Top 10 longtime dating habits

Are you one of those old couples , those who have lived together for a long time, to the point of knowing each other inside out, anticipating each other’s reactions, reading your mind and even finishing your sentences?

You demonstrate a complicity that leaves those around you stunned with admiration! Top 10 of these little habits that prove you’ve been together for a long time and that you will stay that way!

So many small gestures that reassure and show that you love yourself! A routine that ensures the longevity of the couple.

1- You go to bed at the same time

It is a special moment of the day. You eat dinner, watch TV, and go to sleep together to share some privacy, not necessarily to have s**x.

Over time, with fatigue, desire has its ups and downs, but you like to curl up against each other, tenderly, to cuddle. This ritual allows you to have a good night’s sleep and be fulfilled!


2- You practice common activities

Even if it is important to be independent and to have each one his activities (swimming for you, gardening for Mr.), you do not forget your relationship and take care to organize common activities, for the pleasure of enjoying being together.

As soon as you have the chance, you go for a weekend, you have a restaurant, or go to the movies. In short, you develop joint projects, and never go it alone. This is also what makes your relationship strong.

3- you trust yourself

After several years of living together, you have learned to know each other, therefore, after your passion for love has passed, you have founded your couple on mutual trust and respect, taking care to preserve the other’s living space.
No, you no longer rummage in his pockets or his cell phone. Yes, you are at ease when he goes out alone at night.

4- You don’t denigrate your partner

You always try to point fingers at your partner’s positive accomplishments, without ever denigrating them. It is the secret of happy couples, never to try to belittle the other, nor to humiliate him even if he misses a dish, if the household is less well done. 

Of course, you have learned to discover certain facets of your partner, but this is also love: loving the other for who he is, including his faults.

5- you kiss

You have got into the habit of kissing each other regularly, you need to touch each other, to hug each other. In short, physical contact is essential in the longevity of a couple.

6- You tell yourself I love you every day

If it is more difficult to say I love you at the beginning of a romantic relationship for fear of scaring the other away or for fear of becoming too attached, after several years on the other hand, it is essential to say it. every day to maintain the bond of the couple

This helps to show that the other always matters, that they are important and are not just part of the furniture. Likewise, wishing your partner a good day shows that you care about him or her.

7- you talk a lot

Couples in whom dialogue has no place never last very long. You understand that in order to defuse conflicts, it is important to communicate.

If you feel that the tone is rising, you favor dialogue over argument. You are more in a constructive approach. You do not hesitate to discuss your days, your feelings to move forward in your relationship.  

8- You are proud to be together

Going out as a couple to visit friends? No problem! On the contrary, you love being together and you do not hesitate to show your tenderness in public, to show that you are united, unlike some couples, who are ashamed of their partner and prefer to go out on their own.

9- you cheer yourself up

Some days are more difficult than others and sometimes morale takes a hit. You have learned to support yourself and not to minimize when your partner is in pain, in pain in their labor.

You know that you can count on him in the event of depression, or a little bit of slack, because you have already gone through grief and difficult situations together.

10- You share a moment of complicity every evening

Nothing like sharing a drink by the fire together! A beneficial break that allows you to be together and share a moment of sweetness!

Herbal tea, or juice, it’s a way for you to find yourself together, in each other’s arms. A ritual that allows you to stay united.