paulo coelho” in google. Well, this will not only be useless to improve the situation, but the real phrases for difficult moments as a couple.

The ones that really work are the ones that come out of the mind. Exactly as you heard, the best words of encouragement in difficult moments come out in a thoughtful way, under careful reflection and of course well argued.

How to overcome difficult moments in life?

As we mentioned at the beginning, life has many moments that put us to the test and cause a lot of headaches. If you are a person who has not gone through many of them, then it may be difficult for you to carry them out.

In the same vein, the best thing you can do for these moments is to look for reflections for difficult moments. Of course, we are not talking about searching the internet.

We refer to going to someone who can provide you with good reflections. It is best to speak with a close friend, as a familiar opinion may not be entirely professional and critical . In this way, it might not provide any solutions for the difficult moment.

On the other hand, meditation is the key to finding those phrases to move on in life . If none of the above helps you with your difficult time, then go on television. Despite the fact that everything is false there, we can even find reflections for difficult moments as a couple that you will want to have framed for when you find yourself in a similar situation.

The essential thing is never to fix, but to prevent . So make sure that the next time a stumbling block hits your life, you are prepared to overcome it as maturely as possible.

Reasons why a couple is in crisis

Crises within relationships occur when problems remain unsolved and accumulate until they cannot be borne. The most common mistake that couples usually make is not solving the problems as soon as they happen , they simply let the situation pass until they no longer think about it but it really remains unresolved.

Normally couples go through a moment of crisis from time to time, the first moment appears during the courtship when they begin to know the shadows of the other and where it is decided whether the relationship really continues or not.

Another stage appears in the birth of the first child , this more than anything happens because of the distance that usually appears during pregnancy and after this due to the attention that the baby demands, which tends to be exclusive.

Then there is a new crisis during the adolescence of the child (ren) and after that, the moment the child leaves home. And later when retirement from working life happens.

All these stages have in common a high dose of stress and misunderstandings that will depend on each couple but that they leave to be solved until the last moment. It is also added the lack of attention and details between the couple and the fact that as time passes each one changes and has other ambitions and desires that can collide with those of the couple.

How long can a crisis last in a relationship?

If you have heard a friend say that she is in a relationship crisis, you may think that it is the best, to take time. This is the opposite, it does not help at all , it does not solve anything. And it is that when the washing machine is damaged you do not leave it unused waiting for it to be fixed. You look for a way to fix it.

In this way, crises work as a couple, the rest between fights only makes you forget the conflict, but it does not solve it. That is why your difficult moments as a couple will last as long as you propose to last if you want to solve something, get ready. Find out, look for good arguments , prepare a letter for difficult moments as a couple, and let the action begin.

Crises within a couples relationship will last as long as both take to solve it. It can extend from weeks to months but its end is decided by the members of the conflict.

The best and most advisable thing is not to let time pass between the annoyances and to attack the root problem right at the moment in which it arose. You also have to know that this is a decision of 2 and if both are not on the same page to solve things then the problem will continue to spread.

If you notice that only you are showing interest in solving things then it is not worth solving anything , you may actually have fallen in love with the wrong person . Therefore, this must end that relationship once and for all. In this way, you will be uprooting the problem at its roots.

How to overcome the emotional crisis in my relationship?

To solve an emotional crisis in a relationship, both of you need to be willing to find the right way out in favor of love. However, many times there is always one who must first give the arm to twist so that then the door is already open to fix the problem.

When it comes to solving the crisis, it is necessary to know how to do it, so we leave you a list of steps through which you can guide yourself to obtain the best results.

Seek to converse with your partner

This is the beginning of everything, communication is a fundamental factor, but the conversation cannot be based on trivia. Seek to converse with your partner to speak directly about the problem.

At this point it is necessary for each one to expose what has bothered them , find a solution and commit to doing what is necessary to end the crisis.

Express the things that bother you

When you are confident enough to tell your partner what is bothering you and what is not, then surely solving the crisis will not be a difficult task. Both have to expose what hurts them and in turn take responsibility for the mistake made by each one.

Do not look for culprits

Understanding that there are no culprits in a crisis forces anyone to take responsibility for their actions. This means that the problem really arises from the clash of the different characters that each person has and this personality cannot be changed unless the person wishes to continue having a healthy relationship.

By getting rid of the culprits you immediately step out of the victim role which only does is extend the problems.

Putting yourself in your partner’s shoes

Empathy is a characteristic that helps a lot to resolve conflicts, this is because you can put aside individuality and understand what it was and what it is that makes your partner feel bad. Based on this empathy and understanding what your partner thinks, you can correct many aspects of yourself that will surely get them out of the crisis they are in.

Of course, putting yourself in the other’s place is a task that the two of you have to do equally.

Forget the past and live in the moment

After they have talked, manifested what irritates them and looked for a solution; it is time to forget the problem and begin to live based on the new established terms.

Do not get caught up in remembering the previous problems, try to do things better and live the new experiences that the relationship now offers.