Top 10 lies from women

If men lie to women, the latter are far from being outdone, even if concealment is not their strong point and when they lie, it often results in physical signs: redness, stammering, nervousness.

According to a study, 55% of women would lie to their partners on three complicated topics: s**x, money and work! Yes, women are also small dungeons when it suits them. So, top 10 most common lies that women tell to men or women!

1- The cost of clothes!

Come on confess! You never dare say how much that dress, that pair of shoes, and that bra cost you! You anticipate by hiding the bill and with your most charming smile, you tend to minimize the price or come out that these were real bargains! Your sweetheart will end up believing that you are only buying clothes at a discount.

2- The financial situation

Do you have a great job and are making a very good living? Does your darling have a hard time doing odd jobs? In order not to hurt him, to scare him, you lie about your salary! Men always have difficulty with women who earn more than them! Legacy of a patriarchal society.

3- age

Women find it difficult to assume their age, especially when they get older! So hiding a few years to rejuvenate yourself isn’t a crime, right? Well, at the beginning at least because your future companion will eventually discover the truth one day.

4- The weight

A very delicate subject! A great classic of lies. Few women admit their true weight when their sweetheart asks them their size to offer underwear, a dress! Uh, a small 38! You will then have to explain to Darling why you never wear the set he gave you! (In reality, you are size 40 and you cracked the panties when you got into them! And for the dress, you can’t close it!)

5- Natural hair color

“Yes, I am naturally blonde”! While you must go to the hairdresser regularly to redo your locks and prevent Darling from noticing that your hairline is black!

6- Br**ast size

You don’t like to give your br**ast size? Especially if you have complexes about your small br**asts! So you inflate a bit! It will be a little embarrassing the day your sweetheart gives you lingerie! You are likely to float!

7- Work

When you are asked questions about your job, you tend to embellish the situation a little and to value your functions to show that you have responsibilities. While hey, the job you are doing is far from great.

8- The number of partners

Do you tend to minimize the number of your partners so as not to offend your sweetheart? Are you missing a few flirtations, passing relationships? While men tend to inflate the number of partners to show their virility!

9- s**x

Did you just spend your first night with your darling? And you did not find that famous? Diplomats, women tend to reassure their partners about their performance! “Yes, yes, I assure you, I enjoyed, Honey! “

10- The kitchen

You want to wow your darling by making him believe that you are a fan of small dishes prepared with fresh products? While in reality, you only know how to cook pasta (and still overcooked!). Fortunately, ready-made frozen meals exist!